I moved from the room that i usually record in and decide to set up here in front of my new desk space that i’m still working on some paint and a few other things still need to go up, but it’s getting there. It is a little bit noisy here, though, like sometimes i can just hear water running up here, like what even is that plumbing is weird anyways uh. As someone who spends a lot of time at this desk for both work and entertainment, i’m punching away at one of these guys for most of my day, i’ve used and tried a whole bunch of different keyboards both for mac and pc. And i always seem to be looking for something that ticks all the boxes, depending on what i’m doing i’ve tried: chiclet keyboards, mechanical keyboards, wired wireless and what i’ve kind of determined after a lot of trial and error is that i do prefer mechanical keyboards. But i want something: that’s got a small footprint and looks nice with a minimal design. After a lot of searching around, i pulled the trigger on the keychron k2 version 2. So let’s dig into the details: Music, all right, let’s start off by looking at the keyboard design. This is one of the main reasons why i bought this keyboard. The k2 is an 84 key layout, meaning it lacks the numpad on the right very similar to most compact laptops, but it’s a bit bigger than a 60 keyboard, because it has the function row just above the number row.

The keycaps are a combination of two gray colors and you have the option of switching the gray escape and light keys with two orange ones. You also get extra keycaps for the alt and windows keys that you can swap in place of the command and option keys. If you’re toggling between mac and windows platforms, the model i have here has a white backlight with red switches. There is an rgb backlight option if that’s something that interests you, you can also get these in blue and brown switches as well. The frame of the keyboard is very minimal. You’Ve just got a few buttons along the side want to switch between bluetooth and wired mode and the other just to switch between windows and mac. Just north of those switches, you have a usbc connector if you’re using wired mode on the bottom of the keyboard. You have four rubber pads if you’re sitting this flat at your desk and additionally, there are two sets of feet here where you can adjust the angle of the keyboard. There really is no flex in this keyboard at all it’s solid and it has a nice weight to it. But if you are concerned with that, you can get this in an aluminum frame as well it’s, just a little bit more pricey. One of the things that i like personally about this keyboard is the actual typeface used on the keycaps. There are way too many keyboards out there, especially when you’re looking at mechanical keyboards that have these god awful fonts on the keys.

In most cases, you’re going to get either some extreme gaming style typeface or something that resembles a prison stencil so aesthetically. I do appreciate that these look very clean and if you’re like me – and you want a mechanical keyboard – that’s compact, but you still want to keep that function wrong and you want the arrow keys at the bottom as well. I find this to be a really nice layout. The backlight is also quite nice. You’Ve got a few different brightness settings here. I think overall, the design and the build quality are the strengths of this keyboard. A few things that i may have considered, if i was kikron, is users who are both frequently mac and windows users like myself, it would have been nice to have a set of keys that had both mac and windows commands on them, like some other brands. Do just so that you wouldn’t have to pop these off every time you wanted to switch between mac and windows as it stands right now. If i wanted to use this for both my mac or my ipad and switch to my pc, i have to pop these keys off each time, which obviously no one wants to do. Also, if you’re used to using a low profile or flat keyboard, i think you’ll probably want to invest in a wrist wrist, as the keyboard does sit up quite a bit from the desk. When connecting the kikron k2 you’ve got a few different options available, you can either connect through usb c.

Keychrome does include a nice braided, cable or you can connect with bluetooth where there are three devices that you can potentially pair with. The usb connection is obviously going to be your best bet as far as reliability goes, but for a lot of people, one of the reasons that they’re buying this is because it does have the wireless option. I found the bluetooth to be a bit spotty on windows, depending on the network adapter or the bluetooth adapter that you’re using personally on my old pc before i built that guy behind me, i was finding. I was getting random disconnects here and there, where the only thing that would work would be to disconnect from bluetooth entirely and repair everything granted. It was a pretty cheap, wi, fi and bluetooth. Pcie adapter, though the one that’s running on my current machine is the on board bluetooth my motherboard has and that one i’ve had no issues with on mac. Everything seems to work a lot better. I was able to pair without any issues out of the gate. I would say that if you’re planning on using this with windows be prepared to use this with a wired connection, if you have to the plus side is, it is a detachable usb connection. So you can swap out whatever cord that you would like to use and find a better one that looks or suits your needs better. As far as a typing experience goes, everything feels fantastic.

So far, as i said at the beginning of the video, the keyboard i have here has red switches and i find them quite sensitive. If you’re someone who’s sitting their fingers on top of your keys a lot in between keystrokes, you may actually inadvertently hold a key down. It doesn’t take much pressure to actually push down a key. The keys have really nice travel, they don’t wobble around and the key travel is really smooth they’re a bit noisier than the brown switches i had on my previous keyboard and quieter than any blues that i’ve tried in the past here’s a small clip just so you Can get an idea of what they sound like the battery inside the keyboard is a four thousand milliamp hour battery, which is a pretty decent size, and it seems like it can last anywhere from a week to three weeks or so, depending on how much you use It and if you’ve got the backlight on and the power saving mode, i personally leave the power saving mode off, because i find it annoying and i don’t have any problem with just plugging this keyboard in when it needs to be charged. So all things considered, the actual typing experience and use of the keyboard has been great. This is one of the few options available for mechanical keyboards that are built for mac, so, if you’re looking for an alternative to a magic keyboard or your built in mac keyboard, this definitely is a worthy choice for windows.

I think there still is a lot to choose from out there and if you’re planning on using bluetooth on windows exclusively just fair warning, you could have some issues depending on your bluetooth adapter. If you’re, okay with the usbc connection, then obviously i wouldn’t worry about that. I would say that the quality of the keyboard exceeds the price i’m really happy with it. So far, i’ll pop a link down below if you’re interested in picking this keyboard up and if you’ve got any questions or comments. Please leave them down below. Please help this channel out by hitting that like button and subscribe. If you would like to see more tech reviews and content, i know i say this every time but there’s a lot more content that i have planned.