The kensington studio, doc yeah take your ipad to the next level. With this bad boy, i’m telling you right now uh this thing one i was super surprised at the size. This is actually supporting the 12.9 inch below so um. You can definitely use this with your the the biggest size ipad out there down to you know even make the 10 and a half 11 inch ipads. So what this does? This basically makes the ipad uh, i think, takes it to the next level for a productivity, uh and you’re gon na see that this dock probably is the dock of docks um. So if you’re sitting on the dock of the bay, you know, then this is the dock that you’re gon na, be you know wanting on the bag, saying that right all right, some cheesy lines, i know. Okay, i just made that up. I didn’t write that okay, so this here, bad boy again from kensington, is just a beast and we’re gon na open this up, we’re gon na set up an ipad setup and so let’s take a look: it’s usbc ipad, pro 11, 2018 or later an ipad air 2020 or later so there’s what you got covered right so they’re just going on um, you know kind of years versus sizing really, and so, if we flip this over in the back, you know there’s not a lot on the box i’m, just kind of showing you The box, art um, so creativity, adjustability, uh, apple ecosystem charging, single 4k, video output, sd card reader and expansion, ports, you get three uh looks like usb type a’s, one type c, a 3.

5 millimeter jack for plugging in the headsets and a gigabit ethernet adapter. Oh, hopefully, you can see right down here on the very back um, so also in this box, you get the actual dock. The looks like a very big sized power, brick and a bunch of different cables uh to get this bad boy going and we’ll unbox. This and be right back all right guys welcome back, so we have the studio, doc unboxed and, as you can see, everything that you get in the box is laid out here. So you really get a lot of stuff that you probably won’t. Need you get a power cable for just about every country imaginable um, so you know throw these into your travel bag. If you don’t have an adapter, because it’s got every freaking one. So here is a us version with ground. So you’ve got this. You’Ve got your brick. This thing is a brick um, so you’re definitely going to have uh some power and then, oddly enough, it’s got this one. Here, it’s got like uh two prong us version, but it’s got a ground, uh cable. So a little different um so just like, i said i think they pretty much got you covered for all options, uh that you’re gon na need for powering this bad boy. So let’s take a quick look. They do have a a little uh studio doc. What goes where so, obviously the ipad will go into this little magnetic mount uh.

It shows here you can wirelessly charge air pods, airpods pro iphone 8 or later so that’s. What this little pad right here is uh, then you also have, if you can find it, an apple watch charging adapter that would go over here, but does not come with that’s a separate accessory uh and then everything else. We can look at the ports here, so you’ve got like a standard. You’Ve got three usba 3.2 gen ones. They are 5 volt or 0.9 amps and you get an ethernet, 10, 100, 1000. So basically a gig ethernet adapter, two kensington uh security slots. One is a nano and one’s a regular. So if you’re setting this up for a business or something like that uh, it does have some kensington locks that you can use to support. Of course kensington locks right um, and then it has a usbc uh, 3.2 gen1 port, which also is 5 volts, 3 amps and 9 volt, 2.2 amps and then a 4k uh, 380 383840 by 2160 at 60 hertz, and it is an hdmi 2.0 port. That is actually over in the back and then again on this side and it’s got an sd card reader, a 3.5 combo audio port, so it’s microphone and headphones. So you can plug in, like i said, headsets with a microphone on it and use this for audio. So uh very, very cool let’s just go over here: real quick here’s, the actual beast of its uh thing here, so there’s your wireless charge, pads you’ve, got leds there’s your headphone jack with microphone there’s your sd card, as i mentioned, on the back there’s your ports, Kensingtons nanos regular three usb 3.

2s gigabit hdmi 4k and your power in and then over here you’ve actually got a usbc charge and then a power button and then again this this thing weighs a ton. I’Ll tell you it’s a beast now. One thing we’re going to look at too is so again you can rotate this, so you can do it vertical or horizontal, and then you can tilt this bad boy just about any viewing angle, as you can see here with that mechanism under here and it it Feels very very sturdy, so you have the ability to tilt this ipad in many different viewing angles, which is actually really really cool um. So let’s pause the video here. What we’re going to do is we’re going to set this up kind of like a little workspace but it’s going to be ipad related and what we’re going to do is we’re going to throw in this ipad air uh 11 inch. This is the 2020 edition uh ipad air, so it’s got the um the little. You know things here: little ports, uh and it’s usbc and very, very lightweight, so we’ll use that on this one, because this one here is actually there’s. Two models of this there’s one that’ll fit the 12.9 ipad pros, and then this one here that fits uh, the smaller right and we kind of went over those. What the box said that this fits. So this fits the smaller of the ipads and if you get the 12.

9, obviously you’re gon na have a bigger, uh size um. You know display area where you’re going to mount this at and go from there. So anyway, let’s pause, video we’ll set this all up. We’Ll come back and we’ll check it out. Alright, guys welcome back. As you can see here, we’ve got a nice little uh setup here for a ipad. As you can see here, we’ve got a apple magic mouse. This is a satechi slim x13 keyboard. We have the studio dock uh plugged in and we’ve got the ipad in a horizontal mode and um. You know again, we can do anything. We want that kind of gets it out of frame a little bit but i’m, just showing you that we can definitely change the angle on this bad boy and let’s just demonstrate this little charge pad here. So if i stick our my airpods pro right here, we should see a little blue led come on and the airpods start to charge. And if i stick my iphone here uh it should kick in. If i can get it just right, maybe there we go and it’s charging as well, and there are some blue led lights down here, basically showing that um, so very, very cool. Now again we can plug in multiple things, storage we can plug in um. You know ethernet, this becomes a pretty good powerhouse uh for an ipad workstation and you know, and we’ve got this magic mouse set up here, so we can come in here and you know basically type what we want and kind of go from there.

Now i did put kensington in here and because there is their studio, doc connect charge, create and, as you can see here, we’re pretty much mimicking this setup that they have featured here except i’ve, got a nice little work, work pad and a little bit nicer keyboard. But as you can see here – and you know, you can use your track pad whatever you want to hook up to this bad boy and just make this a great great setup and again you can use this for zoom calls. You know you could you know you? Basically make this just like a desktop setup now i do want to point out too that the apple pencil right here does have a little spot up top here, that you could actually mount that so there’s no problem there. As you can see, the apple pencil screen comes up and yep, we can just say, continue: try scribble all that good stuff. So we do have the ability to use the apple pencil in the horizontal mode, but once we flip this to um let’s say continue doing. We flipped this up to like the vertical mode, uh, obviously the apple pencil. No, you can’t really use it. You can still draw on it, but you can’t store it up there and actually charge it. Um is one of the things going on there again. The ipad is charging in this dock, so um very, very good when it comes to just like a complete productivity powerhouse for an ipad and again you can use your pros.

This happens to be an air and just go to tune making an ipad. Your workstation and i’m sure people will love this, taking up the the people that are all already using the ipad, specifically for uh, like a productivity, workstation, no laptop or anything like that. This will just up your game that much more anyway, guys check the show notes. I will have links to pretty much everything you see in here. If you’ve got a question about the keyboard, the mouse uh, of course, the dock um and then just go from there right and you know i’m gon na be using this. I might come back and update this just to give you a little more uh, you know feel for it and uh what i think, but uh from what i can tell right now. I think this is really gon na make this a uh, a super, more productivity enhancer for an ipad setup.