Now this is the easy 5 s the specs itself, aren't, really that interesting it's the run of the mill atom x5 s at 8300 – that I've seen just so many of lately. But what does interest me is the design of this unit, so it's got an 11.6 inch screen and a design and a keyboard cover that is similar to well. You could say the surface 3 let's have a look at it, so I ordered this one here from I got it on the Easter sale they had and I think I paid around all up about 230 OS. I think it was with the keyboard included. Well, hopefully, it's in this box here now it did take some time to ship, because I did all of this I think about three weeks ago, but as with all things from China, you really do need a lot of patience all right, so it actually is well Packaged up iPad 5s jumper logo there and nothing else on the box, so let's have a look and see how we get this open. So here we have the power adapter. Now it is DC plug charging, which is good to see you and have a look and see what be powered up is ready to so 5 volts it's, really, okay, so slightly higher than the normal 2.5 that we see now it has 4 gigabytes of RAM and The usual Wireless in 3 USB 3 ports, which is something slightly different as well and left and right, stereo speakers, so that actually feels quite heavy and solid.

I will check out the weight in just a second, so here we have on the left side of the machine we can see. We have a USB 2 port here, there's a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, the DCN charging, of course, and a mini not micro, HDMI out and the left speaker there on. The bottom is the Pogo port connector for the keyboard dock, and here is the right speaker there and on the right side, 2 USB ports, actually those 2 or 2 USB to ports. And this one here, even though it's not blue it's meant to be a USB 3 port does have a look at the screen. It looks like it does have a bit of plastic at least around this part here. This is all plastic. There there's our windows logo front facing camera, which is 2 megapixels or thickness, and it does of course, have a kickstand if I can get it out there you go. There is a little slot here. So the build looks very nice. It does feel solid. So far so good and the kickstand has one two positions and the microSD card slot right there in the back. Just like the arrangement we have on the Microsoft Surface tablets – and there are some screws down here, just to screw it on that back there and finally, on the top. We do have a microphone and then, as aisle volume up and down and power on button. So I'm, going to power on now.

Hopefully there is some battery left in there check out. The screen which I was hoping was going to be a fully laminated screen, but it seems no definitely not it's a jumper logo. They look at the screen close up, so it does have a gap of around I'd say one millimeter there. Okay, and what else we have there's a user manual and here's the keyboard keyboard seems not as good as I'd hoped it's, definitely a lower quality. One now does it look too bad. It looks more like the chewy VI, teen keyboard, if you've ever seen that one does have status LEDs and looks to have hopefully a button to disable the trackpad and don't think it actually has the button to disable the trackpad there, which is annoying. But we have a left and right mouse buttons within the touchpad there, which is rather small a couple of rubber feet here to help keep it from touching the screen and there's the pogo pins and the back is made out of a fabric there, which looks like It'S gon na be quite a finger. We'Re, not fingerprints. Sorry add us magnet, you can't see marks. They will you my fingers but that's, just because they are the fabric, let's see how that dachshund, hmm, okay, there we go so he does dog in a very similar to that of a or Microsoft Surface when it clips in. We have this the flat. There is no way to raise the keyboard up at all.

Another level like we have on the queue by nine so just close that down for a second and have a look so there it is once it has been closed up rather bulky I'll just have a look and see just how much that weighs and how thick It is that's feel rather heavy and it comes in at one point: three one kilo. So yes, a heavy little tablet there and, as I look and see just what the tablet itself waste, I would say almost a good kilo there and it weighs 922 grams and just check the thickness out here. So there is no real thicker point on this it's. A ten point: two millimeters, the thickness of it and once dot to that keyboard, cover let's, have a look at the thickness comes in at seventeen point, four millimeters, so a little thick, not the thinnest sit up, probably because of that keyboard, as you can see that Keyboard definitely doesn't seem that thick and I'll find out later on. This is just the initial hands on so I'll find out later on exactly what it is like to type on with a video there and have a look at the thickness. So thickness of the keyboard is seven point two millimeters all right, so it is powered on now never could look at the screen brightness, which is at 100 sent at the moment it seems. Okay, I got a bit of lighting on here.

So just turn the lights off, not too bad yeah. I will check that out fully in the review measure that and see just how bright it's going to be and Janine Explorer don't want that, having connect up to the wireless yet so let's have a look and see. We'Ve got 41.5 gigabytes free move over now to the device manager and system to have a look and see more information there, all right so 64 bit operating system, which it should be because we have 4 gigabytes of RAM. But I have actually seen some tablets with only 32 bit on a 4 gigabyte RAM system can either connect up there to activate Windows, but I did assume I won't have any problems on that. I will cover that later on and the review to see if it activates for learning issues, network, adapter, Broadcom, ok, so Broadcom, not a real tech, one still wireless single band 150 megabits per second, so wireless in I'm, hopefully won't have any problems with the Broadcom because Brooklyn gave me a lot of issues in the under V: 9. 1, 9 ear, CH that I recently reviewed lots of limited connection problems there and I did insert a micro SD card. So I will check and see just how that screen looks with a few sample images. That is quite few reflections because of the screen particular that it's on the screen will remove that later on. It doesn't look too bad for a 1080p panel, a 16 by 9 ratio, of course, and I will run through my normal benchmarks test out a few games as well and have a look to see how it handles heat.

If there's gon na be any throttling just how hot it gets and we'll keep an eye on that with HW info, okay, so that's just the unboxing here and first impressions. Well, I think it's, okay, but um. I do like the kickstand. I, like the middle housing, SD card slots and the USB 3 ports. I will test them out to make sure they work properly to empower external hard drives. But what I don't like first up keyboard quality seems ok, average a little bit like the pipo w3. If and the w3 keyboard, if you've ever seen that and these Basil's, these puzzles are unlike Basil's from five years ago – aren't they on tablets. So I wish, though, a little smaller there to take advantage of that screen size they could have on just a bit. You know it's small on there, but oh well, that's what it is, but so far I mean it looks okay to me. First look at it. I yeah I mean it feels good. It definitely feels a very solid machine. Well, put together give it that there is definitely no flicks in it whatsoever. That is just yes solid, so do check back on the playlist for the jumper easy pad 5s.