Not actually this model right here that I have in front of me. This is the Teclast F7, which turned out to be the best. A polar lake laptop, so we now have this successor of the Apollo Lake, which is the Gemini Lake there's, slightly faster 200 megahertz, more that's. The N4100 it's also got 2 megabytes. More of cache supports up to 4k 60 Hertz, although I think this has only got HDMI our 1.4 spec on it, so it needs to have HDMI 2 and what I'm, pointing out there on the side of the video is this. Of course, this box has the jumper EZBook X4 in it, and this is the Gemini Lake successor to their older generational laptops, so really just an upgraded version of the EZbook 3l pro now I gets a little bit confusing, but the 3l pro is the 14 inch Model, the EZbook3 Pro is the 13.3 inch model now straight away. There is a bit of a con with this and it's gon na be a deal breaker for some people. It has a TN panel, and that means it's not going to have the IPS colors it's not going to have the IPS viewing angles. Most importantly, so vertical viewing angles on TN panels tend to be quite poor and they were on the EZBook 3l pro. So the x4 now has double data rate for RAM, which is great, it's gon na be a lot faster, but it's only 4 gigabytes, not the 6 we've got on the previous models and then, as because of double data rate for prices, they are to blame there.

For that, so it is a little dinged around the box and it looks exactly like the EZbook 3 L pros and the jumper is EZbook. 3, Pro box are the same it's, a very thin light cardboard box that doesn't really withstand damage too much, which isn't great for exporting us all the way, of course from China. So in that long box there at the top, you have the power supply 2 prong Chinese us style. They don't have localized versions. You cannot get an Australian, New Zealand or European plugs for this. You have to use an adapter it's rated to 12 volts 2 amps. There is at least some decent padding around as you can see with this foam that put around the laptop it's out there, and then we do have this user manual. This is in Chinese in English. It weighs only one point: three five kilos, so that's the same as the easy book: 3l pro and the tech last f7, more or less, and the thickness is close to fourteen millimeters. So on the left, you will find a status LED micro, HDMI out, and you can also see here. We do have a USB 3 port and I can see already. There is the exact same ODM, so original design manufacturer as the easy book 3l pro and the tick last f7. Now the lid is quite firm. It does have a protective plastic on the top of that now I'm pressing down quite hard.

There is a little bit of flex there and you'll see. There is also the jumper logo. You can see now it's a little hard to see. It depends on the angle, whereas on the tick last f7 there's no logos on the top it's, just the straight alloy. On the right side, we have DC n headphone jack with microphones supports another USB 3 port and then our micro SD card slot. Now the bottom of it has some rubber feet, its alloy again or screwed in place very solid. The build of these laptops. They are good this ODM now a little surprise here. We have a full size to where you could say: 20 to 80 SSD bay here before it was just a little flap here that I'll show you on the ticklers if7, so that's a twenty to forty two size slot and in obviously because they knew a lot Of us were modding or opening them up and installing the 22 80s on the EZBook 3 Pro. But clearly they don't want us inside those that I want us to open it up because there's a little sticker on here, it's a little hard to read. But it says don't tear up, but you know me: I'm gon na go ahead and tear this right up, so the pre installed SSD is a 22 42 in size. So we have a nice large, copper heatsink. This hasn't changed from the earlier models. They didn't run into any thermal throttling, so this is good.

Why change something if it's working perfectly fine? So we have? This is for the backlit keyboard keyboard ribbon there we have the power cable and this is or the TN panel. These are the LCD cable goes up there, speaker, cable there. This is the tiny little wireless AC chipset, so it's Intel 31 65. Oh and four models out there. If you do want to lower thermals simply place right here above the chipset, a one millimeter thick thermal pad as large as you can, that will transfer heat then to the rear alloy case acting as a super large heatsink, the battery is almost 37 watt hours. So this is good. It should be good for about six to seven hours but of course, I'll find out my full review and then the speakers are located in the top here. There are four gaps for the speakers, so it has four tiny little speakers they'll be exactly the same hardware as the teclast f7, so that actually resonates and comes out through between the gap and the screen and the bottom base. So this I really do like they've got this ingenious little system here. This is the first time I've actually seen this, and what you do is just under the screw here. This is the screw to hold the SSD in place, so right now, it's for the 2242 size move. It here screw that in place. That will then cater for the 2260, which I happen to have one right here and then right back here is for your 2280 side, so it's gon na cater all the popular sizes.

Alright, so let's open it up and have a look at this backlit keyboard and the touchpad, so oh wow that's more silver than I was expecting those keys, but I can see they've got a nice height to them, there's a little bit of flex there, but bear In mind that I've actually still got the back unscrewed little, so that's that's not really fear for me to do this test right now, but no that is good. It'S got a good feel to it. Those keys as well, but the problem with with these silver keyboards that I encountered especially on the show me the me laptop ear. The 12 inch model is that sometimes you can't really see those keys. It depends on the bright lights. You'Ve got the angle of those lights like right now. It makes it a little more difficult to see those those keys there, but being backlit and at this price range of around 300 us that is good. Now, the touchpad. This is going to be a Windows. Precision, precision one so they haven't changed that and the bezels remain exactly the same. Jeweler a microphones there. You can see the tiny little dots and a front facing 2 megapixel webcam. So the layout is unchanged from the teclast f7, while the odium it's still the same keyboard it's just like they've, changed the keys and made them backlit. So it really does feel the same and the same amount of flex and you notice the difference here.

