I just got this really cute peach sign wall decor at walmart. They had a whole section of all kinds of really cute spring peach stuff, and i love anything that is like peach like peach, decor or anything like that. I just think it’s so cute, and then we got this new succulent at home depot and a couple other little plants so yeah. I think it looks pretty cute. So this is my kindle. I got it at a store called unclaimed baggage, which is like when people leave their luggage at an airport. It goes to that store after a certain amount of time, and then people can buy it. So i got this for about thirty dollars at that store, which is a really good price. I think regularly they’re, like 80, probably like 60 to like up in the hundreds. In this case i got it off of amazon it’s. Just this really cute pink and white. Marbly case and i’m not exactly sure what my kindle is called. I know it’s, not i don’t think it’s the paper white. I just think it’s like a regular kindle, but it does have a backlight on it. So i’m just going to go through the pros and the cons, because whenever i was deciding, if i should get a kindle or not, i was watching these videos just like. Is it going to be worth it for me or is it going to be wasted? Money? Should i just keep reading regular books so, if you’re interested just keep listening and i’ll, tell you my experience with it? So far, first thing: i’ll just go through all the pros uh one big pro.

This is that the battery lasts a really long time. I’Ve had it for a couple months now, i’ve only charged it like two, like literally two times so that’s amazing, i don’t use it every single day, so that kind of helps the battery stay. But even if i use it for like an hour or two at a time, the battery doesn’t go down by that much. So that is a big plus that the battery lasts a long time. Another pro is that it’s very compact, you can see it’s just very small it’s, just a little bit bigger than my phone honestly, and if you have big pockets it could fit in your pocket. It can fit easily in your purse or like your tote bag. Your work bag it’s just very easy to pack around and it’s very lightweight too, for instance, right now, i’m reading, the harry potter books and look how thick the fifth book is and then look how slim this is and all of the harry potter books are on Amazon unlimited, so i’ve tried that out for free, so that’s been pretty cool, so yeah instead of packing this giant thing around, i can just carry this, which has been really helpful. Another pro is that, if there’s a book you want to read, you can just instantly download it on here. Buy it, whereas with regular books, you would have to go to the store or order it off of amazon.

Wait for it to get there. Go to the library hope that it’s at the library so that’s another good pro, just that you can, if you want to read a book, you can automatically just get it on here and buy it. Another pro is that it has a backlight. So let me just show you: some of them have backlights some of them don’t, so just pay attention to that. Whenever you’re looking for one but see, if i just go to settings and then brightness, i can turn the brightness all the way up, or i can turn it all the way down. And this is really handy because the lighting in our house is really really bad and it’s really hard to get good reading lighting unless i’m sitting right in front of a lamp or right in front of a window. So this makes it so much easier to just be able to read at night time. I would used to have to take my phone and shine the flashlight onto my book, and i had to like get in these weird positions to be able to hold the phone and point it at the book. This has helped a lot and it’s helped me to read a lot more just by having that backlight on it also it’s, not blue light, so it doesn’t hurt your eyes. You know sometimes, if you stare at a like an ipad or a laptop or your cell phone for a long time.

It’Ll hurt your eyes. This is not a blue light. It’S. Just like a like a flashlight or not a flashlight, i don’t know it’s just a back light, so it doesn’t hurt your eyes. So now that i’ve talked about the pros, i’ll just talk about some of the cons. Obviously, one con of having an e reader versus a regular physical book is that if your battery dies, you can’t read that’s just kind of how it is, but, like i said, the battery life is pretty good, so you don’t really have to worry about it too. Much, but that is just something to keep in mind like keep your charger on you or just charge it up before you go on a trip or something to make sure that your battery stays. Another con is that if you just obviously some people like the feel of the physical book rather than having a you, know this in their hand, but you know that’s a personal preference. I personally i do like the feel of a regular book, but this is just so convenient that i kind of can look past that so yeah. Another con is that if you have an e reader, you obviously have to find ways to get books on it. It doesn’t just come with. You know: lots of free books on it, but there’s lots of apps and like websites you can go to to get free books. I used to use the app libby on my phone and you can get tons of free books, it’s just hooked up to your library card.

I used to use it on my phone. I haven’t got it on here yet because right now i am trialing amazon or not amazon um, kindle unlimited, which is like ten 10 a month, but i got the first month for free, but i did forget to cancel it. So i need to look and see if they’re um charging me for that there’s lots of books on kindle unlimited all of the harry potter books are on there, so that’s. The main reason that i got it once i finished the harry potter books. I don’t know if i’ll keep it or not. I might just use the libby app just to get all the free ones, because ten dollars a month is it’s. Not that much i mean it would be worth it if i just kept finding a whole lot of books to read like if i found like three or more books to read per month. It would be worth it because if i went and bought three books a month at the store, it would be more than ten dollars. Obviously, but one thing that i don’t like about the kindle unlimited is that once you cancel the subscription, you don’t get to keep the books that you already downloaded, which i mean i kind of understand, because you only pay 10. So you shouldn’t get to keep all the books you downloaded, but i do feel like you should at least get to pick like a couple to keep since you paid ten dollars because it kind of feels like it kind of feels like you were just spending money On nothing, you know what i mean like once you’re you cancel the subscription.

All your books are just gone, which it doesn’t really matter, because once i read a book, i don’t usually go back and read it, except for the twilight series. I don’t know no i’ve reread a couple of books, but for the most part i don’t go back and reread it so it’s not a huge deal but that’s. Just something to think about. I would say the bottom line is: if you can find one for cheap and you think you would like it go ahead and buy it like if you can pay thirty dollars for one and try it out, then heck yeah. Do it and see what you think about it? If you don’t like it, you can always sell it, so i think they’re definitely worth it. I do still like to read regular physical books sometimes, but the kindle is just so very convenient once you open it up. There’S always an ad here and you can pay to get that taken off, but it doesn’t really bother me because it just doesn’t so to unlock it. You just swipe up and it’ll. Take you back to the last book you’re reading, but i’ll just take you around, but you look at it a little bit. So here is the home button i feel like mine does lag a little bit, but it is used. So you know you can also hook it up to your goodreads account, which i think is really cool, because i love goodreads, because i can mark off books that i’ve read it makes me feel accomplished.

You can search up here for different books. You can see i’ve searched for all of the harry potter books, um there’s, your battery there’s, your wi fi. You can hook up to bluetooth. I really don’t know all the different things you can do on this one because i’ve just read on it and i think that’s about all you can do and obviously, if you get like a tablet like the kindle fires and stuff like that, you could do a Lot more on them, but this has been perfect. For me it was only 30 and i’ve really been liking it. Let me know down in the comments what you think about e readers. Are you more of a physical book kind of person or do you like e readers? Do you not care either way? Also, let me know if you know ways to get free books on your kindle, because i could use that.