After a few weeks using this device, I learned why Kindles dominate the industry in this Kindle Paperwhite review Ill share. What I liked and didnt like about this reading tablet, so you can decide if its worth it for you from a design perspective. The Kindle Paperwhite has a sleek and minimalist look that makes it easy to focus on reading at 6.9 inches by 4.9 inches. It has a similar form factor to a birthday card, for example, and at only a third of an inch thick, its refreshingly thin compared to holding a physical book. This Kindle is made of a smooth plastic material that unfortunately tends to show fingerprints quite a bit. However, they arent that noticeable on the black surface, considering it weighs less than half a pound or 205 grams, its enjoyable to hold, while reading, for example, Im currently reading the book Babel by Rebecca Quang, and it weighs nearly four times as much such as the Kindle And yes, I bought both versions of the book, its a great read so far. That said, due to the paper Whites compactness, you have to hold it a certain way, so it doesnt slide out of your hand. Sometimes I get tired of holding it like this. After a while and either lean it on a pillow or hold it with a pop socket, which Id recommend theres a single button on the device next to the charging port, that wakes up the Kindle and puts it to sleep, if you hold it down for five Seconds it also restarts the e reader.

Overall, I really like the sleek and simple design. I would have appreciated a slightly more ergonomic shape, so there are better ways to hold it for long reading sessions, although, like I mentioned a pop socket, can easily fix this issue. Now lets talk about the screen. An e readers display will either make or break the device. Fortunately, the paper whites is excellent at 300 pixels per inch. The screen is crystal clear and creates an uncanny resemblance to real pay paper, even content like comic books and magazines. On the Kindle, look surprisingly good in full sunlight, theres, no glare whatsoever when viewed face on and only a minor glare, when viewed from the side and at night time, the backlit screen creates a comfortable reading experience in the dark, while the screens, warmth, setting or yellow Hue, essentially, is adjustable. I dont find myself utilizing that functionality, often in my experience the touchscreen works great and makes it easy to navigate the device. Despite the screens impressive quality, keep in mind. There are ads on the lock screen, although we have the choice to remove them for twenty dollars. I didnt realize these ads would exist in the first place if we buy a new phone or laptop, for example, its not expected to see ads floating across the lock screen every day. Overall, though, the screen itself is quite good and creates an enjoyable reading experience were it not for the lock screen ads. It would have been a 10 out of 10 in the screen category with the screen out of the way lets dive into what really matters.

The reading experience after reading several weeks on this device reading on the Kindle Paperwhite is an absolute Joy. Not only can you customize virtually every aspect of the page from font size to margin size, but when using a Kindle theres additional reading tools that elevate The Experience beyond what a physical book can do. For example, if you dont know a words, meaning you can press on it for a few seconds and the definition appears, you can also highlight and add notes, as you read, which can then be easily exported and brought to a meeting or study session. As mentioned, there are countless ways to customize the page text. In many cases, the font, size and physical books is too small, which forces us to either strain our eyes or avoid the book altogether. Kindle eliminates this issue when reading turning pages is as easy as tapping the right or left side of the screen, if you want to access the reading menu, simply click the top of the screen to change brightness settings swipe down from the top and, lastly, to jump Between chapters all you do is click the bottom of the screen, thats it. The reading gestures are that simple. In terms of downloading books, there are multiple methods, including local libraries, which you can borrow from using the Libby app Kindle unlimited a 10 per month, subscription service that provides access to millions of book titles. Prime reading, which grants access to thousands of free books for Amazon.

Prime members and ePub books, this is a free repository of books, most of which are available through Creative Commons. If you thought that was it, Kindle Paperwhite has a few more features up its sleeve, all of which center around improving the reading experience even more first is the Amazon book ecosystem. Its no C secret Amazon is the largest book supplier in the United States. As such, your Kindle device will never have a book shortage problem. Not only is the digital downloading process seamless, but there are multiple routes to download digital books either on Amazon or on your Kindle device itself. In addition, Kindle devices have access to services like Kindle unlimited, Audible and Prime reading, all of which further expand your book options. Ive used Kindle unlimited for a little while myself and continue to be impressed with the books included in this service. In fact, as of recording 68 out of the top 100 best selling, Kindle books are currently Kindle unlimited eligible, Kindle unlimited is analogous to a Netflix or Hulu of books. Rather than owning the content. You pay a subscription to rent as much as you want. So, no matter your book buying preferences, the Amazon ecosystem has you covered on the Paperwhite. You can also listen to audiobooks with Bluetooth headphones. I tested this feature using airpods and it worked great if you download an audiobook youll see the option to start playing it using the lower menu. Although this is an interesting feature, Im not sure how often Ill personally listen to audiobooks.

On my Kindle versus the Kindle app on my phone, that said, Im sure theres people out there who will get more value from this feature than I will. The Kindle Paperwhite is also ipxa waterproof, which means it can be submerged two meters in fresh water for up to 60 minutes and a quarter of a meter in salt water for up to three minutes. Even if you dont typically read near water, an accidental spill can happen unexpectedly, so its helpful to have this Safeguard in place when testing the waterproof capabilities. I noticed that if water gets on the screen and sits there for a while, its weight can actually register as Taps on the screen, which is why you see the Kindle jumping between pages when wet after wiping off the water, though the issue goes away. Realistically, you probably wouldnt allow water to sit on the screen for very long anyway because it obscures the text. For that reason, I dont consider this a problem. According to Amazon, the paperwhites battery can last multiple weeks, but how long does it actually last, based on my test results, the paperwhites battery lasts approximately 33 and a half hours. This means, if you read an hour a day on average the battery would last over a month during the test. My brightness was around seven percent. Warmth was at zero percent, Wi Fi was turned on and I listened to an audiobook briefly in a world where most devices barely last a few days, its refreshing to have a tablet that can go weeks without being recharged.

Overall, the Kindle Paperwhite is a fantastic e reader. My favorite features are the lightweight form factor The Helpful reading gestures like instant dictionary and the multi week battery. Although the lock screen ads are a little frustrating theres plenty of advantages that offset this annoyance plus, we do have the option to remove them for twenty dollars as well, while Ill never get rid of physical books entirely. You cant ignore the conveniences of digital books and the modern reading experience the Kindle Paperwhite offers.