So i’ve only had this device about 24 hours, so this is going to be very much my first impressions and not a full review i’m going to do a full review in the next couple of weeks. So, if you’d like to see that hit the subscribe, button, hit the bell notification and if you’ve got any questions, leave them in the comments. I really like this device that’s. My first impression – and i like quite a few things that it’s got to offer so i’m, going to start off with what initially i like least about it, and that is this pen, so this pen, first of all, unusually there’s a few things about it, um it Needs a battery, so you can open this pen here and you can see it takes a quadruple, a battery which you put in there now that’s supposed to last a few months that in itself isn’t my issue with it. But the way they’ve designed this pen means you can only use this pen with the device. So if you don’t, like the pen it’s this pen or it’s, not this device, if you really don’t like it now does have a couple of nice things about it. It’S got an eraser button. It’S got a highlighter button, but my biggest issue uh, is actually the sound it just don’t. If you can quite hear that it rattles now pens pens, any pen, shouldn’t rattle, call me old fashioned. So here i’ve got the uh remarkable two pen and you can just hear that it just maybe maybe a slight rattle i’ve got the lamy pen here and there just isn’t.

If we go back to this pen here it just rattles now you can hear that when, when it’s writing now i’m, assuming this isn’t a faulty product i’m, not planning on sending it back because of this but um if, if coco’s watching – and they think this is Faulty and that it shouldn’t rattle, then please get in touch and send me a pen as as you designed it, but i suspect that this is how it’s meant to be for the moment and if noises and invitations and raffles do annoy you, then that might annoy You as it’s annoyed me importantly, there are really things to like about this device. I think one of the things that surprised me how much i like about it is that it’s got a back lit screen now by default. It comes on 30 backlit and it makes for a more pleasant writing experience just having that backlight on in almost any lighting. Now you can take that all the way up to 100 and you can bring that all the way down to zero percent, but having the option to put a backlight on and make it to. Your comfort really gives you more options in how and where to use. This device, and in any lighting, i can’t, see a downside to having that that light now i’m going to describe this device really simply as an e reader. That is also a very capable writer. That would be my couple of lines for what is the kobo ellipse and if i compare that, for example, it’s, a remarkable two i’d describe that as a fantastic writing device.

That also has the capability of reading some documents, but that’s not to take away from the writing experience at all. Now there are a couple of different options to write. You can write in a more basic format and notes. You can also write in a more advanced format and notes and with that more advanced format, it seems in my initial impressions really good at converting your handwriting to text and seems a lot easier to do that than on some of the other devices. So but the the other thing that another couple of things that i really like about this device, it links with a service called pocket. Now, if you haven’t come across pocket before it’s a way to sort of save web articles and turn them almost into i’m, going to describe it as almost a newspaper like format, particularly where it’s e ink, so you can have a look at something on the internet. Save it to this service called pocket. You don’t need to pay anything, although there’s some optional extras with pocket and it will link to your kobo device. So essentially, you can read the articles that you want to read in ink at your leisure, and that is compared to anything else that i’ve come across with this size screen a really nice integration and a really nice surface service. The other thing that it does is it links to dropbox. So if you already use dropbox in terms of your productivity and system, then that’d be a really nice integration here now something that doesn’t affect me day to day, but i know will affect some of.

You is accessibility. Now, a subscriber of mine a while ago, asked me about the accessibility options on the remarkable two and having a look look at the some of the accessibility options on some of these devices. They really are quite poor, however, compared to some of its competitors. I think the accessibility options in terms of being able to make work writing on the screen a bit bigger and even the backlight, potentially as an accessibility option, are much better on this kobo device than they are on other devices. So, overall, you know, importantly when you’re looking at a device like this texture quality weight. This is a little bit lighter than some of its competitors. It does feel quality it’s, not metal, but it does. It feels quite nice. It almost feels nicer than a metal device. So i quite like the weight of this device. It just feels premium feels quality, but it feels light in the hand which, if you’re planning on writing this and holding this in the hand it’s going to be a really nice option. Finally, i’m, just going to talk about price. Very briefly, so this product is is in the uk 349.99. I just bought it at my own money, not sponsored to this video. In any way, i managed to find a discount code to bring that down to 315 pounds. Now, for that money, you’re getting the stylus that i’ve already talked about and you’re also getting a case now i’m not going to go into details this case.

But the case seems nice enough. You clip it in here, but considering you get a decent case and the stylus and the the uh ink tablet uh all with for 315 pounds i’m, not pretending, it’s, cheap by any means, but it’s a very reasonably priced device compared to the competitors and especially for What you’re getting so overall, my first impressions of this device are, if you’re in the market, for an e ink writing device. Then this should probably be on your shortlist. It will be the right device for some people and has something to offer in this market and i’m gon na go one stage further than that to say in my opinion, if you’re looking for an e ink e reader, particularly if you want one with a larger Screen this might be the best large screen ink e reader out there, so i hope you’ve liked that video hope it’s been of use.