So today we are going to talk about dipping 23, which is actually an announcement that the more times goes on the more it confuses me because it was announced in back in August actually, and it had some features that were Maybe not immediately user facing, but actually Rather interesting like as an example, a major one is this Ling long, whose name is Turbo lets be honest? Lets link long is not a name that you can try to marketize in our oxygen Western, sorry, Western countries, but anyway, Ling long, which is a like an alternative alternative to Flat packs and snaps. So that is something I totally did not expect from Ling. Long from diving, sorry and then there is atomic update days, which is actually something that, in my opinion, is very useful to have in distribution. So it was an interest, interesting announcement. It was actually very technical, and, just after this one, we had a series of very specific and Technical uh blog posts about how all of these features actually worked under the hood, which was super nice now heres the issue. All of these articles eventually said we are going to do more articles about this to fully explain these functionalities heres the thing they never did that as far as I know – and actually, if we go to the news section, I cant find these technical, our articles, so That is also weird, it seems like I guess they had to take more time that they expected to finish up the release, which is fine which brings me to today.

It seems like we are closer to the Alpha version of dolphin 23 or rather its release, because we can actually download – and I, from August of this deep in 23, and this is because I think, theres starting to announce and marketize their new applications. That will be in deep in 23, which is interesting. Now they have done three videos so far. I think they will do more and right now they focus on the music image, viewer and also image viewer. Okay, so theyve done two videos on the image viewer, but different ones, so Ill go through them, so theyll probably do more theyre posting them at trigger regular intervals and theyre very interesting. However, I do feel like they dont, provide any kind of information about how we should expect this deep in 23. To actually be, there was a leaked screenshot of an article about dp23 that was removed because it didnt get a positive traction. So that is also weird, and this screenshot actually showed dipping to have quick settings in its floating panel, which is interesting, I think, actually a step in the rocket directory direction. Today I can speak lets see what Im complaining about about these videos. So this is the first one and Ive actually seen lots of people praise this video now heres the thing. So what what is this talking to us about? So there is this in application. Now all of these things is 3D renderings that give us little to no information about the actual look of the application.

When its going to be released, I doubt as an example that we will see floating hearts appearing when you actually click on hurt on anything. You know on that pattern like I guess that was just a 3D rendering, and we also saw like floating thing is, which also wont get in the final UI. So we can try to guess what the UI is like taking all of those elements aside and when that is done, the result is so you know empty okay, this one is it. This, I think, is the best shot we can give at what w application will be like, and my kind of direction is okay, like is this the whole point of the video Im kind of not sold on this concept, but you know Microsoft does it must must Work right, the application does look nice. However, that is, I think, really not a point with dipin Ive criticized dipping before for what I have again these views. I have no clue whatsoever to be honest. How much these will close reassemble the final product. These are 3D renderings, like I dont believe this is the final application. How will it actually look like? How close will it be to this maybe very much I dont know this is what confuses me. This is actually something that we have to be extremely careful about. When we are working on a plasma announcement. Often they are 3D renderings or animation this kind of things.

We always need to be extra careful that they actually resemble the exact look that the user will receive, even though there are 3D animations and such because otherwise were not actually giving much useful information and, as I was saying deep in, I do have many criticism about The desktop Ive done an interview about that, but the whole point of the dipping is okay. Yeah looks good, but does it work like? Can you actually use it day to day its the same thing with Maui applications? Yes, they do look nice, but I wouldnt use them because they lack so many functionalities, theyre still being too heavily developed and dipping has actually done they went through. This is the third world designed to do actually and going from the first design to the second. They made things worse. Yes, it was shiny, looking and everything, but functionalities went away. This is the image viewer and again, okay. This is the icon fine and then we start seeing 3D stuff like icons, floating yeah yeah like uh. I I dont know is this going to be like? Is this going to be the UI of the image of your yeah? I mean and then theres this Im really confused about these videos. What are you trying to tell us? I mean the message is pretty. This is actually a super nice feature now. This is something that you can announce just during like three, these 3D renderings that wont look like like the final product, because its a new feature youre, adding being able to select text from from a major image.

Okay, that is clear, but animating the whole UI in a 3D way. Do you remember when Microsoft did that to the Powershell and then that the and the product was looking nothing like the 3D renderings? I do remember that so personally, I think that dpin 23 is a very interesting release. Im. Actually, you know looking forward to reading news about it and Im following the blog post and such and Im just confused generally confused about how its being handled, because there we have these articles and we were supposed to get more, but we didnt. And then there was another article with a screenshot that also got removed, and now we only are left with the 3D renderings of the applications that will be in deep in 23.: okay, okay, our! However, I do want to end this like on a very positive note, because if I sew the last version of Dipping, as I said, I didnt like it, if they are, they managed to do all of the designs that they claim they are doing correctly and everything Works nicely this by the way, is the link long. Sorry, the name is the Ling long website to downloads the apps. If they manage to implement all of that correctly, they do not take off features and everything is still user usable. I mean I promise that I will do a video saying that they did everything correctly and that theyve done a great job Ill.