I don’t know why i did that. I was like in the moment kind of thing. I need i needed like a thing: hey guys welcome to another episode of rothdraw and, as you can see, we have a new workspace again yeah there’s, so much construction and renovation happening with the new studio. I went on the second floor. I got kicked out of there, then we were in the kitchen. I got kicked out of there now we’re in this room and there is construction happening right next door. I just need to get out. Luckily we got a new toy. I partnered up with lenovo yoga for this video and they sent out a yoga 7i to help me paint on the go. This is a two in one, a laptop and a tablet. I heard great things about it, so i’m excited to try it out. Stick around to the very end, video, because i will be giving this exact one away: let’s do it so before we head out i’m going to do a couple of quick sketches. You know this is a brand new device. I want to get a feel for the drawing experience so i’ll be using photoshop and also the lenovo active pen 2, which doesn’t come with a laptop and it cost about 45. Usually before i start painting, i just do a couple of quick, quick, warm up, sketches and they’re, usually kind of a side profile and very, very graphic Music, nice.

Just a quick couple of warm up, sketches and we’ve been drawing in laptop mode. But what makes this computer a two in one is the 360 hinge, so let’s try out the tablet mode whoa. We are in a tablet mode, oh, going to switch to a vertical ratio it’s time to take this and draw on the go. Oh hey guys! Welcome to my bathroom, yes, this is level one of portability, one of the last few places in the studio that’s quiet enough to film, oh here’s, the sketch that’s gon na, be the piece for this video, so let’s jump into it Music. So this is the progress of the piece so far. You know i just got the initial color block and done. I just wanted to play with warm and cool. Naturally i am a keyboard user, so i’m missing some of my commands. I’M not really used to drawing on the tablet, so we’re gon na switch back to my laptop mode. So i have my key functionalities. Also, you guys know that i’m used to painting on a much more larger tablet, so the 14 inch screen feels a little small, but it is 1920 by 1080, full hd. So the picture, quality and colors look pretty great, so let’s jump right back in hey guys, it’s finally, nice to be outside you know, and what better place to get outside and work than a coffee shop. Also, i don’t think we’re about to film here, but i want to show you guys something really quick.

So we found a little corn, so i found out you can draw in many ways with this 350 hinge and this one here. I personally call the tp the hot keyboard, my personal favorite, the leave me alone i’m, an artist. So a lot of people ask me how i paint and blend skin, and so i want to give you guys some good tips on how to do that. I always use a nice round brush and i lower the hardness so it’s a little softer, and generally i like to pick a shadow color more saturated. You know, shadows are generally more saturated and then i use my mixer brush or smudge to blend these two skin tones. Oh look at that and now you have a healthy, vibrant skin tone. Sometimes, when you’re painting skin it can look artificial and fake and one way to make it look more realistic, is adding the sky color into the skin. So we’re gon na pick a sky, color, let’s, say it’s around here and we’re gon na put it into the skin like that and then let’s blend. That immediately makes it look more realistic, looking and less artificial, also uh, more and more people are coming in now and i don’t want to get in trouble. So let’s pack my stuff up and see girl who can paint? Okay, hey guys, welcome back and we are now in a forest. How did i end up here? Who knows? But this is the progress of the piece so far and i’m really liking it.

You know kind of a an aesthetic, fantasy girl, it’s kind of what i’m going for, and i feel like. We are missing a little companion. You know in the forest there’s lots of critters and animals, so maybe we can give her an animal and how about a dragon, because i’ve never done dragon before so let’s. Do it Music. So we just painted our dragon buddy, and i would love to give you a tip on how powerful the eraser is. I use the eraser to create some dynamic and awesome shapes so i’m, going to draw the big shapes for the wings, just a rough shape of how it’s going to look and i’m going to use my eraser to carve into this shape, giving it some nice crisp Edges, think of it like sculpting, you know, sculptors have a block of marble and then they chisel and sculpt into it, giving it form and that’s generally the same principle. I have my big shapes and i’m carving into it, giving it some nice dynamic, shape language. Nice look at that. These are some pretty nice dragon shades, oh my god, sun, but i was able to create some dynamic shapes with very little energy, very little kind of stroke. I just made the big picture and i sculpted into it so next time you know you draw and paint don’t forget you have the eraser tool, people don’t even think about that. They think erasing is just to erase your mistakes, but your eraser is just as powerful as any one of your brushes yeah i’m gon na keep working on it and i’ll check back Music soon, nice, pretty good progress made so now, i’ll just uh find my way Back home, i guess what this is in my house.

I wish i was back in the coffee shop, i mean we are trying to test portability, and this is the most portable. You can go well. This illustration needs to get finished. We are coming up on a deadline, so let’s finish our dragon girl, hey guys, welcome back and here’s the progress of the piece so far. I think she looks really cool. You know we added some armor upped her defense and i want to give some final thoughts about this laptop overall, i think it’s really cool. I can’t get over how light and limited look at this. I feel like devices these days are getting slimmer and slimmer, but i do have to go back to my original point about the drawing experience i still can’t get over the rubbery friction. It almost feels a little too smooth. Yeah i’m excited to see how lenovo keeps developing this for artists. Maybe they can come out with a screen protector with a texture on it. All in all, i think, it’s a great option for anyone that needs portability, it’s super slim, it’s, light and compact, and for anyone that needs that windows experience in a two in one laptop and tablet device. So this is looking good let’s wrap it up and i’ll check back soon: hey guys, it’s, colorado time, Music, Music, hey everybody! Welcome back and thank you so much again, lenovo yoga for sponsoring this video and letting me run this giveaway where i’m, giving this exact laptop.

All you have to do to win is answer in the comments below if you can draw or paint anywhere. Where would it be? Maybe it’s here in this volcano right next to me, maybe it’s up in the clouds, maybe it’s in your bedroom, but let me know in the comments below and i’ll choose a lucky subscriber. Thank you again. Everyone who just got my new merch don’t forget to subscribe.