If you guys dont know, a hardware, wallet is the type of device that allows users to securely store their cryptocurrency offline, and today, Im gon na be covering the Keystone Pro thats right, the Keystone Pro. They were the guys that Keystone were nice enough to send me a keystone Pro to show you guys all the the features and how good this product is Keystone. Pro is a specific brand of Hardware. Wallet is a cold storage device that can be used to store a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, ethereum Litecoin and 5 000 others. The device allows users to securely, generate and store private keys, and it uses encryption to protect uh to store information from hackers. The user can use the device to make transactions by connecting it to a computer or a mobile device. Now, as you see, I got the Keystone, it comes with uh the hardware wallet it comes with a rechargeable battery. It comes with the charging cable, it comes with a triple a battery case. It comes with a quick guide. It comes with the warranty card and also comes with uh three recovery phrase, backup cards and memory. Guys with these. With these recovery phrases you got ta make sure you secure them in a safe place, do not secure them or do not secure these phrases on your cell phone or even on your computer. Just write them down on this card and store them in a safe or a nice secure place now lets go over some of the features of the Keystone Pro Hardware wallet.

Okay, some of the features is high security. The Keystone produces Advanced security features such as a multi factor, authentication hardware based encryption, any tamper, prep design to protect your coins from hacking and theft. Even if you try to break into this thing, it will like automatically like kind of self destruct. It will delete everything if somebody tried to physically break into this uh easy to use the Keystone pro has a user friendly interface that makes it easier to manage your coins and perform transactions. Offline storage to Keystone Pro Stores your coins offline, which eliminates the risk of hacking and provides an additional layer of security recovery phrase. The Keystone pro has a recovery phrase feature that allows you to recover your coins in case of loss or damage to the device connectivity. Keystone Pro connects to your device. Uh VA us USB and has a built in OLED screen, as you can see right here, four inch screen um that allows you to check your transaction details and confirm them. Uh, durable, Keystone, Pros built with a durable design and construction. Thats meant to withstand daily, wear and tear so guys. Overall, the Keystone Pro is a great versatile, uh Hardware wallet so guys. The price for a keystone Pro is currently at 169 dollars, uh once again: 100 AD Gap, QR code, communication, Hardware, wallet for Bitcoin, ethereum and thousand plus crypto uh Keystone offers convenient Cold Storage Solutions with an open source firmware and psbt multi stick support um.

You also have uh the Keystone Pro. I mean the Keystone Tablet Plus Keystone tablet. Keystone tablet punch easy way to restore your recovery phrase. Uh another feature: is you sign what you see by using QR code Transmissions? We have eliminated potential mail, malware infant infiltration, risk and delivery, a level of transparency that just isnt possible with Bluetooth or USB uh eal, five plus secure element, a property, uh Bank grade secure elements ensures your private Keys. Never Leave the Keystone to secure element, generates a true random number for your private keys and is vital to ensuring your crypto assets are stored in the safest way possible. Lpi p32 bip’ and VIP 44 compliant firmware is also open. Source uh also got additional, like I said precautions if they want to have the fingerprint sensor, unlock the device and signed transactions in public with the fingerprint sensor, like I said whenever before, but the anti tamper, self destruct mechanism and anti tamper, uh self destruct mechanism will Wipe your private Keys upon detection of disassembly if a keystone is lost or stolen, so guys. I got a lot of coin support, a lot of great features with the Keystone and guys, if youre interested into this Im Gon na Leave My referral description in the in the link below.