I just showed random snippets, so today I thought I would show you the entire process of doing a illustration using the Huion Kamvas, 22 plus, so hopefully because uh. This is not a review of the tablet Im going to actually talk about a little bit of what I like and what I dislike about. This tablet Ive had it for almost one and a half months now from the date I bought it and Ive used it almost extensively for all my digital artwork and my other needs like just using it as a monitor and yeah. I mainly do animation and illustrations. So I think I can cover a little bit of both of those workflows and how this tablet helps and sometimes hinders uh those workflows. So I kind of have a list of uh pros and cons. While you watch me draw this, if you know what this is dude like, i feel you. I also read the manga recently I am. I am sad anyway, while you watch this illustration happen. I will talk about the tablet, its pros and its corns, and what i like about it, and whether i think its the best tablet for anyone who is doing kind of the same same thing that Im doing with it um. First of all, the colors of this tablet are incredible. It is like one sheet, it says its a 140 of the sRGB color gamut, and i didnt even understand what that meant until i started using it, and this tablet is incredibly incredibly good with color.

It is. It is to the point where i dont think that i can like get used to other devices now, because i have been spoiled by how rich and vibrant the colors in this display are because Ive never used anything. This like high quality in terms of color and but its the screen settings are also like really really good for this tablet, like thats. My second point that Ive written down here the screen settings, meaning the the default settings that the tablet comes with, can be changed extensively like you can change everything from color values, to backlight harshness to brightness, to how much contrast it has and saturation and all those Things and its a really really great way of doing it. Ive configured it to this uh. I went on the heavy on reddit and on. I can still configured it to this uh. The same configuration that i read it. I had put up that worked best for him and i changed a few things but, like i, i think that configuration is a good place to start so ill put that in the description in case. Anyone wants that um. The third thing i want to talk about is this: awesome stand ive been flexing in the intro and even the other video that i made on it um this stand is freaking amazing, its like its the first thing, i noticed when i got the tablet like it. Actually, it was like the colors, the quality of the display and then the stand because i used it as a monitor for a while until i uh, because i had some arm issues and couldnt draw for like the first few days.

I got it and i was away for a while anyway, not important uh. The stand is incredibly good. It is so so sturdy and like sometimes i just like wiggle it around and see if it moves and it doesnt its like so rigid and its also very adjustable. It has a pretty wide range of movement in terms of uh. How what position the tablet can be? It doesnt go like directly perpendicular or like flat down, but it does you dont really need it at all. I mean i guess you could take off the stand. If you need something like that, but i wouldnt recommend it. The stand is amazing for ergonomics and your hand will thank you a few years down the line if you use the stand at like a proper economic position, um. The other thing i wanted to talk about, while youre watching this is like positively, i guess, is uh. The drawing experience of this is amazing. The screen is laminated is what you call it. I think its uh, so I also use a so like. I use a different small tablet: uh Samsung galaxy s7 on a daily basis, and that is also a flagship tablet, and i was so surprised to see that that tablet and this tablet, despite its like difference in price and everything i. This is incredibly like the screen. Quality is probably even higher than the Samsung in terms of like parallax and how close the pen tip goes to the screen.

It almost feels like youre, drawing on a surface that doesnt isnt the screen. It feels like youre, drawing with a pen on paper, um yeah. So thats, like the drawing experience, is overall like incredible on this template, especially if you do animation. You will love this tablet, because you can do really tiny and accurate lines almost perfectly. You can keep animations uh you can. You can enjoy working on animation, so much with this sort of, like i dont, even know how to describe it like you should really try it if you ever get the chance to so um. There are a few cons that i want to mention, though its i heres the thing there are no shortcuts on this tablet and before i use this one, i used a screen less tablet by Huion called the hs610 that one had a specific shortcut that i got Used to which was like a ring around a button that had uh, that was on the side of the tablet that allowed me to assign the shortcut keys for uh the pin size on the ring. So you would like turn it clockwise and the pen would enlarge and if you turned it counterclockwise it would shrink. So that is a shortcut i really miss because every time now i want to change my spend nip size. I have to go to uh the clip studio default pen, nip sizes. Oh i have to like take the bar and like change it thats a hassle.

