Now this is by the company keycag. I think Im pronouncing that right now. You can pick this up on. Amazon.Com price is about 79, but theyre also offer a coupon code right now for 14 off, so were gon na. Take a look at this, so this is a 10.1 inch digital picture frame. It also comes with a 32 gigabyte, USB flash drive and also a remote control. Now the display on this is going to be 1920 by 1080., its a HD IPS string. It has a 107 degree viewing angle as well and some of the features on this uh. This has a motion sensor that you can do slideshows with this image preview and its going to have multiple picture transition mode as well. Now you can use this as a video player and play your music as well, like, I said, Ill drop. The link in the description, if you guys want to pick this up uh the packaging, is pretty plain, as you guys see digital picture frame. It has there then, like I said, video player, MP, MP3 player, calendar, alarm, clock, SD card and USB flash drive so were going to go ahead and get this open up. Theres some plastic there. So my new unboxing knife, finally getting the chance to use this and its just cutting plastic here, but I was excited to use it. I like the color of this knife. It was a gift for me, so excited so lets get this plastic off and we pretty much know what it comes with, but lets take a look at it, so heres the packaging.

So I went ahead and got everything out of the packaging, so youre gon na have your 32 gigabyte. Usb flash drive comes with a little ring there as well. Youre gon na have your charging cable, uh usba on one end, and then you got your other hand. There, your charging brick! This is your stand that you attach to the back of it: uh thats, a kickstand and then, of course, youre going to have your remote control. You guys see you got your manual photo music movie, uh browser uh different things. There you got your calendar volume up and down enter back forward and stuff like that, and then, of course here is the frame heres, the back of it. You guys see you got your power button here, pause play volume up and down your menu button there uh, that is a grill there Im, not sure if thats the speaker or not uh, we will find out and then down here you got your slide for your Sd card your headphones, USB uh, a flash drive and then your DC right there and then heres the front of it: uh theres a couple of sensors: these are sensors here for motion and then heres the frame going around there. So not not a very big frame. Going around it, but there is a frame there, uh kind of thin plastic lightweight and were going to see how this look its 1080p IPS panel here and Im gon na go ahead and get it set up and then well come back and take a look at It, okay guys so were back in.

I have this plugged in and powered up. So you guys see the display is on here. Doesnt, look too bad. I had to lower the brightness on it, but it gets very bright, and this is a 10 inch. 10.1 inch display here so Im going to be using the buttons on the back to cycle through the uh menu here. So lets go ahead and start off looking at the settings, so in settings youre going to be able to system settings youre going to be able to choose your language, you can do your Hue, your brightness contrast, timing, shutdown, timing, boot, repeat frequency, uh, startup mode, firmware Version a motion sensor and factory default – go down. You got your picture settings you guys can see. All of that. So you can also go into this mode here and choose which mode you want it in in thumbnail mode or play mode. Youre going to choose to have the music playing in the background or not, and you can choose how long you want the show slideshow to play three seconds five seconds: ten fifteen seconds 30 seconds, one minute: five minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes one hour. So one hour will be the max next. You got your calendar. This is where you can set your date, your time, uh, your time format. You can have your alarm set different things there. You got your video settings and, of course, your music settings so were going to get out of this, and I have added a few files to the USB drive here.

Lets go ahead and plug it in now. You can also use a uh micro. You can also use an SD card in here as well, go ahead and get this plugged in so there it is. You guys see USB uh plugged in so lets, go over and take a look at the files folder next, so Im going to maneuver down to the files so heres the files folder. I did make uh folders on the USB. So, as you see, I have it broke down in the music photos and videos. So if I click videos you can see, I have two videos on there go to the photos. Then these are some of the photos that I added and I added a few selections of music as well, so thats your files and lets go up to photos and see how this is presented. So this is in the thumbnail mode. I think and its three seconds between each photo, as you guys see, these are just some random photos that I threw on there just for demonstration purposes and, as you guys see, the colors look good, very bright uh, so 1080 panel so looks good to me. So Im gon na back out and it will show like this as well, so you get a little preview down here at the bottom and I could cycle through each photo individually like that and next lets go to the music, so heres. A music selection here lets go ahead and turn up the volume so thats max volume and trying to see where the sound is coming from.

Here I dont see dedicated speaker grills, but it sounds sounds alright. You know its not going to blow you away so were gon na stop that and lets go to the video player so heres the video player, like I said I got a couple of videos on here – lets, go ahead and see how they look so heres uh. Just a video I did a while back just to show you what it looks like here and that is that lets get back out. So that is some of the features on here. Uh looks pretty good. The display is, you know, like I said, is very bright. Colors, do look well all right guys, so lets try out the remote control, so another look at the remote pretty much everything you need to do on here. So lets take a look at photos so just like that, you can get into your photos same way. You can exit go back, music lets get out of photos completely there, it is lets go to music. Of course you got your volume up and down right here I can exit out of music and everythings gon na work great with the remote control uh. You got your setup, I can go into the calendar right there, so the same thing guys with the remote and there it is so lets, go ahead and try the little kickstand here a little bracket except you can hang this on the wall or you can use This little bracket here – and this is the angle that youre going to get if you have it on your desk and I stand table wherever you want to put it, but I would definitely drop the link in the description.

If you guys want to pick this up. Nice little picture photo frame here.