Today this is a smaller version of the jumper laptop that we looked at about two weeks ago. That has some flaws. This one isn’t perfect, either and I’ll point out some of the areas where you should be concerned here in just a second, but I do want to mention in the interest of full disclosure that this came to the channel free of charge from However, all the opinions about to here are my own. Nobody is paying for this review and no one is reviewing this content before it is posted and before we do our usual hardware overview. I do want to let you know that this is a buy at your own risk proposition. I always like to start off these videos on these off brand computers in the same way, because I don’t know what kind of long term support you’ll get out of this company or even if the company will be around in the long term. These brands come and go, and you never know when they’ll go kaput or I just won’t respond to an email or something. So you are taking a risk when you buy this thing, but these things are typically inexpensive enough that you’re not losing all that much money. If it were to drop dead, six or eight months from now, but just know, you’re not going to get the kind of support out of this one that you might out of a name brand that cost more, you get what you pay for, so that out of The way let’s take a look at the overall hardware here.

We’Ve got an eleven point: six inch 1080p IPS display. It is not the brightest display in the world, even when it’s plugged in but it’s adequate in a decent room lighting, but I don’t think you’ll do very well with it out of doors there’s a little bit of bleed through on the display. But I expect that out of an inexpensive IPS display, but it will be better than what your expectations might be for this particular PC. Now it’s got an atom share each rail processor from Intel. This is the x5 z. 8350 I’m. Very disappointed that they’re not developing. This processor, a line further it’s, really brought PC prices down significantly and they were really amping up the performance curve on these chips. But unfortunately, I think this is about the fastest will ever get out of the atom line, but thankfully they’re, I think at least stopped pumping out these processors and, if not liquidating them, because there none of these things flooding the market right now. Four gigabytes of RAM, which is a good thing. We looked at the Lenovo mix 320 about two weeks ago. That is a similar to tangible two in one that one starts at 200, but only has two gigabytes of RAM, and this one has four. If you want to see the difference that Ram difference makes in one of these machines, I’ve got a video link down below where you can see what four gigabytes of RAM will get you versus two.

It has 64 gigabytes of storage the same as the mix. It is emmc storage and you, of course, can augment that with an SD card. If you want not a huge amount of storage but better than 32, the screen here detach is like, so all the guts of the computer and the battery are in here. I expect about 4 to 5 hours of battery life. Out of this, not fantastic but adequate enough. It is a sixteen by nine display. So when you are in portrait mode here, it will be a little on the longer side, at least for my liking, but does very well with movies because of the aspect ratio here. The keyboard dock is just that a dock. There is no way to get extra batteries got plugged into this thing and doesn’t dock as nicely as the lenovo did. You do have to eyeball it there’s a magnet to kind of guide you back in, but you do need to. I bought many times. I’Ve been getting it off, one of the hinges there, so you need to get that in place there. It does closed up. Pretty nice, though surprised, because the last jumper PC we looked at had some tolerance issues in the manufacturing. This one seems to fold up pretty nice and has a nice hinge to it, but you can’t flip the screen around and put it on this way because it just the magnet actually pushes against you there.

So it doesn’t look like it’s designed to be put in backwards for a display mode there. Now the total package here when you got the keyboard attached, is just over three pounds: it’s about 1.3 6 kilograms. The tablet on its own is 710 grams. So not all that heavy it’s a little lighter, of course, without the keyboard dock attached speaking of the keyboard I’m. Actually, ok with the keyboard believe it or not. The keys are nicely spaced, even though they’re smaller than normal keys. I think for me, I type faster when I’ve got adequate spacing between these tiny keys and I seem to be doing pretty well on it. The keyboard does kind of bow in the middle as you’re typing on it, you’ll see it that’s kind of the whole thing. Moving here when I hit the H key, but overall I haven’t had a problem typing on it. Like the last jumper PC we looked at, the trackpad is terrible, very, very sensitive and because it’s so small here I’m often hitting these gestures by accidents. You may have to disable all the extra gestures to keep the mouse working but does not track very well. It is rather small, but it doesn’t, let you click actually higher up on the pad. Unlike the last jump or PC, we looked at, they had a very small click area, so it’s not terrible at least not terrible, like the last jumper PC, but not very good and a little too sensitive to my liking.