I think i thats one of the things that made my workflow a little bit annoying to get used to for the first week also, but i got used to it pretty fast, but i still wish they had like that touch ring thing somewhere, but they dont. So you cant have everything um. The other thing is because the tablets colors are so accurate and so above the rest of every other, monitor that you may have around unless you have like apple monitors lying around your house. Unless you are one of those people, you probably wouldnt have a monitor as accurate as the huion monitor. So that means you basically dont have a way to. Unless you have a color meter, you dont have like a way to ascertain whether the colors are accurate to watch your drawings because uh, like i look at this like when i when i take my monitor and take the drawing to my regular monitor the colors, are A little bit off and there is really no other way to fix that other than like you get a color calibrator and somehow manage to fix it. So i havent done that, and i dont know what the accuracy is. I basically eyeball it and because i used the colors uh that i decided for myself for the tablet. I just basically just uh looked at my phone, my other devices that i had lying around and just kind of averaged it out and eyeballed it and its probably not accurate, but it works for me but yeah it can be bothersome.

Sometimes, when you draw something that you think is completely like perfect and you put it on twitter and then you reload the page on a different device and it looks completely different, so thats very annoying. The other con that i noticed was really sort of. Like a pick, i really like the feel of the pen tip on the tablet and the the way it draws, but its kind of annoying the shape of it its too large. On the bottom side, i know its for ergonomics, but, like the top side is flat and the bottom is larger and round, and it feels a little bit bottom heavy. And although that is good in terms of like shading and doing other things, Im used to using pencils and pens and holding them from the top, so if my hand hurts us – and this tablet stand isnt really built for that and it will you lose control of It very often, if you try to use it from the top or like hold it from the top um, the other stylus that i have it to compare it to is the vacuum. One stylus that i have, which is so much better than this stylus in terms of like shape but yeah. I guess thats, just something you have to leave that if you buy this tablet uh you do get used to the pen quite easily its just uh. It doesnt feel flimsy or anything it feels very high quality, but its just that i wish it was a little bit smaller in terms of its width uh.

That is pretty much all i can think of for horns of this tablet. So i guess ill just say what i think of it. Generally i after one and a half months of use, i think this tablet is perfect. If you are looking to do freelancing or sort of like illustration or art, just stationary, like obviously you cant move it around its too large and the cables are messy its all over the place. Dont even look, i dont know why im showing you this. This is literally horrible. Look at the cables theres, so many cables. This comes with three in one cable, so its like its adds three different cables to your already messy desktop. If you have a desktop and like i mean the tablet itself kind of compensates for being messy and taking off all your usb ports by giving us an extra two parts, theres a type c port, you probably wont use that and theres an extra usb port, which I use all the time to connect its so convenient because my computer doesnt have front usb ports. I will always use this one, usb port, that the tablet gives me to connect my phone or, if i need to connect a pen drive or a flash card or a hard drive, or something like that, but thats so much easier. When you have this port on the side, its very convenient i overall, i think this tablet is perfect, like i said earlier, for anyone whos doing exactly the workflow of a designer or a artist, but they have to be able to kind of like settle in and If youre, if you work from home, this is perfect for you, because you can just turn it off on every day and work perfectly and so far as ive used it its not run into any sort of problem.

Drivers have been perfect. The only issue i ran into once was that it sort of disconnected itself somehow, and then i restarted my computer and for some reason it just fixed itself. Its never been a problem after the tablet will get a little bit warm on the side, and they do mention this in the uh quick start guide that they come to the tablet. Apparently, its quite normal for screen doubles to warm up a little bit, but you wont you will notice it after a while and besides, you dont touch that sort of side of the screen at all. The middle of the screen is almost always cool to the touch and it just feels like glass and the screen is very high. Quality and the middle quality feels extremely solid. So unless you drop it, which please dont drop it if you get it, i will find you and i will shoot you because who drops their tablets uh like yeah. If you dont do any huge harm to it, it will probably last you years actually – and i hope mine certainly does, because it is quite expensive um other than that. I dont really have much to add to this. I know this turned out to be more of a talking video than what you may have expected from a speedpaint slash drawing with video but uh yeah. This is not a review. This is just uh. This is how i use it, and this is how its been useful to me and ive used it for one and a half months, and i am pretty much satisfied with my purchase and i i think its pretty an excellent tablet for anyone.

Whos looking to do art long term is kind of expensive yeah, just getting it for a hobby, but it has different sizes. If you want to get under the sizes that also works um, the screen is excellent. Everything is excellent about the tablet. Uh, the minor issues are just minor issues you get used to. I hope you enjoyed the depressing food, drawing that i was doing in the background. If you know what that is, yeah yeah, i dont know why.