This is the base model. Okay, so let’s start with what is so let’s start with? What is the game? So kindle is basically, you can think of the kindle app and the adobe pdf creator and word: is it it supports? Other format to like html – and you can see all the formats here – it has a built in browser which supports wikipedia well and google searches work well, okay, so you can think of the kindle, basically as a substitute for like a printer for home users like if You want to save your eyes by not looking into the screen, but you know screen sometimes, like you know, if you look at an angle, keeping them on a table sometimes color. This is not in tablets with this facility Music. The display is like made of e ink, i will put a link here about eating displays, you can check it and be eating is basically like a digital paper. So the ink is an actual link and it reflects light like paper, and you can think of it. As a six inch paper, so it’s six inches enough for the display, i would say it is okay like if you see novel books, layers of six inches and yes, you can rotate the display like this or you can go here and see layer and you can Rotate it like this okay, now let’s talk about the refreshing thing you might wonder see that is like used for refreshing the kindle screen, but it doesn’t happen when you are reading see if you are reading, it will be like this okay, so you could not be A problem while you were reading stuff on your kindle yes now let us talk about what you can read only you can read books from the kindle store and you can send your pdf documents and word documents for reading and you know like if this is like A document in text and not scan documents, so it takes document so in text document.

If you zoom out it will automatically wrap the text, so nothing will get cut out and if you zoom in see okay, so that’s helpful. So if you have something older, if you don’t want to install app, you can simply mail it to the kindle. Every kindle device has a mail id. You can mail it to that device and otherwise in kindle app an option to sing to kingdom, and the screen is like what i said like it: isn’t keying display. So there is no glare, but it is light. The light is not like you know, phone line. The light is like this different. You need to see it, but if i would say the light is like it like, you know, household light coming from this side. The light is actually in this frame. It is coming from top and reflecting so in that policy you can see, or you know you, you can keep off the line and you generate with the household lights and the display is matte display. So if you have seen a matte screen protector is similar to that. But since the screen is also inc, the experience will be different and it is not a glossy display. Like a mobile okay, coming to caviar’s one problem, i’ve had faced with kindle while reading ebooks, you see, you will see that the words get you know come to. Next line with that hyphen in the middle – and i have i have not found a solution for that – i’ve searched in many places, so that is sometimes not good, because in books it is not there, and i talk about what i like about the kindle.

I would say the battery is like completely you don’t have to think about it. Like you know, the difference is like in phone. You use it for various purpose like calling video pictures and other purposes filing. You know things that you will only use for reading and other times it will be kept down. So you know the charge will last easily for one month so that’s a very helpful, and i really like that, you can, you know, buy books from here and that zaptix feature also was very helpful and other than that. Yes, it is a black and white display, but let’s be honest. If you buy a book or if you buy a printer, you would be using a printing, black and white, and you know currently in this situation you won’t be giving print outs to someone. So i would say, if you you know, for through students, if you want to receive and write, you can buy the kindle it’s, not very expensive, and no. This is not the tablet. Okay, this is, i said, kindle and reader of all the formats like pdf html web pages. So another problem i faced with the kindle is when there is text with subscript and superscript, like formulas math equation, it sometimes doesn’t work and wait like if your language is not supported. It shows that language, but sometimes there are some errors. Most language is supported. So i would like to think of the kindle as a substitute for printer who you know, pre buying preparing the because of printer.

If you buy a cheap printer, if, like 2 000 rupees, the ink cartridge host will be too much and if you buy an instant printer it’s bit little bit more expensive than a kindle. And you know it has a lot of problems and you also need to have a pc for that, because connecting with mobile is a hassle. But you know, if you want to send you know, if you want to give hard copy, you don’t need the printer, but otherwise for reading. I would say kingdom is very good and it is like a substitute for a painter, and you know like paper or something like that like if you don’t like screens or you know, if you have eye problems, because now we are having a lot of classes so That is a plus point and i will not say it’s important if you have like no problems reading from like screen or something, but another thing is, the distraction is less in a kindle, but also the problem is sometimes you know that you need to search something In google, like a meaning of something or something, so you can’t do this in here, probably very fast. There is a keyboard and search key, but you know it’s like not very fluid, so you need to have a phone beside. You means, if you’re doing, documents where with ebooks also you can see the meaning, but you can’t dig deeper into what all this is and it supports wi fi means you can use mobile hotspot also, and you can keep it in airplane mode, which switches up all The things in india audiobooks are not supported, but you know, if you have like problems touching, you can use the hands free.

