So here is one and again its courtesy of next day. Delivery with Amazon Prime now reading is something that I used to do a lot, but over the last couple of years I can probably say that Ive read zero new books and thats, just because life has caught up with me its been busy. I havent actually found the time to do something which I normally find really relaxing and recently Ive made the change and Ive gone back to reading some novels Im, not the type of person who needs to have a physical book. In my hand, where you can turn the pages and smell the freshness of a new book, Im actually much more happy and prefer to read books on a device, because what means is that you can load multiple books and you dont have to Lug around heavy books With you, especially if you go traveling, who wants to carry two or three thick heavy novels with you, when you go traveling when you can just hold all your stuff on a tablet, recently, Ive become reacquainted with the Kindle, and this is a Kindle Paperwhite. This is currently the book Im reading. This is a small lightweight device, and the difference between this one and a tablet, such as an iPad or a Galaxy Tab, is that this device is designed only for you to read it stops you from being distracted, it doesnt have or does have a browser, but It sucks it doesnt have ability for you to get onto social media and check your Tick Tock and your Instagram.

It just allows you to focus solely on the book. You dont get notifications, you dont, get distracted by emails and text messages or anything like that, and the other main difference between a tablet and an e reader. Is that something like this Kindle uses e ink. So basically, the difference between e ink and the display on a tablet is that it reduces the amount of fatigue that you get from reading and you can actually read longer without as much tiredness in your eyes. The reading experience on one of these Kindles is pretty amazing, the battery life of this thing, I would say it lasts at least a couple of weeks, even if you read for an hour or two a day, whereas if a tablet, you probably have to charge it Every second day, realistically, in terms of these e readers reading a book is pretty much all you can do. How do you get the books on there? You basically connected to your Wi Fi network and you just download those books. There are a number of free sites and they tend to be the older Classics, like some of the Jane Austen novels like Pride and Prejudice like Dracula and things like that. But if youre after the new books, assuming that we obtain these new books legally, there are a number of different Services depending on the brand of your device. There is generic services like scribed, theres, audio book services, like audible, that you subscribe to.

There are things that are specific to systems like Kobo and Barnes and Noble, for example, have their own e readers, but with Kindle your major ways of getting books onto a Kindle, is you either purchase them? Youre. A member of Amazon Prime, which you get a selected range of books through Prime reading and the list is not great and theres something called Kindle unlimited so for a subscription which you pay monthly, just like Spotify, Apple, music and that kind of stuff yeah you get Access to a wide range of books, the major issue, the one thing that you can remember with your Kindle unlimited subscription is that youll find that most of the top 100 bestsellers are not available on Kindle. Unlimited. The contracts by the major four or five publishing houses has it that these books are not available on Kindle unlimited and you actually have to purchase them separately. Anyhow, whether you have a subscription or not, if youre, only interested in Reading, like the top 100 of a New York Times, bestsellers youre, probably better off, not getting the Kindle unlimited subscription than just paying for the books. The ebooks tend to be a little bit cheaper than the actual physical copy, whether you can find any value in the Kindle unlimited range and the best way to do that is just to take up the free subscription. You get three months free if you buy Kindle, but I think you can still get deals where you get a month free or something like that as a trial and decide for yourself whether the Kindle unlimited subscription is worth it for you now, as I was saying, Kindles and other e readers are pretty limited, because all you can do pretty much is read a book now enter this thing.

This monster this Behemoth, this thing, which is the size compared to that this is called the Kindle scribe, the difference between the Kindle scribe and all the other Kindles. Apart from the fact that the screen is way bigger, it comes with a pen which allows you to annotate and take notes. It almost reproduces some of the stuff you can do on something like an iPad. This thing is designed for people who love to read, but who also like to make some digital notes as well, so this Kindle has the same 300 PPI display as the Kindle paper white. This one, I think, is 32 gigabytes. We can get 1632 and probably 64.. This one is similar in terms of the memory. The other major difference is that this one is waterproof. This one isnt so thats something thats a little bit disappointing, because you spend that much money and you get a device which does all the other stuff. But you cant take it, for example, to the pool or anything like that. This is the 64 gigabyte version with the premium pen and it retails in Australia for like 679 bucks, so its a big chunk of cash, and you could almost nearly buy a new iPad for that. The difference, as I mentioned earlier, is that with this device, you read, you annotate, you make notes, you do not surf the Internet, you dont go to social media. You dont do messages. You dont ring people or take phone calls.

