I’Ve been using it for, like the past day and it’s very nice, actually it’s like fluent like for a celeron, not too bad um. It plays roblox like really well and it like comes with office uh, full three months, which is uh awesome but um the speaker on. It is not that great um, but we hardly reset it. So we got this all the we got, the kit from ebay, uh and my thing is just like and so like, because we can’t reset it uh there’s, no sound so that’s bad, but um. So i can’t show you this. I can’t. Have you hear the sound? Sadly, but i can show you some of the apps that are supposed to reinstall, that i reinstalled onto it, how computers work. This is actually like a really cool thing. You get to make emojis out of binary, which i know how to make the poop emoji, not that one that one and there you go. You got the poop emoji and the processor. This is a picture of my processor um. These are all the things it does at once, and this is how many uh instructions my computer has performed since i opened this section, which is really cool, how it shows yeah and right here. This is all the flash storage so like these are oh. This is how many pictures my computer can hold. Um it’s got 64 gigabytes of flash storage which isn’t too bad for a computer made for littler kids um in homeschooling, so it just works out on word documents uh a lot coming down.

I can tell because of how it’s lagging a little bit, it’s definitely unlocked that i can hold oh. This is a lot more than the pictures, because they’re only kill. This is only kilobytes Applause. That is one heck of a lot of um documents. How can it hold this? Many, oh, my god, that’s a lot. How many books can hold that’s a lot of books? Those are not books, though those are pfds, um or pdfs. Rather pdfs. Um copies of share speaks complete works. Oh, my god, uh apps, not a lot of apps it’s a 120s one too bad, oh, my god, even less of movies. All right! How much memory does this thing got? How many things can i remember at the same time, probably like 15.? Well, this is all cool what’s. This is that that’s definitely like a copy of bliss random, random, random, random, random uh networking what’s right here, what’s this ip. Oh, i found kano what’s here instagram, and this is i can’t pronounce that see. I can’t pronounce that um. I found oxford now what’s here i can’t pronounce that um, i think, that’s, how you pronounce it it’s a chill and poof french french, something i don’t know what that is or how to pronounce it. I thought nasa let’s find nasa okay what’s this i can’t pronounce that either i can’t pronounce what either sound i can’t do that right now, keyboard hmm sends binary stuff to the computer brain yeah mouse uh that i don’t know how to do that.

One i’ve been using make art it’s very fun. Um roblox let’s, try uh. I want to show you how like kind of fluent roblox is on this. I had to make a new account, so i was too lazy to sign to my email, so um let’s try don’t press the button or it’s actually a touch screen too, and you can it’s basically a surface so um because i’m in the app i can use This, like it’s um, a tablet Music, see it runs pretty well um, it’s, very fluent, so how you put it on is you basically find the pins have them pinned together? Then there’s like this flap, you have to flap onto the back it’s, really cool, basically showing you like um like it basically shows you how you can um like build a pc and it’s just kind of like really cool, so yeah um. I think it’s cool feature. How it kind of like shows people or like uh kids, how to build their first computer and it’s just a pretty nice computer in general um. It does have a celeron processor, um and it’s a one core, so it’s not gon na, be that fast um it’s. Only got 64 gigabytes of storage, but uh. You really think, like kids are gon na, be modding things or like going on steam and downloading a whole bunch of games. No they’re, basically just gon na be watching youtube videos and playing roblox and minecraft, or even learning.

How to hack and code so it’s just really cool how this a computer was made just for kids to make and it’s very interesting how like the computer works and how it teaches you so um that’s it for today.