You know with like you know, the classic books are under amazon classics and most of them are available for free. So you can read them. They’Re, like classic novels like oliver twist chin isle, delivered rivals if you’re into that, and if you is doing like sending your documents like i do, you will have enough space because you know it has 8 gb of space. Now 4gb is cancelled. The base mode is fast for 8gb and you know sometimes which scan also they look nice. So you know you can scan documents also. Sometimes here like i do sometimes and that’s all i would say about the kingdom you can buy. The basement is cheap and you know like there is no problem is eating takes, but you know i said something and you might think that food or something wrong. It is not like that. There is no light here. It is like a paper. Okay and yes, i would sit little darker than if people like little so you know you can switch on the light and it helps most of the time. It’S like doesn’t mean the eyes or something like that. And yes, you would need a phone like without phone. You can’t use it like alone, you can’t do straight device, you need other device, and then you can use this. So so you buy a kindle. I would say yes, like you know: if you get text documents a lot and if you write them on copies, a kindle will surely help you if you in the binding little, you know like something to keep in mind is the screen.

You know it’s like little down, but it is like good in the like the next model, i think paper white. The screen is flat on the display and dpi is little higher, but, with you know, fonts you have anti any aliasing, so you know you will experience. No difference when doing type text, but we scans and pictures like we don’t use ebooks for pictures. Okay. So if you read scan documents, 300 ppi display will help so ppi means pixel per inch. So if you have a 1080 by 1080 square screen of one inch, it will have an idea of 1080. Now a phone has a 1080c of this much so here the dpi will be around 300, so it’s good, but phone doesn’t do empty. Any ac like pc screens are like biggest dpi, is less but they’re also far away, so they have around 90 100, so they use anti any lacing. So you experience no problem, so the kindle also has anti any racing for type takes, so you can clearly go for the base model. You will have no troubles because the paper white is very expensive. Now, if you go to that oasis, something to keep in mind is oasis has a bit this size, so you know it will not be flat in table. It is like for reading books, especially and another problem. My face with this candle is, like you know, the color of the screen. The white color of the lights is like of 6500 kelvin.

Five zero, zero kelvin is the light we use in leds, so it is little like cool whole means blue, like very slightly blue. Most of people will not notice, but it is fair in india we use tube lights and they have a color temperature of 5400 kelvin. So sometimes when you have keep like you know, i have white basil and you have kept it on a white table and you’ve switched on the light of the cable, the color doesn’t match with that tube light. And if you have another paper beside that, the screen like might not match exactly sometimes it’s like little, i was uncomfortable, but that is fair and in other countries people use like warm light. So in wild lights also, it will appear like different color, but in outdoor you directly reflects the light. So there is no need for this. In with light, as i said, you know, it is little darker than the paper. So keeping the light on in windows is what you will do. So if you like, for some reason you were buying the oasis, you will get the control to add just between six five: zero, zero and one two: seven: zero, zero kelvin and everything in between so that’s a plus point. If you use it, if you will use your kindle guys for a long time, so this is like what i think about kendall, and you know i hope you understood what a kindle is, how it works, and it will help you to like make your choice and Something i would say like: if you end up buying the kindle there will, you will obviously buy some cases, for it.

There’S no need for any screen protector, but i would not recommend you to buy. You know any case and definitely don’t buy the original case. It is like way expensive and it’s heavier. Even the case i have not bought is very heavy, so it like, like this it’s easy one handed, but when you have the case it’s little heavy, so i have found a lightweight case. I will put a link that is not affiliated with research, but i haven’t bought, but i will like you can see now. That is the case it. I have found this to be the lightest case in amazon for gender, and you know if you have a case. It supports auto wake so in auto week, if you have the case closed and if you open it will open automatically and in day to day use, you will not feel you know that going from black to white, you will not feel that, and there is you Know no ghosting or as such, when it doesn’t do that like getting that been it, this video was not sponsored or anything. This was completely my own and another thing. If the kindle is like very well designed with you know, thoughts see you have this power button here, and you know you have this charging port and you can also connect to a pc and the charging port is a micro usb support. I know. Type c is like being used these days, but micro usb still.

What most people, i would say, is comfortable. You can get it everywhere like when you need a charge like suddenly in a bus. You, if you finish charge micro usb will be available easily. This is like the charging indicator because yellow when it’s charging and once it’s about fully charged it’s green, so in 95 98 it says green, it doesn’t tell you to do 100, and this is so when you are holding it in landscape. The charging will go here. So it will not block your hands or you know anything see. It’S very well thought out, so you will not be disappointed if you buy this candle and i would say if you like, have no problem with ice or even if you’re wearing poke with screens or if you have a large display that will be acting better but Think of it like, if you have, if you know like something, i would say this, six inch like doesn’t match with the phone for six inch of a phone like this is like tall. So if you have a 16 by nine, the standard monitor tv ratio, it will be like this one while the kingdom is square, so that’s like don’t, think it’ll. That way so it’s, like one thing, is smaller than phone. You can’t use it it’s like very wide, and you know a lot of text fits in there, so that’s been it. Bye also buy this during sales.