So lets peel off this thing and get it open. So inside is a tablet. Nothing else in here, hello, bonjour, so theres an instruction manual, important information which will leave for later – and this is the highlight of the Kindle scribe, and basically it tells you basically how to turn it on how to activate it. So youre gon na have to set it up using your Amazon or Kindle account these things. Dont come with the case. Nothing these days come with a case. You do not need a screen protector for an e reader like this. You basically just peel that off, but you can get cases for these. The official cases are like 120 bucks and Ive. Read that theyre, not so good, so Im going to just try using just a case I have for an old laptop and see how that goes before I make any other decisions Im sure I can find one thats a little bit cheaper, but look at that Im Going to step back that compared to that, so theres obviously way more screen real estate on here. It has just a one power button. It has a USBC connector, like the Kindle Paperwhite, and there are no other buttons on this theres four little bumps here, which I guess help you to put it on a Surface without scratching anything and inside it comes with some additional pen tips. You can get these for like the apple, pencil and stuff Ive, never so far found the need to replace the tip of my any of my styluses.

It comes with a USB a to usb c cable, and it comes with this premium pen. Now this pen, unlike an apple pencil, does not require charging the premium version of this pen, which is what this one is. It has a erase function, which I believe it doesnt. If you have the standard pen – and this might just magnetically – attach to your Kindle like that, so this is all pretty cool Im just going to hit the power on now youll notice, with a ink displays. That is always a display. Even though there is no power, and now its just setting up its Kindle now its going to take you through the steps of setting it up and connecting it to your accounting, all that kind of stuff and its no different than using a smaller Kindle like the Paper white, where once you powdered on you go home, and it just gives you your library, and it also tells you a list of suggested titles and you can scroll through them, download whatever you like, and its going to be exactly the same on this giant version Of the Kindle now Im going to choose English as my language, and one of the things that strikes me is that how amazing is how responsive these screens are and what its doing now, its just setting itself up, as you can see, with the scroll bar there And whilst its setting up this thing is quite Hefty compared to this thing, so whether you may not take this one away with you, whether this might be a home reading device and you might bring the smaller Kindle with you when you travel thats, something thats a Decision which is entirely up to you, but this device is significantly heavier now.

The setup is nearly done and whilst were waiting for the setup to complete. Why dont you leave a comment below and let me know what genre of reading you like and whether you actually have an e reader and whether you prefer to read with a physical book or with a device. It already knows my name, and it really says Im already connected to the Wi Fi and everything has been set up. So this thing is amazing: it comes with 59 battery charge, so you can pretty much use it straight away and it tells you exactly what youve done kind of like exactly like the other one. So its almost like a seamless experience that you can go from one to the other in terms of your recent items. It tells you which ones youve already read and if I click on the school by Ted Knox, its downloading, obviously the book because its the first time – and it knows exactly where youre up to so Im up to 58 and it goes exactly on to 58. So it knows exactly where you can so you can actually move from one e reader to the next without losing your spot, which is awesome. Just a quick demonstration, so Ive gone into the notebook section of the Kindle and Im going to click new and going to create a notebook and Im going to choose a template, so its going to be called notebook one and just going to choose a basic template.

Like that, and we click create and taking notes on your Kindle swipe anywhere, so just follow the instructions and basically youve got a notepad. So, Im going to start writing so hello, thats, very responsive, so its not like theres a huge lag between when you touch the screen and when you get the thing on the display. One thing just to bear in mind, though this has got a Wacom kind of writing, tablet interface on it, but the pens are not pressure sensitive, so you can use it by pressing harder to get a thicker line or anything like that and these things arent designed For you to create amazing art, its more like a notetaker device and with the premium pen, if you turn it upside down, you rub over. The writing will actually be erased and, if you press on this thing, you can change the type of brush and stuff like that. Now, if youve read or seen, some of the reviews on YouTube and on the internet, itll say that the software on this thing is pretty crap. It is in terms of if youre, expecting the same functionality that you would get from an iPad where you can copy notes and paste, and things like that right now, its missing on the Kindle scribe, but, however, Amazon is promising that theyre going to be software updates. In the new feature, theyre talking early 2023 – and this is now early 2023 and theyre – going to include new features like copy and paste the ability to sync with Microsoft Word now.

Most of us do use Microsoft Office for our documents and once that comes online youre going to find that you can get much more value from doing the note taking on this device, because youre going to be able to sync it to other devices. So pretty much thats all there is. This is a pretty basic thing in the quick squiggly lines and Nice Notes. With this thing, and most important of all youve got a big screen where you can read your favorite novel, so Im going to keep playing with this. For a little while and just get used to using this as my new e reader, I hope you guys have enjoyed this video and if you do, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you like my stuff, hopefully after using this for a while Ill, Find that this device is actually worth the kind of much higher price compared to a standard e reader. You get bigger screen real estate, you get the note taking functionality, but this thing is roughly three times more expensive than the Kindle paper white, actually its more its.