I do like now. This one has quite a surface 3 design to it and it has a metal unibody. That is actually quite heavy if you see in the unboxing video it's rather heavy, but the build quality is very good. Well, put together and very solid feeling this one here, it's just rock solid. Now it does have a two position. Kickstand you can see. This is the first position at the moment, and you have the second one like that certain reclines a little bit more there and at the top here is our microphone. We have a USB 3 port and mini HDMI and DC charging in and a loudspeaker either side on the top there. You can see our volume up and down and power and 2 megapixel camera there on the back. I would reasonably well what do we mean reasonably? This is a complete and absolute clone, really half the surface 3 isn't it. It just reminds me of it so much they're there, because also the memory card slot location right there on the back hidden away. Now the kickstand has a magnet in there, so it latches down and then magnet keeps in place to stop it from flapping around, but that also makes it a little bit hard to get the stand out of fine you've got to have some long fingernails on you To try and get it open again there and you see we do have another 2 USB 2 port, so three ports and total full size ones great to see on a tablet.

Now the screen you can see does have these rather large bezels making it look like a tablet from 2010, maybe because it is also a 16 by 9 panel. I would have preferred them to have gone with 16 by 10. I think is more of a a better ratio for me anyway. Personally now the screen itself is OK. At the moment, I have it on maximum brightness. Our viewing angles seemed good. It just lacks the vibrant colors of the 1080p screen, for example, in the teclast t book 11, which I have right here with me. This screen just tends to outshine it differently. I find that to be a better panel. Ness is a 10 point. A six inch panel and the easy pad 5s has a 11.6 inch panel. So a bit of a size difference there, but uh naw, I mean it's. Okay touch response is good front facing 2 megapixel webcam, not too bad it's. Definitely not the best I've seen but it's it's. Okay, it works. Now. The the keyboard is a older kind of style that we've seen was so approximately a year ago, this kind of stole it came with the likes of the chewy VI: 10 similar kind of keyboard. The keyboard itself isn't bad to type on it, looks worse than it is River it's, okay, because it is a lot larger than 11.6 inch tablet. If I compare that to a smaller a 10.1 inch keyboard here, you'll see what I mean: here's a 10.

1 inch keyboard, similar kind of tight cover arrangement, keyboard case and you'll see. We have quite a bit of difference there when it comes to size, an extra inch or so definitely makes the difference with the keyboard. Now it cuts in relatively easy without too many problems, and you see there it just latches in like that flips up now. I do have some complaints with this keyboard. It does have a whole sensor in it by the way too. So when that flips up, that will turn the tablet and go into sleep. What I have noticed that it actually touches the screen, so it comes with a pre applied screen and protector and it's getting scratched up already, because that will touch on there. The keyboard cover will move around like this in your bag inside another case, maybe you put it in a report or something and eventually get all this Mark's along the middle here, which is quite annoying. This happened on my chewy VI 10 and it annoyed me a little bit because I did end up going through probably about four or five screen protectors because of it and the trackpad on this really is quite useless. I'M, not that happy with it. It'S, okay, it's small it's functional it does work, and you can see that overall accuracy of its alright, I just don't like the fact that it also has a problem with you. Push down the mouse button left mouse button.

It it's going to work now before it. Wasn'T letting me drag to select things, but now it's it's working now, which is good to see. I think I had to undock it and redock it for that to happen now, there's a couple. Other things wanted to point out with the tablet before I move on to a benchmarks, and one of them is quite annoying and that's. The fact that I can't get any of these USB ports, USB 3 port or USB 2 ports there to read any of my external hard drives. Now I have a one terabyte drive here, let's say a Western Digital. I will plug it into the USB 3 port and it just simply keeps making a noise that it's powering on and off all the time. So I will see the ports aren't, putting out the power that's required to power an external hard drive. My flash drives work. Those don't seem to have any problems. They work, USB 3 speeds, so quite a large problem there with the ports, then that, with the definitely with the power issue, they're a fine little annoying now all benchmarks. I have run a few benchmarks here and I will quickly go through those the ice storm at one point to score Geekbench score. This is slightly lower than expected. Normally we get around 710 to 720 and over 2000, more the multi core score, so it's slightly underperforming. There and the even see is a end card.

It pops up as an end card brand, which experience tells me, is a 4c brand new MMC. You can see there that these speeds are their average quite below 4k right speeds. There I mean the read speed of 103 that's: okay right, 46 it's, maybe a little low, but if you consider that the surface three that I reviewed got around about, that seems to be there for write speeds. Now the wireless speeds are not too bad. They'Re. 40. Megabits per second 25 upload – and I also wanted to point out the thermals on this unit. I quite go we're not going past 69 degrees we'll bring that up close to the camera, so you can see that let's get that to focus so we're, not going past 70, which is good so thermals. They must definitely have a bit of a thermal pattern there that has contact against the rear middle housing. Now I just wanted to test out the speakers here with a quick clip they're not too bad. These certainly a little bit louder than most of the ones. I'Ve heard a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of distortion, you've probably picked up on that that was coming through, probably because they can't really hand some of those handle some of those bass notes that are within the tune there now. The other thing, too is battery. Life seems to be quite good, more or less what I would expect from then eight thousand five hundred million our battery we're getting around six to seven hours out of it.

I'Ve currently had the tablet on now for almost three hours and I'm at sixty three percent. So at the moment, looking like I'm going to get it about six hours, there it's predicting six hours and seven minutes and there's a closer look at the screen there. For you, you see that there's there was a gap. Of course, this is a non laminated display, but it's not as obvious as others, it's, probably only about one millimeter, and I would consider that to be quite acceptable for this category and price range of tablet. So, due to those problems with the USB ports, not powering any of my external hard drives, I can honestly not really recommend this tablet. If a jumper can come out and fix the problem with the ports with a BIOS update and the latest of released models, then that's not too bad of the tablet. I do like the kickstand. I do like the build quality. It'S very solid tablet very well put together for the price, and the keyboard is okay to type on. You do get used to it. Doesn'T look as it doesn't feel as bad as it looks to type on. Apart from that, trackpad, the track pads quite annoying to use – and I just gave up and plugged in a mouse and went with that and bear in mind that it is also going to be scratching up. The the plastic screen particular that's on there because move around.

As I explained in the beginning, so I would look towards some alternatives. Like the cube I work, 10 ultimate or perhaps the Chui a chai book or other models out there there's definitely a few up and coming. That probably would be better than this one here. But if you must have a 16 by 9 display and those problems are fixed, then yeah not too bad.