This is called the EZ pad 6s. Now there is the EZ pad 6 version, which has the atom theory trail in it. This one’s a revised, updated model which now has the Apollo Lake M 3450. Yes, you guessed it four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage, wireless AC and you can get an optional keyboard for it, which I have so this one here. I picked up from jumpers official store on Aliexpress and it has been well packaged up, which is great because of course that has come all the way from China. So I have the tablet here, still factory sealed, which is great, and then the keyboard too, which I’ll be reviewing while checking out in this unboxing video. So I can say they have included a plug adapter here so that’s us au, which is great. I will be needing that and the power supply here so it’s DC and charging. This is rated to 12 volts 2 amps, which is pretty much typical for the Apollo Lakes. So in here they have included a set of stickers, so we’ve got French layout. Russian and Spanish jumper seems to do that, or at least the official store does and just under the tablet is a user manual there. I will not go through that. It’S not me just generic standard Windows, 10 kind of instructions, so the screen on this one is an IPS it’s, 11.6 inches and you can see yes, we do have rather large bezels on this down.

The bottom, of course, are the Pogo ports there’s only 5 bug reports and the slots there for the keyboard that I will check out in just a second. So I can see that looking at the display here that it is of course non laminated. Sadly, we’re not going to see a fully laminated display in this price range, so the gap between the digitizer pen on the IPS below looks to me around about 1.5 to 2 mm, so quite a large gap there. So, on the right side of the tablet, we’ve got a micro SD card slot which micro SD cards will fit in fully flush loudspeaker and then 3.5 millimeter headphone output. So on the left side, starting from the left here, we’ve got a micro USB 2 port. Second loudspeaker, which is good, so we should have some decent stereo separation, micro, HDMI out for video output and a type C port. Now I believe that this type C port is only going to be just data, possibly power which will be great. That means I’ll be able to charge it with my type C charges full size, USB 3 port. What looks to be a status LED and then DC and for charging, and this tiny little dot there that’s, where the microphone will be so the buttons on the top. These are made out of plastic and they do kind of wobble around a little bit. They’Ve got an okay feel to them, but being plastic.

They just don’t feel as premia. In fact, the whole housing of this tablet is made out of plastic. So that means that this whole rear is just a silver painted plastic it’s, quite firm. It doesn’t actually have a little bit of flex to it there and what looks like would have been a camera. I think on the old model now isn’t a rear facing camera at all. It just says easy pad there, which is a little unusual, very quick, look at the internal so to get the back plastic case off to install an SSD, you need to remove the screws that are actually on the side here, so there’s four screws on the bottom. Then you go around with a pry tool like a guitar pick or a credit card, and just work your way around, really not too hard to get off, but it’s just initially getting it first to kind of crack. The case opens you go around and click it all open all around the edges and then you can pry it off. Just be careful I’ve down here we do have some plastic volume and power buttons, so that’s easy to damage that now the SSD slot is right. Here and it will take either a 22 by 42 or a 22 by 60. Is here see now these are set of three spec ones, MDOT two, so you need to break off that clip in here for the first screw hole if you’re going to use the 22 by 60.

Now this copy, tinker’s and large, it is 100 millimeter thick. So good to see, because the cell run in 3450 really does need a nice copper heatsink on there to stop any thermal throttling so on the front of Windows Home button, because this only runs Windows. The dual boot days are gone. Sadly, hopefully they will be back next year, the camera up, the top there that’s 2 megapixels pretty much standard there, and this screen to me feels like glass. It could be plastic, but I do believe it’s glass and it doesn’t have a screen protector already on there, which is a little odd because normally they come with pre applied, screen protectors and the keyboard so also looks to be all made out of plastic. So tiny little touch pad here. We’Ve got some rubber feet here to keep the keyboard off the screen when you have them docked and closed now. There is some middle here, at least with the mechanism that’s all made out of metal, and I can see it has a little latch that you can see. So you need to press this button to dock and undock it and then, of course, the 5 Pogo port connector there. The rear of it, has four rubber feet and has a matte, textured, rubberized kind of paint, job to it and silver. But yes, mostly plastic and key travel seems ok, but I will test that out later on so let’s look and see how it docks in okay, there’s, no real magnets, and it just seems to click in, but once in place.

Yeah that’s not gon na come off anymore, so that’s the furthest, it’s gon na, go back which isn’t great but kind of standard there, because any further back than that you’d have risk of that tipping right over and down there like that, so they have to put More counterweights and they’re increasing the weight of the tablet, so the weight of the tablet and the keyboard together is one point three to six kilos and the tablet just by itself is 738 grams. The thickness of the tablet is 11 millimeters and the keyboard plus the tablet comes in at approximately 21 millimeters okay, so it was very slow to boot up because we still have to set up windows. So these are language options we get English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Of course, being a Chinese laptop they’ve got to have their own language on there. So go through get this set up, so this video is actually taking a lot longer to record and then it’s, because my first jumper easy pad 6s. I fried it now the type C port here. What if you do do not plug in power? It has really a design fault here that is not good at all to see on this, so this port is only for USB 3 data. It is not set up as a proper USB three times he port, the power delivery to this is incorrectly wired or something is wrong. So I tested out my hub and I plugged in power to my hub and then the whole thing just powered straight off straight away and there’s a burning smell coming from this area here.

