If you already have a tablet – and you read very very occasionally, if youre not in any of those two cases, i think you should just get a kindle now that you know my upfront conclusion lets have a look at the differences between these two devices. Music. The main difference between these two devices and the reason why i would personally go with the kindle is the screen. The screen of the kindle doesnt feel like a screen feels more like reading from paper. This makes the reading experience way more enjoyable and doesnt damage your eyes as a normal screen. Will, if you read from a tablet, youll be looking at a normal screen, so reading will feel more like reading a blog post rather than reading an actual book. If youre a student and you plan on taking notes on textbooks, then the kindle is not gon na help. You much you can take some notes and underline things on the kindle, but its lower to navigate than using a tablet where you can multitask and copy paste paragraphs to your own notes. Reading on an ipad or a tablet is like reading on your phone youll be constantly distracted by notifications. Some people may argue that you can turn on the no destroy mode while youre reading, but the reality is that most people wont resist the urge of checking social media. At least i wont, in my experience, having a separate device just for reading makes it much easier to avoid distractions and read more Music.

One of the key pros of reading from a tablet is colors in kindle everything is black and white. So if you want to read comics or books containing many images, a tablet is the way to go. In theory, you should be able to read a comic on a kindle if you really really wanted to, but its not a nice experience Music depending on the size of your tablet. Going on the metro. Reading from an inevitable device will not be as comfortable as reading from a kindle, the kindle will probably be lighter and smaller, which makes it much easier to carry around wherever you go Music. If you dont have a tablet, nor kindle you should know that the kindle is a pretty cheap device, you can find the basic model for less than 90 dollars, which is way cheaper than most tablets. Nowadays, most tablets are in water friendly, but if you plan on reading by the pool or in the bath, then you should know that the kindle paper white is waterproof, so theres another thing to consider from an average tablet with a normal usage you can expect one Or maybe two days at most of battery life on the other side, i use my kindle every single day and i only have to charge it once every few months. The main reason why i would personally go with the kindle is the screen, mainly because of my job. I already spent more than eight hours a day, looking at a screen and thats, without taking into account all the time i spent looking at my phone.

So the last thing i want to do when i read is looking at another screen. Also, i usually like to read right before i go to bed and, as you probably know, looking at a screen before going to bed can deteriorate the quality of your sleep. By reading from a kindle, i avoid the exposure to blue light, while making sure i dont get distracted by any notifications.