So the canon computer is a pc, beast: kids, kinda um, the kids kind of computer. Basically and i’ll show you everything, and so when you get it, it will have like this. You’Ll see it like this, so i had to put together the speaker, which is right here, and you have to attach the core that goes right there and then i had to get this big old battery and then plug it in right there. So you don’t have to do anything to the top of the cam computer that’s a different kind of that’s, the starter kit. This is just the regular pc, so this comes in con. This comes all connected. The upper top right here, all connected and it’s super cool. When it turns on australia, so look the light that one’s means turn on the speaker and the battery’s working so let’s turn it around and now let’s see it’s worth it okay. So we see here cannon one. Second, sorry i mean it’s, just my camera, okay cool. So it has a little login thing right here and then you can just like it comes with this thing also as well. You can type in my pass your password and stuff it’s, pretty cool i’ll unlock it and i won’t cheat the password okay hold on one. Second, i’m, trying to log in okay, so let’s talk about the whole computer itself, so the computer is pretty good, otherwise there’s no complaints about it.

So you can do the same things as you want, so these are all like it’s, also touchscreen it’s, really cool too, and so you can go like here hold on like that, like i was trying to be cookies earlier, so you can like see all cookies and Stuff and then this is your it’s actually cool, because it’s also windows 10, which is, i think, is really cool and it’s. The pixels are really good on it. No, i haven’t had any glitches lately, no starters, no, nothing, nothing wrong with it. It’S, really cool and i’ll show you the boxing in the next second video. If i get 100 subscribers or underneath okay, so i’ll show you the and so right here you can i’ll show you the touch pad let’s go to youtube, come on, okay cool. So i was watching something cool now: listen to the speaker, motor, the ultimate it’s, not an advertising it’s, just just a thing fresh perspective. It’S really has a really good speaker, so i think it’s really good for um, 13 and up, but for like kids that are like six um they’ll like it as well, but i would recommend it for 13 that’s. My recommendation, okay and then i’ll show you some games that i will play on here. Give me a second okay. Let’S go to 1v1 1v1 lol. We got one on one p1 lol let’s move around and see what we can find wait for.

Tulum. Sorry, sorry, it’s! Taking all of the load it’s just i have a lot of tabs open for some reason. It slows it down. This has 16 no like 20 gigabytes, yeah of ram it’s, just okay um, but it’s really cool. It comes with. It comes with this keyboard as well, and you can also take that off and it becomes an ipad, so you can just tap it and it’s really cool. So it also has a branding cano right here, right there and that’s really cool. So if you guys want to see hold on sorry here, we go it’s just this one uses as a pc game, so it’s used with the keyboard and mouse. So there you go okay. So what what suggest sir, so just down below what i should do next and also like and subscribe this video, please – and i will make another review on this video about the cano computer pc um very shortly, if i get to 100 subscribers.