com for this video i’m, going to show you how the kobo elipsa handles pdfs. You got a stylus to write on the screen as well. I’Ll show you that shortly uh, so this is kobo’s. First, 10.3 inch e reader. It also doubles as an ink notepad, of course, so uh it has a rotation sensor, so you can rotate the screen. However, you want uh. If you want to use it left handed with the larger side to the left side or landscape mode, so you got some different options with that. You can also uh, lock the road, the rotation to portrait or landscape. If you don’t want it changing, so you can adjust the front light by swiping up and down the left side of the screen. So the kobo ellipse just has the cool front light. It doesn’t have the warm front light, but it does have the option to use dark mode to invert the white text or to have white text with a black background. I’Ll show that at towards the end of the video, so let’s go ahead and load up a pdf. This is kobo’s home screen. If we go over to the library view, you can sort by file type. If you want to like get access to your pdf quickly, they have it usually so it’ll uh go to the bottom of the list. So if you just swipe up go back down here, so it has cbz and then it goes pdf.

So that’s one way to get your pdfs uh easier option would be just to create some collections, so you can create custom collections on here. You can also use caliber uh, then you can just have like a pdf section to easily access your pdf files. The ellipse also supports dropbox, so you could uh, you know, transfer files that way as well. Wirelessly um, so let’s go ahead and load up a pdf. Here so i mean it’s going to depend on the layout of your pdfs. How well you know it fits the screen. This particular pdf it’s got pretty large margins and that’s one weird thing about kobo uh software. Here is so presently you can increase the zoom level. So you got the zoom dial, you can customize it exactly how you want it to fit the page. Then you can scroll around the page. However, you want um using your fingers, so this is more of a like a painting mode. So it’s not like a cropping mode. So the only problem with this kind of a feature is when you turn pages it’ll reset to the top left corner. So if you had it set up to, you know, follow the column of your pdf it’s, going to go back and you’ll have to reset it by panning, so yeah there isn’t an actual crop feature which is kind of annoying with the software. I was hoping that they would add something like that.

There’S. Also, no contrast. Control i’d like to see them, add contrast, control and make the text a bit darker. You can use pinch zooming, so that’s another way to zoom in as well it just activates that same painting mode. So once you’re zoomed in you can pan around and then again once you turn the page, it will reset to the top left corner again. So i mean you’re pretty much going to have to go with the default layout unless you want to pan around every time, but you do have the note taking option on pdfs as well. So you can add notes and highlights to your pdfs using the stylus. It has two buttons on it. You can use the uh one of the buttons to erase one of the buttons adds highlights so with pds it’s free form, highlighting so it doesn’t snap to the line of the text. Uh like it does with ebook. So here’s a closer look at the stylus. You got one button for highlighting one button for erasing and then, on the other end, it’s got this top that comes off and there’s a replaceable battery in there quadruple a battery, but the responsiveness is quite good, as you can see on here. I really like the feel of the writing. It’S got a heavy note or a heavy texture on the screen, and it gives it like a nice paper like feel, but the there’s a very limited amount of features with pdfs and writing.

For instance, you can’t export any of this stuff. Presently i don’t know if they’re going to add that in the future, but any notes that you add handwritten notes or highlights you add to pdfs only viewable on the ellipse there’s no way to get these off at this moment. So at some point i’d like to see them add a you know: export option, you’ve also got the option, add bookmarks by topping tapping the upper right corner there, and then you can view all your bookmarks and your annotations and highlights on the annotations list right here. You got a couple different, sorting options you can do by recent. So you’ve got all your annotations in one list and you can jump back around to the different pages they were added to. You’Ve also got the table of contents. Access from over here, it’s also available from the lower left on the main page, so you can jump around to the different parts of the book. You’Ve also got the option to use the page dial to load the screen, and then one thing you can do is when you’re jumping around the page of the book. It’Ll have this little back button that’ll add to you here. So if you want to go back to your previous location, you can so you can kind of you know to have different ways to navigate. Another thing you can do is use this little scrolling thing here, so you can view different pages without leaving the page you’re.

Currently, on there isn’t a multi page view like there is on some devices. You can just view the one page at a time, so that might be kind of limiting with pdf, depending on your usage, so you can run searches on here as well. So you have the different options up here, so it was automatically defaulted to dictionary because that’s, probably what i used last, you can go in and change to whatever. So, if you wanted to search your book, you just change it to the current read. I will take it a little bit here um. Sometimes i try to get a little jumpy here and it won’t register it’s got to process it here for a second and then you can jump around to the different locations. You can use the arrows down here to navigate to the different references of the word that you searched for so that actually works pretty. Well, i do like how the search function works on the kobo it’s, relatively quick as well, so with pdfs most pdfs. The dictionary seems to work now it didn’t used to on the older devices, but does seem to work now. For the most part, you got a bunch of different dictionary options. You can also reference whatever you highlight to uh. Look it up on wikipedia or google and it will uh open up the web browser and it’s, actually pretty quick how to open that just you know not having used web browser previously.

So, like i said earlier, you can lock the rotation if you don’t want it. Moving around but yeah, you can rotate this to landscape mode if you want as well. So if you wanted to get the text a little bit larger without messing with the zoom and panning, you can just rotate it to landscape mode with the larger screen. Most pdfs tend to work pretty well, you know in portrait mode, but you do have the option if you wanted to use landscape uh. The only thing i don’t like is the way it sets the page on this particular pdf. I don’t know if it’s like that. Always, but you always have to page three times instead of twice, even though it’s only a millimeter from the bottom, but of course you can use the you know, zooming and panning as well in landscape, but nothing changes that way. Another thing i forgot to mention earlier uh: one way you can navigate a little bit quicker is, if you hold down on the in the lower corners it’ll automatically turn the pages. I don’t think this used to work with pdfs. It used to only work with kobo’s format, but it does work with pdfs now, so you can kind of turn the pages a bit quicker. That definitely is a nice addition. So, like i was saying earlier, i would like them to add a contrast control, because some pdfs have lighter text than others. This one kind of has light text a lot of pdf readers.

They have the contrast adjustment, so you can make the text darker. I would like to see kobo add that, because presently there isn’t anything for that uh just sort of depends. You know how your pdfs laid out like this one that looks really good. The text is nice and dark a lot darker than that previous one. So i mean it just kind of depends on your individual files, how it’s going to work. Like i mentioned earlier, you also have dark mode for white text on a black background. If you wanted to use that with your pdfs i’m, not entirely sure how useful that would be for pdfs, but i mean you do have that option seems to work pretty well now, that’s an official feature. The refreshing is a lot smoother. The screen just looks better, not there’s, much ghosting, or anything like that. So i mean overall, this is a pretty basic pdf reader. As far as you know, the software features go, but the large screen definitely helps it out, some not being able to export. The notes is definitely a downer, but i think they should be able to add that at some point in the future just make it so you can export screenshots if nothing else, but i mean the screen looks great. This is what the front light turned off in natural lighting. I really do like the screen on the kobo lift, so this pdf software could be a bit better if you need more advanced features, something like the onyx note.

Models are probably going to work out a little better for you but i’m going to go ahead and wrap up. This pdf review check out the for the full review of the kobo elipsa.