I was looking for a new laptop to write. My stories on. I wanted something lightweight that i could use anywhere. I was skeptical with the brand jumper because i was unfamiliar with them. I knew they were a chinese company and the reviews on youtube seemed pretty solid. Packaging was great. The laptop is everything it describes. It’S fast, very lightweight and touch screen a surprising feature. No bloatware, i mean none. It comes with basic microsoft, apps and windows 10, but zero other crap, no jumper stuff doesn’t even have the norton virus stuff on simply has the windows defender that comes with it. So far, so good with this product by it is an ultra small and lightweight laptop for on call support. The big benefit is that it is charged via usbc, which means it can carry fewer chargers. The favorite thing is that it can be flipped. 360 degrees can be used as a tablet or as a notebook it’s fast enough to do what it wants to do browse the web watch youtube on hd videos and more. The touch screen is correct and works. Fine. The hinges are smooth and feel strong and they are often used. Like a tablet out of the box, i opened the laptop connected it to my wi fi entered my gmail account and password and completed when i said it ran for a few minutes. I was not kidding not the windows, lenovo yoga laptop, i just purchased.

All in all. This is an excellent notebook flip. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. I went out on a limb buying this computer and i have to say it was the best decision. It was more important for me to have a fully functional windows laptop with speed and storage than a particular brand. I typically use hp. I am very pleased i currently am running quicken office, mail, netflix, hulu and all of my company files with no lag search streaming and documenting is fast and efficient. I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing more than a tablet. Lightweight clean lines and good springy keyboard see spec specs. I wanted a new laptop since i needed it for school projects. I look at many products and found this one. I read the description and it was perfect for what i needed. It has a large storage, which is great for me to store pictures, videos, music and more it’s easy to carry and light. It has a touch screen which works very well it’s, a two in one which works amazingly. For me. It also has a 360 degree rotation. This is a great product and i recommend to anyone who comes across this review. This was bought for basic emailing office. Stuff word documents that sort of thing so far. It does everything. Well, this computer is pretty lightweight and small great for school, not gaming. I should have known when i got this, that it was a small computer instead of a gaming one, but this computer is pretty lightweight and small great for school, not gaming.

I should have known when i got this, that it was a small computer instead of a medium sized one. So i bought this one for doing very basic things like my blog and zoom. So far, it has been awesome, love the tablet mode for games and the space, and this is actually pretty good, it’s very lightweight, and you can take it everywhere. The way that it has windows help a lot. If you need to do some writing too, it doesn’t have a usb, but you actually don’t need it for a mouse, and the adapters are very cheap in case it charges very fast, and it holds well so win for me faster than my alienware and super easy To use sound is great. Picture is better than my ps3. Absolutely love it. If you want more reviews on this product, you can find the link in description that’s.