This is a review unit that was provided to me by the company, the official retail price 2′ us dollars. These are the five note taking apps. I will be using wacom bamboo paper, incredible squid, microsoft, onenote and enable first thing to note is this: is an active stylus, so, with certain note taking apps, you will be able to get perfect pump rejection. So, for example, this app is wacom bamboo paper. I can draw with my finger if i turn on strict palm rejection now i am not able to draw with my finger. However, if i use the pen you can see that it produces a line so with this particular app, you can press your palm on it and right hand. There won’t be any straight strokes. There is some input lag when i am writing so that affects my writing. I find that i have to be a bit conscious about my writing speed. I have to write slightly slower so that my handwriting can be captured more accurately just for comparison purposes. This is how my handwriting actually looks like this was written on the ipad pro using the same app wacom bamboo paper. I used the same pen as well, but for some reason the lines here are thicker anyway. Note that the letters here they are closer together, whereas the letters here they are spaced further apart, i was able to write much faster because there is less input lag here and display.

Here is 120 hertz versus the 60 hertz, which allows me to write faster and more accurate, and now i am using ink credible. So let me turn on palm rejection. Doesn’T seem to work, so let me just turn that off and just write as normal. Once again, while writing, i notice the input lag, incredible, doesn’t support pressure sensitivity, so the thinner thick lines you see are actually styles applied by the software. When writing faster, the lines will be thinner when you slow down the lines will be thicker in terms of how accurately this app was able to capture my handwriting, i would see this is pretty good. This app will actually apply some smoothing effect to make the lines. Look smoother and this app is squeezed. This app doesn’t appear to smooth out the lines, so my letters appear quite jittery, it’s able to capture my handwriting, obviously, but it’s it doesn’t, look good. Alright, it just doesn’t look as good compared to the earlier two apps. You can say this app has perfect palm rejection, because having your finger on the paper will erase and not add lines. This is microsoft. One note the performance here is very similar to squid. The letters are quite jittery and overall i just don’t like what i’m seeing here. My handwriting doesn’t look good. You can see a lot of micro jitter in the letters in the words here as well. Even for this quick stroke here you can see the jitter here.

The last app i want to show you is enable this app is able to convert handwritten notes into editable text and even though it’s not able to capture my handwriting that accurately it’s able to recognize what i’m writing and convert the notes very accurately. So that’s quite impressive. If you take a look at this letter b, it’s barely recognizable, but i was able to recognize this as b and for this word ovr the letters e and r. They are very difficult to read even for me, but the app was able to recognize that word. The overall handwriting and note taking experience will vary significantly depending on the apps you use so out of the five apps welcome bamboo paper and incredible perform the best in the sense that they were able to capture my handwriting rather accurately. This pen is actually quite accurate in the sense that the line will always appear directly beneath the pen tip, but because of the input lag, you actually have to wait like a split second, before the line can catch up to where the pen tip is pressure. Sensitivity will work with certain apps, but again how well pressure sensitivity works will depend a lot on the apps you use. As for the overall experience of using this pen, this pen is actually quite nice, it’s well built. It has a hard tip that doesn’t move that much so you’re riding with a very firm tip and that’s nice.

When you’re writing you want to write fast. You are able to do that with this pen tip because it’s a hard plastic tip on glass. It allows you to write fast, so the only downside when it comes to writing really is the input lag. Let me show you the input lag, so this performance is actually not very different compared to other android apps that have displays that run at 60 hertz. There is actually a small gap between the pen tip and the lcd beneath, but this is a very small gap. The gap from the apple ipad is much bigger, so this is actually quite good. My overall rating for this tablet, when it comes to handwriting and note taking, would be a solid b, maybe a b minus, which is actually not too bad for a tablet. That is us 2′ dollars. That includes an active stylus as well as a pretty good keyboard case all right. I hope this video is helpful.