com – and this is the unboxing video of the amazon kindle, and this is what we get here and wow, and this is the kindle yes, its been 14 years of kindle and whats. Funny. Is that when brandon told me that he was going to do that review so many years ago, i didnt understand why a product that could only read books didnt make any sense to me, and especially when i was already reading ebooks for years on my pocket pc. It wasnt until i tried one many years later, that i picked up on the genius behind these little gadgets. Surely i know many of you still love the smell of paper and the feel of a regular book, but that would be a huge oversimplification of what a kindle can do and their latest model is out to prove just that. This is the new kindle paperwhite, a pretty overdue update to their 2018 model and what id call the most ambitious change that amazon has brought to these devices, even if you wont be able to tell that very easily im a river with pocket. Now – and this is our full review sponsored by mediatek Music – all right – i know a ton of people that still debate if buying a kindle is worth it. So for anyone thats still wondering if this is better than a regular book, its mostly a topic of convenience for a guy like me, for example, a good book is usually never thin or light, which makes carrying it kind of a pain.

Also, a book is just a book versus a device that can carry hundreds of them and lets you buy them instantly versus having to order one and wait or have to go to a store and see if youre lucky, to find one and also a book offers. No narration, so if youre on the go audible can help you pick up where you left off and then a book is not water resistant or brings a backlight or can switch to a dark mode or allows you to make the text larger or smaller. And then a book doesnt bring a built in dictionary, nor lets you filter, highlights, etc, etc, etc, and then, for those of you that argue that your phone or your tablet can perform kindle functions, thats also sort of true the problem is that those bring notification, distractions Glare and the battery that wont last for weeks point is a kindle is not just a book replacement, its designed to behave like a book, but its so much more, also, not sure if you notice, but kindle books are usually far less expensive than printed copies. As the cost of distribution is no longer a problem, the kindle paperwhite has always been this middle child standing in between the more affordable kindle and then the kindle oasis. That said, not sure if amazon is cooking up a new flagship, but the reason i call this paperwhite ambitious is because its actually better than the more expensive oasis in so many ways to start ive, never been a fan of the asymmetrical design of the oasis versus The more logical approach of the paperwhite, like its predecessor, its crazy, thin and light at just 205 grams and still brings this soft matte plastic design.

Thats easy to hold, though color options are still not available for this new model like they are on the old one. There are two variants to choose from, though, but that just means different perks and price. Think of the regular variant as more of a continuation of the old model, while the signature edition is your choice, if you want most of the new tricks and which is the one that im currently reviewing id, call this new design to be far more refined than Any other kindle ive used it doesnt just cut down on the bezels dramatically, but this is actually a larger kindle than the model before it. As a result, you get a much larger 6.8 inch display at the same 300 ppi from before, which, in my opinion, is the sweet spot for a pixel free experience. Its a matte display, so glare is never a problem and brightness got a 10 boost thanks to its 17 leds lighting, the show – yes, it doesnt bring all the 25 leds on the oasis, but it does adopt fan favorites like the option for a warm light to Not get in the way of your sleep, i still feel that e ink is the way to go if youre a bookworm. It does a far better job when exposed to daylight, and since these kindles are all ipx8 water resistant, bringing them to the pool or the beach is par for the course. This model, in particular, got far more power efficient by the way now providing up to 10 weeks on a charge.

I seriously wish that i could tell you if those numbers are exact, but so far i havent really charged this kindle once since i unboxed it. That said, some of its benefits over the oasis is that whenever you do, you now get usb c and even qi wireless charging, at least, if you go for the signature variant, this is also a much faster product. E readers have never been fast at things. Like page turns or menu navigation to the point where ive gotten used to it, but the 20 faster claims that we got from amazon are pretty accurate. Its the main reason i stopped using my oasis after i got this unit. Switching between menus or turning pages almost feels natural here, a lot of it has to do with amazons collaboration with todays sponsor mediatek. This kindle paperwhite is now powered by their 12 nanometer mt8113, which runs on lp. Ddr4 ram provides essentials like wi, fi, ac and bluetooth. 5 capabilities, along with low power options for devices like this kindle theres a reason why companies like amazon, trust, mediatek to power their devices, follow the first link in the description to learn more about what makes this partnership so special. But alright, you know me theres! No such thing as a perfect product – and there are a few reasons that i am mixed. The first is the fact that, even if this is amazons baby, i find it an irony that the kindle application on your phone or your tablet has more perks.

For example, i love listening to the author of a book narrate their work of art through audible, but on the kindle you can only pick audio or text while on the phone. You can see the words being read to you in real time now in defense of the kindle. The advantage here is that, as opposed to doing audible or kindle apps separately on your phone, the paperwhite will actually sync the text with audio as you switch between them. But, of course that depends if you bought the audible narration with the book at purchase. Second, is that, yes, amazon did overhaul their kindle software completely, but i cant say i like it sure i love how the book cover is now on the background as the kindle is on standby, and i also like that the navigation feels much faster where i mix This because i just dont find the software to be intuitive. I wish that it would behave more like a bookshelf and less like a permanent store. I also feel that the price of the signature edition should include cellular connectivity. This is the one thing that the oasis still does better and which i feel would have been far more valuable than the she wireless charging that youll only use once every 10 weeks. To conclude, i think its important to consider some of the original premise. No, you dont need an ebook reader. It wont smell like paper, nor feel like if youre turning a page every time you touch it.

If these things matter to you, then youre perfectly fine with your paperback or hardcover. In my case, since i travel a lot a kindle is that device that i can carry easier. That gives me access to whatever book i want in whichever country i am and can do a better job at mimicking a book than whatever tablet i carry if your case is similar to mine. I feel this new paperwhite is the best pick for most people. If youre on the ropes over which one is best for you, i think youll be perfectly fine with the regular model. If all you do is read, eight gigabytes might not sound like much, but these ebooks are tiny. Now, if you care about an auto adjusting backlight or you are into audiobooks, then the signature edition should be a better pick. 32 gigs will do a better job and sure get wireless charging in tow. I do feel that there are things kindle should do better for their price, but it doesnt stop me from recommending them. I know theyre not a jack of all trades like a typical tablet, but thats precisely the point. This kindle paperwhite is master of this one thing far better than any of those other alternatives. Anyways thats, my opinion. Let us know if you agree with my thoughts in the comments down below and while youre at it, follow us on social media and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one.

You also follow me on my personal handles to see me use an e reader even more than i use my z fold for reading books, because again itll last more than one day. I just have to not deal with that battery stigma. Please give this video a thumbs up. If you like what you saw.