So I never intended to keep it long. I was just gon na, buy it and resell it, and then, if I got on with an e ink display, I was going to upgrade to a newer Kindle. But if Im being completely honest with you after using this Kindle for a few weeks now, I have no desire to upgrade to a more expensive Kindle, as this just does everything that I want a Kindle to do so in 2023. I think that the Kindle 3 is still a fantastic buy. However, there are a few caveats to owning this Kindle, which I will discuss in this video, so Im going to give you an overview of how this Kindle holds up 13 years later. So you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to go ahead and buy one so Ill quickly start off with price. As I mentioned, I bought this for 14 quids and you can get them on eBay for about 10 to 25 pounds, and I think, within this price range youre getting yourself an absolute bargain, especially considering that a new cheap Kindle is a hundred quid. So moving on to the hardware, the front of this Kindle features a six inch e ink display and whilst this might not be the sharpest display, especially compared to the likes of your iPhone, its actually perfectly good for reading books, this display isnt a color display. So perhaps not ideal for comic books or graphic novels, Etc, but for most people this display will do a good job.

Theres no inbuilt backlight, so youre gon na have to use this with a light on which really isnt a big deal, because obviously this is the same as a normal book and Ive really enjoyed using this Kindle and reading from it. It doesnt strain my eyes one bit and it genuinely feels really quite similar to reading a book on the eyes. Ill be honest with you. E ink displays havent got that much better, since this skin was released so Im sure there are improvements on the newer Kindles, but this isnt a bad experience by any means this Kindle that Ive got, has been really well looked after so everythings in good working order. Without any obvious damage or scratches, the keyboard is fine for searching for books in your library, but I do find it a little bit. Fiddly to use Ive got a ridiculously long password on my Amazon, with numbers, special characters, symbols Etc. Just for security and Ive not logged on to Amazon on this Kindle, just because I cant type the password in properly. I find it way too, frustrating one little mistake and youve got to try and type it all again, so the keyboard is fine for like searching for books. However, I did find it a little bit frustrating trying to log on with a more complex password and that isnt a big deal, because the store doesnt even work on the Kindle which Ill discuss in a moment.

Finally, this Kindle has four gigabytes of storage, which really doesnt sound like much, but for most people this is going to be more than enough with four gigabytes of storage. You can store between two thousand and three thousand books. I dont know about you, but thats, probably more books than Im gon na ever read in a lifetime. Ultimately, the hardware on this Kindle just doesnt feel like a device that was released 13 years ago. When I bought this. I didnt know how old this Kindle was. It was only when I started doing research for this video that I realized it was 13 years old. I would have put it at maybe five years old, its still really good Hardware in 2023, so lets move on to the software experience and the reading experience. So the first thing to note here is that the store 4 does not work on the Kindle, so you cannot go onto this Kindle and buy a book directly from it. That is not a thing that Amazon still supports, however, its really not a big deal. So if you do log on to the Kindle with Amazon, you can load onto it books that youve purchased on the website or on your mobile phone. For me, as I mentioned, Im, not even logged into Amazon on this Kindle, I just plug it into my laptop and drag and drop books onto the Kindle. So there are a ton of classic books available online for free and legally so the copyright on these books has expired and therefore theyre just in the public domains.

So you can download a DOT, Mobi file and just drag and drop it into your Kindle all legally. So, for example, Im currently reading 1984 by George Orwell for the first time absolutely loving it. But this was a book that cost me nothing very legally and theres. Just such a big catalog of classic books that you can read for free so for 14, Queen youve, pretty much got unlimited legal books or you can just buy books on various websites and again copy and paste it over to the Kindle in terms of file types. This Kindle doesnt support dot, epub files, and this is the most common type of file for ebooks. However, it does support dot, Mobi files, which is otherwise known as like a Kindle file or PDFs. Personally, I dont recommend just trying to read a book that youve downloaded off the internet and youve downloaded a PDF as the formatting is all weird you cant change the font sizes or anything like that. I definitely look to find a DOT Mobi file that youre going to put onto this Kindle. So the formatting is all fine and you can adjust the font size as and when you want to generally, whilst using the Kindle to read a book and click through pages. Its a pretty good experience sure it may take half a second after pressing the next page button for the screen to refresh and the screen does go black whilst changing pages, but it doesnt bother me in the slightest and and also bigger books can take a few Seconds to open, but again this just isnt a big deal when you think you can store thousands of books all for about 14 quids and a lot of these books can be obtained free and legally.

So I still think this offers you a really good reading experience and, whilst obviously its not going to be as fast as the latest iPhone or the latest Kindle is still a good experience, especially for 14 quid. So finally, lets take a look at battery life. Battery life was originally rated at 10 days of pretty heavy use, which youre obviously not going to get now, because the battery is being degraded. Although Im not really finding that my battery is that bad, so Ive only charged this once since Ive owned it and Ive pretty much finished 1984 by George Orwell and Ive still got three quarters of the battery life left and its been on standby. For about two weeks, I found for this particular Kindle that the battery life isnt that bad. However, if you do buy one with a degraded batch battery, you can buy a battery changing kit on eBay or Amazon or other websites for about 15 to 20 quids. And whilst this does double the price of the Kindle its a relatively easy thing to install yourself, and it will just get you maximum use and value from the Kindle. So, to conclude, I think that this Kindle is a really good Buy in 2023, especially for the price tag. If you want the convenience of just traveling with the Kindle and buying books on it, whilst youre out and about then its not going to be for you, but as long as youre aware that the store on the device no longer works and youre happy with that, Its fine, you can copy and paste books, or you can load books onto the Kindle on the app and its still a great reading experience, and for someone like me, whos previously been a big fan of audio books.

Its been a great way for me to get into reading, because Ive not previously been a big reader myself I like to have the books read to me.