What I want to do is tell you things that I like about the product, the things that I dont like as well as general overview of whether or not I recommend it for fans of ebooks and fans of e readers in general uh, so Ive been using. Kindle products for the last couple years, I used like one of the first Kindles, like that: didnt have a keyboard and stuff like that. The one like it didnt have any light source you had to like watch it in light to use it. I use one of those for a couple years, then, the last few years Ive been using a Kindle Fire from like 2015 2016, and it was working fine except it just did a little bit too much than I needed it to do like it had like Netflix On and stuff like that, and the battery life was just not good at all, like I had to charge it like basically every day and it just wouldnt hold the charge it would take forever to charge. It was just a pain in the butt, because Sarah has wanted to read books on it uh. So I decided to get the Kindle Paperwhite 11th Edition. I was given it as a gift for Christmas, so Ive been using it for the last week and a half two weeks and Ill give you guys my first impressions about it. Uh lets just start with the negatives. The things that I dont like about this Kindle uh it was pretty easy to set up.

However, the first like four or five days, it was just going through constant updates and it was like so I was seeing like this loading screen a lot and every time it would update it would completely change the format of what I was looking at. In terms of like the menu and the way like the buttons were like, the buttons were in the menus were, and it was just very confusing to me its like. They must have done like a lot of software updates right before I got it that it was just doing this multiple times and and I swear to God, it was like three or four times where the menu and design completely changed. I got ta have a video of how it first looked when I got it and then here it is now so its a little bit different, like the Goodreads section, isnt as front and center as it was, and its a little bit more. Like I dont know, recommendation forward, I guess and then the other thing that that would change is uh and Ill show like a closer look at it, but the top screen of, like the Kindle, also change like whether the bookmarks in like the table of contents. So now I have like a doubled, bookmark and table of contents button and theyre both at the top. So if I click one like Ill show you here, if I click one like to use as a bookmark, I could like get rid of a bookmark.

But then, when I click it back, theres still one that looks like I have a bookmark on it, so theres two buttons, one, the one I just turned off and then the other one is – and this is like, after like the third or fourth update. So this is, I guess, is my final version like maybe I have to like restart it to like get another one thats like the main difficulty. I I thought, like I, its a weird glitch, especially with all the updates. I would think that they would. Those would have been ironed out, but thats, like my biggest complaint, is just its a little bit glitchy as well as like the frame rate. It just doesnt look pretty like if youre scrolling through a menu its just like the pixels disappear and reappear like its very, very slow but thats. Just like the way the technology was like its a fairly cheap Kindle. I think you could get this one. I got this one, the 11th Edition or 11th generation without ads. I think its like around like 150, is what I got it for um, but its not supposed to be a tablet right. So its not supposed to be super smooth crawling so thats more like an aesthetic thing that really doesnt bother me that much, but if it bothers you thats something you should look out for this is not its not machined with a lot of power on it uh, But how does it do for reading, which is the only reason why I wanted it and the main reason why youre gon na get it works perfectly fine Ive had no issues uh reading books and reading mangas so far uh the mangas.

I was a little bit worried about like with like the picture quality and, like I dont know, if, like the pixels would be weird, but no Ive been reading, one piece on it so far and it looks great and, and it loads fairly quickly, uh, even like Downloading books, even though its like a slower like frame refresh and stuff like that Im, really not like that techie. I dont really know exactly what that means, but like like the speed and the smoothness of the pixels, it downloads books, pretty fast uh from the Internet connects to Wi Fi, with no problem and Ive been reading books and mangas with it and no problem, which is Like the main reason why I needed it – and the one I have specifically here is a 32 gigabyte and, I believe, theres also a 16 gigabyte uh. I dont think I would ever use 32 gigabytes because I mostly get books uh, like from like, like a Free Library Online like using the Libby app, which I highly recommend because get access to thousands of free books. So usually after I finish those I just un download them, because I lose access after like two weeks anyway, so I dont think Im going to be holding thousands of books on this Kindle anyway downloaded but its nice to have that space, and also there is Bluetooth Connectivity, if you want to listen to audiobooks through this Kindle, so that is also a possibility.

If I ever want to do that and like I mentioned earlier a little bit, there is Goodreads connectivity. So if youre connected to the internet, you could like give Star reviews to books and then add them to your shelf through Goodreads, which I use Goodreads. So that was also like a nice little bonus, but it is kind of frustrating thats kind of like a half measure connection to Goodreads. So, like I cant add to like custom shelves, I can only add to like red shells – or I dont even know, if I could add to like, want to read shells. But I tried to add it to like my my 2022 shelf and then my 2023 shelf. But I couldnt see them on there. So, even though Im signed into my account, it wouldnt exactly fit, but I guess its a nice addition that its there and it gives me more personalized recommendations because it has access to. Like my Goodreads information, uh and the recommendations I will say on on, like the Kindle recommendation screen are pretty good uh. It knows that I bought like the first novels of the mouse and Empire book, so its recommending to me heres, the second one, whenever youre ready to buy it its there and also its like. I said Im reading one piece so its recommending the next volumes, even though Im renting those at the library so Im not going to buy those its still nice.