The touch screen, of course, does work as a nice alternative here. So if you want to have more accuracy, actually I think touching. The screen might be the better way to go now, here’s, where things kind of went off the rails. For me on this computer, which is the keyboard dock, so we’ve seen a number of computers like this one, like the Asus and a few others that have the keyboard dock with additional USB ports in it. The problem is that there’s not enough voltage to supply power to the things that you plug into this. So the only thing I could get working on either one of these USB ports, neither USB 2 ports by the way, was a keyboard and a mouse. Every time I plugged in an external hard drive even like a SSD, a very low powered SSD, it would disable the entire keyboard because it’s just not enough power going to it to get everything working together. So if you want to plug in a drive or something you’ll need to have a powered USB hub or you can use its OTG USB port over here and that does seem to work with an OTG cable. So just bear that in mind. These two ports are useful for a keyboard or a mouse or something, but nothing more than that, because they just don’t get enough power. There is a micro HDMI output here, so you can output to a 4k display.

If you want. I think these maxed out at 30 frames per second, but if you do want to use an external display, you can do that. You have a headphone microphone jack here, and this is where the power input goes. This is one of those things where I can see. People plugging the power into the wrong port, it shouldn’t be a problem, but I just don’t like having these ports next to each other, like this and it’s very easy, given that the power cord is so tiny to stick it into the headphone jack by accident. That’S. Just a disaster waiting to happen, there is a micro SD card slot. Here you can pop in, I think, up to a 64 gigabyte card and that will go flush to the unit here. So you can carry that storage around with you all the time. On the other side, here there is just the speaker: it does have a stereo sound, not the best sound, but they’re in stereo and it’s got decent separation, so that’s a good thing, passable webcam here on the front for web conversations, I think it’s, like VGA resolution. Only so not fantastic, but it’s there and it’s usable. If you want to get at it so that’s. The overall hardware now we’re going to start our testing of its performance and see what it can do, we’re going to kick things off with some YouTube watching here. I’Ve got my 1080p 60 video playing for my youtube channel on edge and I’m, not seeing any drop frames here, it seems to be playing back just fine one of the things you’ll see with these Adam sherry trail processors is that they typically perform the same computer.

To computer, because so much of the system is integrated onto a single chip that intel produces it’s very little variation, at least what I’ve seen over the years testing out these devices in how one works versus the other, with the same process or a lot of times. It comes down to form factor and build quality. More than anything. If I go onto the web here, we’ll hit up and we’ll see how fast the page comes. In one thing, this device lacks is wireless AC, so you’re not going to get the fastest wireless connections available. It just runs on 2.4 gigahertz Wireless, but seems to be working fine for what you’re paying for it and about where I’ve seen other cherry trail devices perform a be a little slower, perhaps due to the slower Wi Fi on here, but I think it’s good enough And adequate for basic web browsing now in the browser bench org speedometer test. I got a score of nineteen point four, which puts it right within the margin of error compared to other atom based devices with the same chip, so that’s a good thing. It performs where we would expect it to. It also seems to be doing ok with Microsoft, Word and Office applications we’ve got my newsletter template here that I like to throw with these computers and sure enough it’s able to do work. Just fine, which is a good thing, especially given you’re, not paying all that much for a 1080p detachable tablet.

Here gaming, though, of course, on these low end chips is another story: let’s take a look and see how well it does with some entertainment stuff. Now, what fun would a review on my channel be without some minecraft? This is the PC Java version of Minecraft running at around 20 frames per second, as you can see, we are at 1080p, so I could probably get better performance. If I turn the resolution down, I did install the octave fine performance enhancing plug into squeeze a little more performance out of this one. I do think that the Windows 10 version of Minecraft will run better on this than this version does just because it’s more overhead with the Java running here, but you can see what you’ll expect to get out of it here. These are not gaming machines. By any stretch, so I would really look at older games casual games, while the tablet game should work, ok on here, but you’re not going to get GTA 5 or anything current running on this. All that well minecraft is probably about. As far as I would go with it, let’s take a look at something that does run, though pretty nicely on it. A little game called shovel knight here, we’ve got shovel knight running now, and I turn the resolution down to 720p and I am running at 60 frames per second, the lowest it goes is about 58 frames per second, so it’s more than playable here, which is a Good thing, and one of the things that I have found on the steam store, is that if you look for games that will run on an Intel Core or Core 2 Duo processor, they should probably run ok on here.

