and in this video i’m gon na share my full review and some of my favorite features watch till the end. If you want a little keyboard, asmr Music right out of the box, of course, we have the keyboard itself, a usbc type c cable, the manual, a quick start guide and extra keycap set. So first threesome combat combination, keyboard, young design to start off merengue straight and flat. Edges like most mechanical keyboard, also slide the angle then um paramas ergonomic sha. In addition, my multi level height settings the entire so based version of kikron k2 mer time plastic base. But what i have here is the variant on my aluminum frame, which adds a bit of weight and sturdiness and for me very premium and mas magenta chatting. None key capsule is like curved shock and maganda dining feel and texturing yeah guston all or nothing. We have different sheets of grey and i also love the orange accent snap and it uses abs, okay, i’m, a deletion mugshot after continuous use, thankfully madali mulan keycaps nut and using this keycap cooler, nakazama box, so left side, you’ll see the usbc port and some toggles. First toggle, if you want to switch between windows or android or mac, os or ios mode, switched keyboard or switch between cable or bluetooth mode yeah. But overall it has this simple and very minimal, feel and hindi shadow pancake, minion vibes so suitable for any desk. Setups. Very compact chain, hindi, wobbly and very premium and mukata lagashan enthusiast keyboard.

The kikron k2 can have usbc cable connection or wireless connectivity, which is a good thing since slightly rare namima wireless connection among mechanical keyboards. This uses bluetooth 5.1 at prediction, connect to up to three devices so one advantage of having this thick chunky, size, battery and yeah battery lifetime keyboard, four thousand milliamp hour battery and trading keyboard for up to 240 hours with backlight off, in my case, with backlight on Kapaginagaming up to one with bangkok: definitely, the kikron k2 has decent battery life and relatively mobilised insurmount charge my option care to choose between white or rgb backlight for this keyboard, and what i have here is the rgb version since shell on your mod, the let my Aluminum frame open back like more than 15 types of rgb, like itosa, kikron, k2 radiation, flashing breathing static depends. All you have to do is to click. This light bulb key and pedestal Music, Music, Music right arrow key. When you buy this keyboard, my option cut to choose between gathered on red, blue or brown switches. Somehow indiana mechanical keyboard, color scheme, red switches are linear keys, usually quiet, cha and kanting for slamming kaila magnanto type, very popular with gamers ninja second type are blue switches, which are the klee keys with chess and shayon pinhama out of the three sweet, my marilyn. It can click once you register a keystroke by a very suitable shot for typists and programmers, and the third type are brown switches, which is a compromise between red and blue switches.

These sensitive or linear, like red, sweet chess and hindi rinse, like the blue, sweet chess, and what i have here is the one with the brown switches and i love typing with it, because hindi, shiganung, kaliki and indiana mechanical keyboard users, mafifilmola mejo mashisha, and it will Take some time to get used to, but it depends on switches, philippines, shout out to them subram bills, on delivery and responsibility, and this is priced at around four thousand eight hundred pesos, yes, major pricey, but this is the upgraded version. Kongusu mahamura, you can choose the non rgb model and the one with the plastic frame. Definitely i really recommend this keyboard, especially for mac users since isatosa very few mac, centric mechanical keyboards, but don’t get me wrong. This keyboard also works. Well, then, with other operating systems minimal and cleaning designer and the aluminum frame gives it a very premium, feel it’s, also highly customizable and by option then for an rgb version, kung sumishan, bigyan and gaming vibes. It also has wireless connection and very good battery life. Quantity. Lanyon is thickness, so some of you may need the wrist rest, but overall, this is an excellent keyboard. Thank you guys for watching this video.