11 Pro is tailored for businesses, ranging from startups up to well established organizations its engineered to handle. Whatever tasks come, your way with powerful specs full set of, i o ports for maximum connectivity, cutting edge AI noise, canceling technology and military grade durability. The expert book V1 is primed to perform and streamlines your workflow to keep you productive for your business. Durability and reliability are key aspects of the expert book B1, with its chassis design, incorporating features that provides extra structural rigidity to cope with the rigors of the busy work environment like the rest of our Asus Enterprise and business products. The Asus expert book B1 comes with military standard 810h U.S certification as its build to survive, extreme temperatures and high speed shocks to every bumps, and that is also backed by our Asus in house. Train gen testing, including panel pressure shock and drop tests for an assurance of extreme durability. Keeping your important data safe and secure should also be your priority when choosing a laptop. That is why the expert book B1 comes with a robust security system in place to protect your Hardware, Investments, data and, essentially your business. These Security Solutions include a fingerprint sensor, embedded on the power button Windows, hello, recognition, a physical webcam privacy Shield, four Assurance of instant privacy and Hardware TPM 2.0 chip to securely store, authentications and informations, eliminating the risk of leaks through hacking, theres also an integrated Kensington, lock Slot making it easy to physically secure your expert book V1 enjoy working anywhere with the Asus expert book V1, with its ultra light 1.

73 kilograms weight, 19.4 millimeter slim profile and a 90 screen to body ratio with its narrow bezel. Nano Edge display engineering from the ground. Up the expert book B1 comes with user friendly features to drive your productivity, such as its lay flat 180 degree display for fast collaboration, backlit keyboard to provide uninterrupted typing in dark environments and an ergo lift hinge that tilts the keyboard to the most comfortable typing position. Regardless of your surface that youre working on the expert book B1 adapts to the increasing demand of remote work and video conferences with the implementation of Asus signature, AI noise, canceling technology to enjoy high quality and Crystal Clear communication. The Asus expert book B1 is also packed with powerful Hardware, including an 11 gen Intel Core i7 CPU, and can also be configured specifically for your business. With its support for up to two storage devices, allowing you to combine an ultra fast SSD and a spacious, hard drive, ensuring no compromise between high speed data access and large storage capacity, connectivity is essential for a productive business. Output and Asus expert book B1 enables you to do that with its comprehensive selection of i o ports, including USB 3.1 Gen, 2 type c, with video and power delivery, two USB 3.2 Gen, 2 type, A and another USB 2.0 type, A and HDMI 2.0 Port ethernet And micro SD card slot, in addition to all of its features, all expert book notebooks are backed with Asus perfect warranty to meet the needs of business, critical, smbs and Enterprises.

This include a three year on site warranty, which has 100 coverage of the service fee. For the cost of repair, as well as 100 of the spare parts cost to learn more about the Asus perfect warranty check the link provided in the description box below. If you are interested in the Asus expert book B1 for your business, you can contact our authorized. Resellers and dealers, which will be listed down below or you could also send us a message over at our Asus for business Philippines, Facebook page. So we can better help you with your needs and requirements.