So you can help the channel grow, and so you can stay tuned to all my new videos dropping weekly. So this is the package and, like i said, this is compatible for the microsoft surface. Go and the surface go 2.. This is the back in case. You guys want to read any of that information and that’s what it looks like so i’m going to go ahead now and open up the box and put it on my surface. So i do want to say this is definitely a premium case and it does have some good technologies in there. That will help protect your surface. For example, it is drop tested at military grade MIL STD810g and i do want to mention that it does come with a manufacturer two year limited warranty. So i definitely think that alone is um worth the price, because it’s definitely something that’s going to be good. For your surface and help protect against any drops or bumps – and i know um those do tend to happen when you’re not expecting it so it’s great to have that there just in case. So this is what it looks like. I just want to mention that you are able to actually take the pen and you’re able to attach it to this side, the left or on the right, depending on if you’re left handed or right handed. So you can attach it to whatever side is more comfortable for your writing i’m going to go ahead and attach it on the left side in the back so now i’m going to go ahead and slide my surface in so i’m just going to go ahead and Install that for you guys, so i just slide it in and there it is it’s installed, super quick, easy install there all right.

So this is what it looks like from the back with the case installed i’m just going to go ahead and do kind of an all around. So this microsoft surface go doesn’t, have a fan in it, so there are no needs to really have the little slits for ventilation, it’s completely quiet when it runs, because it does not have that fan. So here we have the cutouts. You can see that there’s ample room here, so you’re going to be able to get access to those ports, and this is the other side. So this is where we have the pen, holder and there’s – also a little tether here to attach to your pen, so it doesn’t go missing, so i’ll go ahead and attach that in a moment, so you guys can see what that looks like and right here. There’S, a little cutout for the surface go kickstand, so you can use that this case does not prevent you from using anything on the surface. Go it just complements it so now i’m going to go ahead and attach my type cover it attached in a second. The case did not impede it from attaching, and i want to show you guys that you can simply use the type cover in the lower position and in the upright position. This case does not impede that function at all, so that is a great to have here. I do know that the last case i did review the budget version.

Basically of this. You were not able to use the type cover in the upright position, so another feature it has here is there’s a little lock for your type cover, so it doesn’t go moving around when you’re, walking and there’s a little strap here. So you can hold it with one hand and walk around with it, so it’s really convenient if you’re just walking around and also this lock here is great for sticking it in your backpack, because the type cover won’t open up and um, basically you’re making sure your Screen is staying protected at all times by keeping this closed, when you’re not using it now i’m going to go, grab my pen and show you guys what that looks like in here and we’re gon na see if it will fit easily in so here is my Pen – and this is the microsoft branded pen and it just slides right in it’s, a perfect fit fits like a glove there’s. No excess pressure needed to get that in there at all. So now i’m going to go ahead and attach this to my pen there’s a little tether there to make sure that you don’t lose your pen. So it did come with this kind of wrapped around here so i’m, just going to kind of unwrap it all and then i’m going to go ahead and put the pen in all right. So i’ve unwrapped that it’s pretty long i’m just going to show you guys.

Actually, how to install the surface pen in the tether here, so you just line it up and it slides right over it. It slides up and you can put it to the desired kind of height, where you want to um, leave that for writing and there it is now it’s attached and then you just attach your pen and you’re good to go. And when you are writing the cord is long enough, so you can simply do anything. You need to do on there without taking it off, and this way your pen will not go missing on you. I know i’ve definitely lost my pens in the past. With my surface pro, so i really do appreciate this feature here. Okay, so i do want to say that um this is definitely a more premium case. It feels so solid in the construction. You can definitely feel the quality there. So another great feature about this case is that it does have a raised lip going all the way around the screen. So this is really beneficial when you don’t have your type cover on, because if you do want to place it on a surface a surface on a surface, if you do want to place it on your surface, it is going to be raised from that surface. So your screen is not actually going to ever touch anything, so it won’t get damaged or scratched accidentally, and i do want to mention that this company has done vigorous drop testing they’ve gotten a military grade, um certification.

So this is a really solid option. In case you do accidentally drop your surface, it will be okay. I also have this version for my service pro and i have dropped that at least nine times over the years, and it has kept my um my surface pro safe. So when i needed a case for my surface, go i decided to check this one out as well from the kensington brand and i’m really happy with this option. It is more pricey it’s premium, but i definitely think you can feel the difference in the construction and in the quality. So this is the kensington case on my surface pro i’m. Just throwing that in for you guys to see it here on this version and in terms of getting access to your ports i’m going to show you guys the power cord, and it goes right in there’s – no need to kind of push it in or anything there’s. Just a good enough spot to get it in there and we can see there’s ample space right here to get access to the USB C cord and to the box cord. Yes, so this is once again the kensington black belt case for the microsoft surface. Go and the microsoft surface go to definitely i’m going to go ahead and give this a thumbs up and considering the price, the quality um, the look of it and just the overall functionality i’m going to go ahead and give this a 9.

8 out of 10.. Okay.