So again, congratulations, John Adams good morning quite copter 101, and what I got for you today is a review of the JX 1601 HW. Now let’s see 1601 HW is a little maverick clone tiny little Matic clone folding drone. You can forward its arms open like such hold. The back arms open like such and it’s ready to go now, what’s, so special about it. Well, it’s got an HD camera on a 720p HD camera that can be swiveled manually. You can move it up or down. As desired, it’s got a little pin there I’d. Be very careful, though, when doing that, because that pin is very tiny, don’t force it too hard or you might break it, but other than that yeah it’s, a tiny little thing: it is powered man. I got a light on there. Let me turn that light off. I think it was on. I hope it wasn’t on folks, because we’re gon na get very short flight time, but there’s its battery. I hope I didn’t accidentally turn that on leave it on too long. Cuz that that would give us short flight time, but putting the battery back in it’s a little proprietary battery with a proprietary connector on front, as you can see right there now, you close it up like so, and it has that onoff switch on top there. Now, since I have three two one, since I have my phone attached, you can see this is a Wi Fi, fpv flyer and indeed there’s it’s Wi Fi fpv antenna.

The controller is very simple. This is for rates. This is first flips press into the the Patrol. Stick, you can do a flip. Take off land button is right here, and this button here is for a headless mode and one key return by I wanting it done, and these buttons here are simply pitch and roll trim buttons so that’s it let’s fire it up and see how it performs hope. You enjoy this flight, turning it on by pressing down and holding this button, and it should be on and pointing in there in that direction. Therefore, a headless mode direction and binding the controller – and the first thing I want to do is do a takeoff and we’ll press that automatic takeoff button and then we’ll turn off the transmitter thousand 1000. 2000. 3000. 4000. 5. So it will land itself if it’s turned off or if it loses transmission from the or reception from the transmitter. Okay, we binding and making sure we are rebound and then shutting down the motors by pulling inboard like that. This starts the motors, actually, no it’s making me a liar ya down, not starts the motors down and in shuts down the motors. If you want to do it manually now, I’m going to open up the app and we’ll fly it with the HTS UFO app. This is the HTS UFO app available in Google Play or iTunes, and what I’m going to do first is hit this gear icon in the lower right and make sure 720 interface interface preview is turned on and also say that it doesn’t have an SD card insert And that’s true because it does not have an SD card, so there’s no SD card slot, ok, we’re going to hit the start button in the center and we should have fpv video, then I’m, going to hit record video and we are going to hit that automatic Takeoff button and a little bit higher and right away, I see that I want to probably raise my camera up a bit so I’m going to land it real quickly because I’m, seeing a lot of ground here and what I’m going to do folks is simply tilt Up this camera a little bit it’s a little bit tilted too too far down at the ground, get a little bit of upward pitch like so.

Ok, because I want to fly forward, ok, that’s a much better view so hitting take off again that’s, better much better. Ok, going forward let’s take a look at it getting out in front of it coming down a little lower saying. How do you like my shirt today, folks, Mickey Mouse guess where I’ve been okay, going forward its flies relatively smooth nice smooth, flier I’m in lower rate, though well we got power let’s, take it up, send it up right about there and rotate it up there slow Rotate rotates nice and slow, showing its camera showing our home depot and bringing it back down. Dropping throttle and let’s go to higher rate. Okay second rate coming down a little lower. This is second rate. Is there a third rate? Yes, there is actually moose. It actually moves very well almost got a haircut coming back and going back to beginner rate, but intermediate rate actually and bring in an in and hitting the camera button one more shot at camera. One more show to camera: okay, let’s bring it in close. So you could see it a lot of my viewers want to see these up close. So there it is nice little flyer I’m surprised that it can lift that camera and why so, well, okay, one day let’s try the flip button. It can do flips back flips. Okay, how about flips, while rolling on the roll, oh yeah, so yeah nice move a little maneuverable little thing.

Yeah how’s, that video you’re just coming out nicely. This app is working appears to be working. Well, oh no! I’M! Getting some break up use your Wi Fi lag that you normally see. You know it’s to be expected, especially in the price range and we’re talking about here with this little thing, but it’s a nice little thing again without the tude hold altitude. Ole works real rather well, actually, especially when you give it throttle. Normally, a lot of altitude old Flyers will drop to the ground when you’re given throttle this one here is maintaining it wow. Look at it. Think: okay, where you going where you going that’s giving a little saddle, I think it lost reception there for a second folks. Let me stop the video. I think it lost reception there and started to land so again when it loses reception from the transmitter. It will land itself, keep that in mind. Let’S evac I’m, almost like time out of it. By doing hey, take off actually maybe we’re going on battery power. The lights are flashing and see if I can rebind it and get any more flight time out of it. Rebinding nope, I guess that’s it folks that’s its flight time. Cuz it lights are still flashing, but you get the idea. Folks, it’s, relatively good flyer, has it’s relatively good Wi Fi fpv can record video directly to your phone 720p. Hd video and record also still photos. I demonstrated that and see if it get me there, but overall yeah it’s, a nice flyer, I enjoyed it.

So I hope you enjoyed this flight.