That, like the algorithm knows this is the next one in the series. This is what its called. This is where you can get it its all right there and uh next. Big thing I want to talk about for this Kindle is the battery life. Like I said that was the main problem with the Kindle Fire that I had in the past. This one is advertised as a 4 to 10 week battery life and when I first read that I was very confused, because four in ten weeks is a large difference and uh doing a little bit more research, the 10 week battery life is, if you use it, Only a half hour a day and you dont connect to Wi Fi or like Bluetooth, or anything like that, so basically its just like youre, only using it to read a half hour a day and thats. The only thing you use it for um, so I mean it sounds good if you do that, but I knew I was going to use this more than half hour day and I have been using it more than half hour a day. I probably like average at least an hour a day an hour a day using this, since I got it and Ive been connected to Wi Fi, practically the whole time. Like I said, Ive been downloading books. Ive been Ive been going to the Goodreads like checking it out, checking out all the menus, and I got it on Christmas Day and today is January 4th in the time Im recording this video and my Kindle and I charge the dad got it and I havent Charged it since my current battery is 62 percent and, like I said, Ive been using it at least an hour a day, probably more like an hour and a half, maybe even two hours a day, because Ive just been reading non, stop on this thing and 62.

After practically two weeks, a little less than two weeks Im completely fine with that, I think this will last me probably close to four weeks, which was like the minimum level there, and if I wanted to save more battery life, I could like turn the Wi Fi Off turn the Bluetooth off Bluetooth off and go as far the distance, but were talking about weeks battery life compared to my previous, like reality of days, I am in love with this battery life that I could read it for like a whole day and only goes Down a couple percentage points its a lot better for my peace of mind and also its a USBC charging port, which is what I use for like my computer and stuff like that. So its a lot more easier than like I dont even know. I dont even know what the cable cord is, but it was a little bit more of a niche cord that I had to use just for my Kindle, which was kind of annoying but super easy to charge and it charged fairly fast. I guess just from the first time I only charged it once I dont really have a great insight into that, but really happy with the battery life for sure, and then the other thing that I wanted to highlight that I really love about this. Kindle is like how it looks and, like I said earlier, like the the frame rate, the refresh rate its its junk, because its not supposed to its, not what its for, but the lighting in this Kindle is absolutely fantastic and its my favorite thing.

Probably besides the battery life, its my favorite thing about this, Kindle the first Kindle I ever got like I said, was the one like where you you needed, like a direct light source on it, because it wasnt like a lit up digital screen, its one of those And this one has that so you can see here. Oh you can see here um when you have it in the lock screen. First of all, the thing I love is that it shows the book that youre currently reading as your lock screen and at first Im like oh, like it, I could turn it off like. Why is it not turning off? This is like one of the screens where, if it was dark, you wouldnt be able to see this, but I thought that was really cool. Thats, always like the cover of your book. I really like that small detail uh. So this is on all of the time and then, when you unlock it itll light up a little bit and then itll be like the words on the page. So it has like a dynamic lighting like most tablets have these days, so it transitions literally seamlessly. So, if Im in direct sunlight, I could read it just like this, because it just goes to that, like you, dont need any light. Youre in direct sunlight boom, its like reading paper and then its subtly adjusts to your lighting level so Im reading at night perfectly fine, because it adjusts to like a normal tablet screen and then, during the day, I dont need that blue light shooting in my eyes, All the time – and I found its actually easier on my eyes, because its so similar to paper at least my it to my brain, its telling its very similar to paper.

So this Dynamic lighting is super subtle. Its never super bright and Ive never had an issue with seeing the words on the screen, its even better than like a high powered thousand dollar tablet in that regard, because its just for reading and its its subtle and its not like super like flickery, because sometimes I hit you with tablets where, like the dynamic lighting is like constantly shifting and its just like, I could see it getting brighter and darker, but no this super subtle, its always easy to read and I havent found a single light source in which I cant read. It perfectly, and I love it and its so nice, and I convinced that its easier on your eyes. I dont know the scientific background around that, but I really think that if, if you have a tablet and youre gon na use it primarily for reading to get the Kindle Paperwhite because its its just its just all, you could need right. Downloading books is easy. Reading books is easy and its got a long battery life. What else could you need from an e reader uh now thats all I got thats my review its my overview, so obviously I do recommend it and, while 150 isnt exactly like nothing, its definitely a lot cheaper than buying like one of their fire tablets or just Buying like an iPad or something like that, so if you just want a reading, I highly recommend it, and thanks for sticking around Ill do Ill, probably do a uh more in depth.

Review later uh, just like with my more sitting with it like six months down the line, something like that, if I encounter any major problems or they do any major updates. So if you want to see that be sure to like And subscribe this video, it helps a lot and Ill catch.