My typical rule of thumb is is that the game is like 10 years old. It should run on here, not all the time of course, there’s. Some games that required a beefier GPUs back then, but generally games from 10 years ago, should be fine and some newer games like shovel knight here that aren’t all that intensive should also work, would definitely do your research it’s not going to work with something that might Require a more modern processor, so it is calling for like an a3 even the i3 from a few generations ago. This probably isn’t good enough for that, but again look for Core 2 Duo and I think you’ll find a lot of games that you can play pretty nicely on here and the 3d Mark Cloud Gate benchmark test. We got a score of 1351 that puts its performance below what we’ve seen from other similar Atom based devices that we’ve looked at over the last year or so not significantly. So, given that none of them can actually play games all that great, but it doesn’t perform graphically as well as some of those other similar pcs do let’s, take a look now and see how it can do with multimedia playback, with cody we’re going to start off With a low bitrate, HEV c file, this one is not too demanding here. It is a 4k file, though, getting down sample to the 1080p display here, and it does skip a frame or two here as it plays back, but it is able to do some of the low impact.

Hev see the higher end stuff, like the 60 mega per second files are going to be completely unplayable, as you can see here. These chips are just not optimised for some of the newer H, EDC stuff that’s out there, but it will do well with things like blu ray mkv files, so we’re going to load this one up off of my external drive here, I’ll fast forward to a later Portion in the movie and we’ll pull up our little statistics screen here and we’ll get an idea as to what we’re seeing so they have a drop frame. I think that might have been when I jumped over to this portion of the film, but it is able to play this back just fine, just like other cherry trail devices are able to do now. I did try to install some alternative operating systems on here. Like other cherry trail devices, I have fallen short. I tried three different distributions. This time I did remix OS. I also installed the latest builds of fedora and I also tried umbuntu. So all of those works like if you get up to the desktops and browse around the video display looks proper, but I was not able to get audio or Wi Fi working that’s, a typical problem, I’ve seen with these cherry trail devices and Linux operating systems. So we’ll keep trying I’m sure at some point. Somebody will get the drivers right, but right now, doesn’t work so well with third party operating systems, but it was very easy to get into the BIOS and adjust the boot settings that it said to hit the Escape key at boot, and I was able to select My external drive to try to get something working on it, but overall, I have to say this one exceeded my expectations now.

My expectations, admittedly, were very low, given what we saw on the last jumper PC we looked at here, but there are no significant build issues and I do think at 185 dollars, which is the sale price at the moment. This is actually not such a bad deal, provided you take into account the warning I made at the beginning of the video I don’t think you’ll ever get any kind of support for this thing, but if you can get a year or two out of it, I Think you’ll get your money’s worth, especially at the 185 dollar sale price. Four gigs of RAM and a 1080p display is a pretty good configuration here, especially given you get the keyboard and everything else. It is not perfect, though, especially its lack of power going to this keyboard base, so you will need a USB hub if you intend to use these ports for anything more than a mouse or a keyboard, or something like that. The other issue I have with it was the power cord. It is very short, so short that I have to keep my power strip here on the desk. To get this thing powered up for the reviews. There are some minor issues with it, but overall, at least on my first impression here, it is not bad for the price, but if you have a little more to spend, I would strongly urge you to look at the Lenovo mix 320. It doesn’t cost all that much more for the 4 gigabyte version and you’ll get a much higher quality machine that is backed up by a multinational corporation with the ability to support it.

So that’s one thing to bear in mind as you’re doing your shopping. But if you only have 185 bucks to spend – and you can get yourself one of these things at that price – I think it’s worth taking the plunge to get a fun little computer to play around with that runs the full version of Windows that’s, also by the Way fully licensed and seems to be on the up and up from hall of the licensing stuff. So that will do it for this review of the jumper easy pad 6, and this is LAN sides. And thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters, including gold level supporter Cody Falls. If you want to help the channel you can, by contributing as little as 1 a month head over to lon TV patreon, to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe.