Well, i wouldnt say its a tablet so much because its powerful and practical enough to be laptop ive been with it for some weeks and heres. My in depth review. Should you get it lets? Take a closer look well, the first thing you will notice about the labor pro is its a minimalistic design. You get two usbc ports on the left, one volume rocker and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the right side. Both sets feature the speaker on the top. We have the power key and the ventilation outlet satellite by the way, the power key also integrates a fingerprint scanner sensor. The recognition speed is fast for the bottom. We have pogo panes for the keyboard. I will get to that in a second moving to the back. There is an eight megapixel which i did there. It sounds not that compelling, but this is a tablet in my building. As long as its clearly enough to scan the qr code, then im all good with it. What i really like about the back is the built in kickstand. You can rotate the lid anywhere from zero to 150 degrees smoothly, perfect. Moving to the front, we are created by a 12.6 inch 2160 by 40 40 ips touch display overall. This is a really well made and premium tablet, but how the performance lets check it out responsible for performance in the intercooler, i7, 8550u processor and hd 620 graphics, its by no means a gaming machine.

If you play demanding games like crossfire otherwise playable, but you will experience hiccups now and then, but for sure they can handle casual games or even stream games easily. If you wish, the unit is pre installed with windows 10, but can be easily updated to the windows. 11. theres a lot to love in this operating system. The design is beautiful and more consistent, it has great window layout options and strong video gaming updates. Most importantly, the runs android apps awesome. To conclude, i think its enough for average users and probably more power than the typical tablet user actually needs. After all, most people will use a tablet for entertaining or letter work. So if we are just doing some light, editing writing scribble education. This couldnt be better. Speaking of writing. Ive got to mention the keyboard. The keyboard cover is made of leather, which feels premium. You connect the tablet through magnetic pocket pins. One thing about the keyboard is backlit, so you can tap more comfortably in darker environment. As for typing its, not quite the experience you get from the forces laptop but its manageable, and you know what the keyboard comes with the box, its free, unlike other big brands, you have to buy it separately. There is a stylist paint, also included its fun to write or draw something there, but i can feel the latency anyway better than nothing. For me, i would recommend the ku label pro for those who need a good quality tablet with for entertaining or network.

You can give it a try if you want an ultra portable, yet powerful tablet. It has its downsides like the camera performance or connection it doesnt offer any type of airport, so its a little bit hassle. If i want to transfer files, but a dongle solves everything. So this doesnt make the ku lab pro a bad device for its overall excellent use. Experience all right, thats, the video.