You have to do it, no heres, the box. Just do it. You just have to do it. There. You go Music. Do Music whats! That Music lets give your computer some power dont try to power your pc with anything else. It can cause damage to your computer, plug in the red through cable, Music. Okay, looks like an eyeball Applause here, clicks because cables send signals to your speakers. Pick up the clear case: why not, but the girls push the edge into the place, wait before you do that. I want to put this micro sd card Music. This way, Music, push the edges, Music, sweet! Congratulations! You built the computer, so whatd! You think i built a computer. This is supposed to be for kids. Oh, it is yeah youre supposed to teach kids like parts of the company. Are you reiki? We do it im almost 40.. I dont have we dont have kids? Did you think it would be a good toy for kids? A kid probably could do it better than i can. I think you did fine its cute, though it is huh and its like a full windows computer and the keyboard like this feels like the apple uh ipad, the apple ipad yeah its really thick huh its nice, its not fast its taking a while hello everybody before We get into the full review of the cano pc theres, a couple important things i wanted to talk about. So here we are on their website, the going rate for it is 250 dollars and it includes a free, webcam theres, no cameras built into the canon pc.

So if you want to do video conferencing, stuff, youll need a webcam, so heres the webcam that canopc sends you. If you buy it from them, i bought the canon pc on sale at best buy. It was a little bit cheaper than the 250, but it did not come with the webcam. As for the specs, it says it comes with windows 10 home, but they forget to mention that it comes in s mode, so in s mode youll be able to install any of the apps on the microsoft store, but anything outside of that means youll have to Come out of s mode now its free to do that and its pretty easy if you dont know how to do it, and you want to know just ask me in the comments and ill try to walk you through it. As for the processor, it says it comes with the intel celeron n4000, the one i have comes with the intel center on n4020, which is basically the same thing, but it has a little bit faster boost clock, its probably not going to make a noticeable difference. So after booting into windows, 10 on the canon pc ive noticed that the windows version it comes with was very old, so its going to take a lot of updates to get it up to the current version. Now, if you work with these slow laptops before windows, update likes to work in the background using up a lot of resources and it bogs down a already slow laptop even more so what i like to do is go to the microsoft website and download and install The windows 10 – that has the latest version.

This way, i wont, have to wait for windows update to complete and ill, also remove all the bloatware so make the pc run a little bit better. So i did that and then i ran into an issue with drivers which is normally not a problem, because manufacturers have drivers available on their website, but canopc doesnt canopc has windows 10 images available so because im missing the sound drivers and the accelerometer for the tablet. Now i have to use the windows 10 image and reinstall the windows i just got rid of so anyways. They rock you through how to do it on this website. I happen to have the kpc 2010 hs one. It does tell you to follow this article, which actually does not tell you how to do it using the image. So i had to kind of figure it out myself, but eventually i did get the windows 10 image back on there, so it reverted back to how the canon pc originally came in now. There was another issue after that. So apparently, if you install this windows, 10 image, your canon pc will no longer be activated, so youll have to buy another microsoft windows 10 license. In order for it to be activated yourself, i reached out to cano pc support and they said they couldnt help me with it. Id have to contact microsoft, so if youre planning on installing a different os and then going back to windows eventually, since cano pc only has a windows, 10 image available that has all the drivers youre probably going to have to get another windows 10 license.

But that said i have found another use for the canon pc lets go on with the review. Okay, so heres, the new kano pc came out a little bit less than a year ago. Here it is in its case. The keyboard case. Has this little strap here that you can put around it like that um? If you take the strap off, it kind of falls off pretty easily and thats the back panel, its the piano so theres, the battery theres, the speaker, uh heres, the back clear cover case its kind of cool looking. So here, if itll focus theres the power button, the volume up volume down theres, a headphone jack and the usbc port of this usbc port is power only so it doesnt do any kind of data and it kind of takes a proprietary jack. It needs a 12 volt usbc, so you cant use. You know the usbc chargers that you would like your phone and stuff um. If you can find some laptop chargers or 12 volt usb c, so itll work with that, but it doesnt do any data. Its kind of a drawback there theres nothing on the top, our usb 3.0 port theres, two of those a full size, hdmi port. This actually does do 4k at the 60 hertz. So the keyboard is kind of weird its a weird setup, theres the windows. It says apps on it, but its just the windows key theres a function key here that if you press itll, do those functions f1 through f12, if you dont itll just do these uh keys, like heres brightness, the weird thing is alt and control are switched normally.

Control is on this side and altered on this side. Um same as this here, heres the arrow keys and actually the keyboard is a bit small, but its pretty nice to type one thing i dont like about this trackpad. It feels pretty smooth its kind of plasticky, but this part the clicking doesnt register too well, and it feels like theres two layers of clicks, the first layer. Doesnt quite do anything. You have to push it down a little bit harder in order to register click, see that click doesnt do anything. I have to go all the way down, theres a little light right here that turns on when the thing is on. I have no idea what this light. Does it doesnt turn on at all when im using it so heres, where the tablet connects to you can see theres the connection ports right there, actually attaching it its pretty easy, and then you slide this part right into here. Theres a magnet right here, so it doesnt come off very easily unless youre sitting at a table, thats a good height, itll, look kind of the angle wont be very good, so lets turn it on. So you can use this or you can use this power button up here. So if you havent seen my chromebook video heres, the galaxy chromebook, this is probably gon na surprise. You a bit see how hefty that thing is so heres a neat little thing. This is ubuntu and it works perfectly.

Theres internet works. The keyboard keys work for volume. The brightness works right now. This is at max brightness, so yeah. You can actually use this as a linux laptop. If you dont want to use windows on it, so heres what doesnt quite work, so this should be upside down, so its not the correct signup. However, it does work in last game of both ways: Music. It takes a while to go into the suspend mode, but these lights will be always blinking and on when its in suspend mode, and the problem is when youre kicking it around. If you happen to press the keyboard key like im, pressing right now, itll wake from sleep, which is kind of a pain, sounds gon na be a little bit muffled because the speaker is on the bottom Music. So its very well fast enough for our indie games.