But before we go more into detail, be sure to like follow and share our social media accounts for more up to date. Details on our latest products and offerings packed with protective features. The asus br 1100f is the best learning companion for all students with an innovative design paired with us military grade standard toughness that is made to last. The asus br 1100f is ready for any environment or accidents that a student may encounter. Its rugged design is built to withstand knocks spills and even drops without damage asus in house. Stringent quality test allows the br 1100 to withstand occasional drops up to 120 centimeters that can also endure 28 kilograms of force without any damage. Users are able to easily upgrade thanks to its modular design that allows key components such as the keyboard battery. I o ports and storage to be replaced within minutes using simple tools: the asus, br, f sports, a 360 degree, versatility rotate the full 360 degree to make it a tablet angle it to so it can stand on its own or flip it to a laptop mode. For serious tasks, the br 1100f is flexible to keep up with your needs. Moreover, the asus br 1100f comes with a pressure sensitive stylus. That gets every detail right while the br 1100f is protected externally, it also protects the user, as the 11.6 multi touch display is certified by tov rhineland for low blue light emissions, helping to protect the user’s eyes from damage.

The asus br 1100f also comes with asus backguard antibacterial treatment, which passes the isl 22196 international standard. This protects the surface of the br f against potentially harmful bacteria, as it inhibits bacterial growth by in excess of 99 over a 24 hour period, thanks to its heavy duty chassis. The asus br 1100f also comes with the latest intel processor and is also equipped with a vast array of expansion options. If you are interested in purchasing an asus br 1100f for your children or students check out our authorized dealers and resellers, or even sending us a message via asus for business philippines, facebook page, so we can better help you with your needs and detailed requirements. The asus vr1100f empowers students for learning with its highly durable body and features geared towards distance learning. To recap: the asus br 1100f is built to last with its military grade standard 810h certification, ensuring maximum reliability, even in harsh environments study whenever wherever the asus br 1100f 360 degree hinge, allows it to be used in any environmental conditions, with its 11.6 multi touch display Two cameras with 3d noise reduction, ai noise cancellation and a precision stylus, and there you have it.