So what if you do not do that now jump over really good about this? I contacted them on the Aliexpress store they apologized for the problem. They sent me this replacement unit straight away with DHL, which was really good, and I have posted back the faulty one to them. So they can repair that or check it out and find out what exactly went on there. So have a look at the device manager. Now we can see that the emmc that’s on born there is a 64 gigabyte Samsung CG in d3. Ah, so you can google that if you want have a look at the specs and the kind of speed, but in my full review I will of course benchmark that now the wireless chipset, unfortunately, as that Realtek that was super common with the SampT retrial. So it’s only wireless in 2.4 gigahertz support only we’ve got no 5 gigahertz band and, as a result, we’re not going to get that kind of throughput. We can, with the wireless AC that the all the competition is running, and that is the Intel most of them have the 3 165 chipset, which can get up to around and close to 300 megabits per second, whereas this adapter will probably end up limiting to around About 40 megabits per second maximum throughput there’s, no stylist support on this windows, just confirming that it’s only touch support with 10 touch points 6 gigabytes of RAM. Although we only have five point – eight five usable, so they have dedicated a little bit there to the integrated GPU our Windows activation, while I’ve just connected out to the Internet.

I don’t see there being any problems with this activating so the touchpad on here. You can see, of course, is very small it’s, not really that big, but I will say one thing: it is usable. At least I mean I’m able to go along here and accurately close these boxes down, but the accuracy mmm would be nice of a little bit better. Now it’s, not a precision touchpad. So we cannot disable or customize the gestures on there and the keyboard as well. Had a little type on it, it’s not too bad there’s a little bit of flex. But overall, I do like the feel of the keyboard, but it’s not up to the same level of quality from the likes of the easy books. Free pro, for example, which has an all alloy a metal bill to it, this, of course, this doc is mostly plastic. Apart from the latch mechanism at the top there so screen, why I’ve got a 1080p IPS and it’s 11.6 inches across now, it’s, not fully laminated. So it’s gon na be a little bit more prone to reflections there and it surprisingly, does not come with a pre applied screen protector. So normally they do all the time, but I guess for some reason they decided. No, they wouldn’t actually use that. So might be a good idea to put one on, because I doubt this is using scratch resistant Gorilla Glass, so the screen being an IPS, the viewing angles they do seem to me as you’d expect for an IPS it’s changing a little bit that’s, because you can See why that is not actually shifting colors but dimming.

There is because of the fact that it’s not a fully laminated panel. So if this was fully laminated panel, you wouldn’t really see that as much there, but overall touch accuracy so far seems good. It seems fluid at least so the speaker’s either side, as I showed you in this start there so let’s have a listen to how they sound Applause, Music, Music, so they’re really lacking and volume. Those speakers which is a real shame. They should be so much louder than that in fact, twice the loudness would be good, no bass really quite flat, so very disappointing, loudspeakers on the easy pad success: okay, so that’s the unboxing there and my first impressions. Sorry, it took so long, ah average, because the fact that while I fried the first unit, didn’t lie so it took me an extra two weeks to get you this video, a jumper, really good about it. I mean they said to me what happened. I said I plugged in power, it just turned off and there was a burnt smell coming and they sent me free of charge. This new unit that I have now and they’re even going to pay for the return postage of the faulty unit, so they can check it out. So what do you do if you end up buying this model, do not plug in power to the type C port? You will completely render it dead, it will fry it just over volt, something so that that’s, really cool that’s, not wired up correctly, so the build of it is mostly plastic.

This is a huge step down in terms of build quality, which is the materials they have used from their notebook line so I’m very familiar with their easy book series easy book 3. The pro has a very decent build quality to it in the metal. So we’re not getting the same here, they’ve gone for cheaper materials, probably to keep the weight down. So we’ve got the plastic on the rear and no camera here, even though it looks like we do have a rear facing camera and then, of course, the USB 3 port, which does power external hard drives. The speaker’s disappointing very disappointing there, they’re just not loud enough. They don’t sound too good, so the keyboard is good to type on. The touchpad is quite small, and not really that good and then, of course, the whole clamshell build is good to see where you haven’t had that many a polar lake tablets, when you think about its being mostly dominated by the laptops out there so it’s good to See we’re having more options coming through at least now good things I’m, seeing from the internals here, they’ve put a very large copper heat sink in there, and if you are a bit of a model and you’re not afraid to open up a tablet, then you can Insert an MDOT to SSD, which is really good, so you can increase your storage capacity and just help speed up windows a little bit.