Hopefully, this ports gon na be out of power a hard drive. The model, of course, is the jumper easy pad Mini 3 is what it's called now already tested out the jump AC pad 5, that was in ok table that had really high quality, really good build quality, but it did have a rather large problem that it couldn't Power any external hard drives for me. Hopefully this isn't the case now the specs on this one. They are pretty stock standard we've got an atom: x5. 0. 8300. 2 gigabytes of RAM. We have a rather low resolution screen an 8 inch 1280 by 800 Wireless and Bluetooth 4, and only Windows 10 home. So there is the box it's a little beat up because they didn't actually use a lot of protection. The weather just the bubble, wrap it's, easy paired, mini and very thin box, but it does at least have Palestine wrap around it and that's actually packed up quite well there. So there's our micro, USB USB to USB 2 and here is the tablet – looks like we're gon na get no charger. There is no charge or whatsoever included, just say a little disappointing, but you'll be able to use a mobile phone charger. Most mobile phone chargers will be enough because that this would run with 5 volts 2 amps. So there is a user manual there in English and let's have a look at the tablet here. Ok, so we can see right at the front there.

We do have a 2 megapixel front facing camera. The bezels don't look to be too bad there. There is, of course, a screen protector on this. No gorilla glass, not this price range, at least plastic around the sides, and here we have our power on volume up and down on just powering this on now. Hopefully, this can be some battery in there and I think this back is actually possibly removable. I actually know, maybe not well. Actually, no, I can't see a gap here. I think I can pull this off. Yes, it's a little bit like some of those Dell tablets. It feels like I'm, almost kind of break it pulling it off there we go there. We can see the speaker right there on the back there's a 2 megapixel camera. I think it is rear facing one and we do have a micro SD card slot so to access that slot. You have to remove the cover, which is a little annoying if you're, one of those people that like to swap micro, SD cards in and out and then actually that powered up really quick, so there's the display just going to quickly have a look at the thickness. So cut that back in and actually before I do that there is that USB port USB 3 port there, and then it is colored blue to indicate it is used to be 33.5 into a headphone jack. We do have HDMI out, which is a micro port there and then the USB 2 port there for charging so clip this back and quickly check the thickness and the weight seems to be quite solid to build.

So this is there we go 10.35 millimeters that's, not exactly the thinnest, and that is normal, taking into consideration there that it does have their full size port on it, so the weight of it doesn't feel too bad, I'd, say 300 or something just kissing. 320 grams. All right so let's have a look now at what we have on the device manager, so under device manager. Let'S have a look and see just for highway. We have on board here. So the disk drive is generic in card, which normally is one of the slower. Be went branded EMM C's on there, not as fast as the Toshiba, the hynek's and the Samsung once we see, but I will have that benchmark marked out and I will check the speeds of those later in another video. The network adapter Broadcom, ok and we normally see real tech cards here, but the Broadcom was actually used on the jumper easy pad 5s. So they are sharing components, probably there and move over and have a look and system. You'Ll see that I have actually pulled the first layer to off the screen protector and I run to something that it is a fully laminated display, which is really good to see there's no gap here, there's none of that air gap you get normally. So it looks just like, I would say the Dell Venue 8 Pro the older model. The first model looks just like that really and not bad at all.

So here's Windows, 10 to get whites of RAM 10 touch points 64 bit. Ok, I thought they might have gone with 32 bit if it's sitting there's only 2 gigabytes around there and activation need to connect to the internet to activate it there. So I'm just have a look now I did find in the trash. Can here just paused the video I found a recording which was interesting and what that is it's. Just someone in the factory checking the microphones working and you can hear that the air. Clearly that is working there, just fine and also just wanted to point out that the build quality of it feels reasonably good. It'S, plastic or plastic has just mentioned when I unbox it, but there's got like a gray paint job along here. I can't feel any flicks and it seems quite solid there and they buttons are plastic. You can see a little bit of a seam just along here now considering the price range, I don't find that to be too bad. This is only around about 8590 u.s.. So all in all seems okay, so we'll have more on this model coming soon, hopefully, and not too far away. Now I have had a few problems rather large problems with my internet. My 4G was cancelled on me supposed to be unlimited, but they killed. My connection orange that I was using just too much data for them, so unless it really actually means limited and Spain now I'm on Vodafone have to pay per gigabyte.

My data they have up here in the mountain and I'm on eating 3G orange had 4G and I'll own it on three two now so few problems there, but hopefully I can get that sorted out. I may even have to move down and get an office in town which is going to be maybe a positive thing there, but also quite an annoyance for me. So so far this tablet actually doesn't seem to bed I'm, definitely liking. The fact that it's got that laminated screen on there or otherwise known as OGS one glass solution, so the digital glass is bonded optically to the IPS panel below there. So we'll be benchmarking in our test out some of the thermals to make sure it doesn't get too hot or have any problems. Just before I go to one last thing: they just remembered that I should test, and that is to see if it will power an external hard drive, because the easy pad 5s didn't – and that really annoyed me, because that was otherwise quite a good table – had a Very solid bill, but for me that was a fatal flaw that I just hated, because I use external hard drives a lot. So if I connect this up and the light comes on white, that means USB took if it comes on blue. That means that USB 3, so hopefully fingers crossed it's gon na be used to be three okay. It has just lit up blue there, which is good to see and in fact that's powering that just fine it's opened up.

So that is good. It will now power or will power external hard drives, so there's really weird. Why can this one pal them and the jumper easy pad 5s can't at least the one I had was a faulty one. Alright, so thank you for watching this. Video, hopefully see you back on the channel with more on the jumper easy pad Mini 3 and the other tablets I'm.