So in the videos. Today we are going to be checking if this is actually true or false, so see you next. After the introduction, let us discuss all together Music so, as i said, individual introduction, so there is a video actually rumbling now on sick talk, showing a series of codes that actually use on android device. Iphone devices that are used to spy also want to debate, want to debate this video to see if it’s, actually true or false. So i’ll start by saying that all phones in the world are created with this kind of sequin code of secret code that actually use for particular function. But the problem is that this could actually circuit in the sense that you wouldn’t go on an android device and easily found it like other apps on the settings. So these circuit codes are just to go on. Google search you can easily google search, i might see them. So, if you just say, ussd google search you’re going to see them, so this code actually refers as mmi supplementary service code. We also have the ussr, unstructured supplemental service data, so i kind of have a problem with this obligation, so there are a lot of them depending on the phone you are using so we’re going to be checking at this. So, in order to spy your phone there actually two things to take to the conclusions: either the victim actually installed a spine app on your phone.

So talking about spy ass, the lot of spy updates will have my p or spira wire spike. So all these spine app can be installed on your android device in in. Let us see any time interval of one to two minutes, so you can just hold your phone inside one of these spine abu dhabi automation. So let me know in the comment section if i should prepare a video to a video that i will show you how to know if your phone is being spot been inspired by, i buy one of these spy apps. So let me know that in the comment section, so the only problem with this is that the user have to use your phone and install the spy app on your phone. So another thing that they can do on your phone to spy is to use those usb code that we’re going to look in it in the next phase of this video. So let us move to the next phase. Okay, so before moving forward with the usb code that are going to that, i actually used to hack your phone so i’m using the term hack. So please use this as a declare, so it is independent. Please don’t use this code to actually don’t use this code. On someone’s phone, because actually illegal and it’s not good, so i just do this for educational purposes, soon, i’m, going to show you a series of code that can easily be used.

So, actually, you know if someone is buying your phone or you can that are actually used to spy your phone. So the first thing that i got to know that so i’m going to be insurance. That in one particular aspect of this, which is the call forwarding option so card forwarding, is when you receive a call. Another person is tapping from your call so receiving what you’re. Actually getting from the course another person hearing what so knows who is calling? You know the moment, the person call, you know the the amount of time the person calling and say. Pascal number call you so that what is called call forwarding so call forwarding is actually used, maybe in america home when the spouse wants to know who is calling his husband, which time another person can use this for bad purposes. So let me show you the sales of school that we’re going to looking at this soon, the first we have the call forwarding option, so you can see what you should die: the star h61. I showed if you are called a beam forward ignition that when someone call you if your phone is unreachable, some just go to voicemail. But if you dye this code and see a number means i have phone yeah phone calls have been called forwarded so to actually disable it. This is the code below, so you use the code 61i. So that is that to remove and stop your calls to be forwarded, so that’s kind of easy, so all that code i’m going to should just click.

The claim to you is the star i 62 star, which actually for what course, when your phone is unreachable. So this indicates that way. I found this unreachable when someone called and then mr charlie comes and says your phone is unavailable and please, if you dial this code and actually notice that you see a number. That means that when somebody calls what somebody calls someone is already forwarding, so the call is being forwarded to a person that actually says that these yeah photos unreachable so to turn it off. You can use that h62 to turn that off so another code. That i’m, going to use here is one of the star h67. I so if your phone is busy when someone calls so this for the fact that maybe you are traveling, i don’t want so much. You actually know they are busy. You can actually use this code to actually activate that so during this code, if you send number them there, yeah phone yeah phone calls have been forwarded and if you see a number there so just die this code and so that then you use to stop it. So what i could have gone to using yet this is the most important that i think all of us actually activate is a usb, for that will actually enable you to block scanners from contacting you. So you get the i7 787 to see if you have enabled it to raise it. So if you get this code and check if it’s enabled and please if it’s not enabled, you should add the r600 and 662r to activate it, if it’s not enabled so one the thing i’ll note i’ll tell you is that all this code will not work on All mobile devices, because not all cellular providers have the same usb cord.

So there is one thing you should know so it’s pretty easy to do this, so you have to go ahead and go. Go check that oc c mobile, so just a t, mobile usd code. So that is it, so you don’t need to give the name of your provider you’re, going to see a series of code that can be used to actually do some of the things that have been shown on this video. So thanks for watching so, as i said, if you have, if you want me to do a video showing you how to know if your phone is being spied by one of these spine up, please let me know in the video description. I hope this video was helpful to you and remember this.