I would have preferred them to actually have gone, probably just with a black keyboard and then your white back, like that, there we go, you can see now the difference between the two of them. Now we do have three status LEDs, so power caps lock and your numbers lock. Now that screen is at least matte coated. So unless it's, not a glossy t panel would be a double whammy there. It wouldn't be too great for that, so let's power it up. Go straight into the bias, if I can I'm just mashing escape whoa: okay, that's, a very blueish looking screen and it's flickering away on camera. So we can see here that the viewing angles, even in the BIOS said they are absolute rubbish ready, mean you've, got to look at it straight on as the person the user in front of it you're fine. But if you happen to be showing content to someone else, that's standing next to you, then that could be an issue for them. You can see. Look. It goes down to quite dark there and this right here, the magical setting. If the thermals are good and they were on the f7, you can simply go along to the power limit one and you can disable this disabling. This will increase GPU performance I've, seen up to something like forty percent on the Apollo Lake, and it gives you probably about 10 percent, more CPU performance as well, but I'll keep this enabled for now, of course, for my benchmarks and tests and everything.

So here we are in Windows and I didn't have to set it up first, which is unusual, so someone had already created an account I've just gone straight into it now. I don't know whether it's the retailer doing this or jumper themselves. If you're a little bit unsure, then I would do a factory reset but be careful. It could come back all in Chinese, which has happened to me in the past. Otherwise, just do a complete new, clean, fresh install of Windows 10, so it's, not the latest version they're using either so it's, not like the redstone five update there's some good news here, as well with the RAM. So we are running at the correct speed. So 2.4 gigahertz dual channel, but we don't of course, have a lot of free RAM here only having four gigabytes. Instead of the six we got on the Apollo Lake laptops, the SSD is a b 1 that's. A Chinese brand and it's actually got decent speeds here, because normally, what happens with the smaller 2242 ones? The right speeds will often suffer, and here they have a little now it could be up to maybe about 500 writes. You see, for example, on a typical set of three SSD and therefore k's visit isn't as well. So we've got good speed on this SSD in under the device manager. Nothing really here new to show you because they pointed out before that it has the Intel wireless AC 3165.

That is, of course, with bluetooth 4.1 that one there and there is our chipset, so it's, a quad core intel celeron in 4100. Here is the Geekbench full result. Now this is very good single core score improvement over the Apollo lake in 3450 is approximately 25 that is really good and then, when the multi core score that has improved by about 19 18 percent. So it is a nice step up here so back on the topic of the TN panel, so the horizontal viewing angles they're actually good. I like the fact that this is a matte coated panel, so we're not going to have those annoying reflections because look at this, this is the f7. This is like a mirror. It just reflects lots of things. I know I've got nothing displayed at the moment, but the black there and yes, the tick ic7 – does have a matte screen later on models. I got unlucky with that one, the first batch, so the white balance of the screen it's a little off it's. Definitely on the cool blue side, but this can be corrected in the Windows settings. Sorry, the Intel settings there for the graphics – and I can't even correct that, of course, using something like my proper calibrating tool. I can use my spider Pro and mesh this, but 14 panel, the colors look good. The blacks look good. I do like what I see. The problem is now that looking at it straight on, it looks perfect, but if I stand up then it's going to look like that and I'm gon na have to just keep adjusting that screen.

But in a sitting down position like right now, the screen is super usable, perfectly fine and not really an issue and just demonstrate the backlit keyboard now so it's off to levels so we've got a low setting a high setting and then just playing off, which you Can see right now, so you just need to hit function space, so that is the low setting again this flickering you're, seeing just like the screen. This is only on camera and that's, the high setting, which is quite bright. This is really good. Each key is individual. It – and it is really quite clear, now and looks great speaker test time so, as I pointed out with the internals, we have those four little speakers located in here. So the sounds gon na come up that way and I expect some of the performance to the tickle a stiff, seven, so it's not going to sound wonderful, so not great. Sounding from that now there is software out there that you can use to improve it, and I actually run it on my tick. Last if7 it's called dear fix speakers, but you don't have to use that that's. A paid program is also free ones out there, but I'll give you a sample now all the difference it can make, though, to the volume at least it doesn't really improve the quality, but it does at least increase the loudness which they are lacking. On the easy book x4 here I have Linux Manjaro up and running and there's a few things that aren't working, so Wireless is working.

The trackpad doesn't work at all, so nothing whatsoever from this trackpad. I cannot control the screen brightness either there's no controls for that. So either I need to update my Linux versions for the latest kernels and things like that, but it looks like it could be down, of course, to the new chipset and the new hardware to quickly mention the touchpad. So the supports windows gestures. It is a precision, touchpad and it's, exactly the same as the jumper easy book, 3 Division, 4 and the 3l pro, and also the tick last, if seven, this is a good touchpad, all right now to quickly recap, but before we do, I have it side by Side with the tick last if7, and this one has the glossy panel, which isn't normal it normally has a matte panel, and you can see that when I angle it up like this, it does dim down, but it doesn't shift out completely the colors and then, of Course, with the TN panel, when I do that you get the idea, this is just the biggest con off this laptop. The rest of it is absolutely brilliant. I feel for the price. It is because we've got the same, build of the already good tea glass f7, because it's the same OD M. So the keyboard is good. It feels just like this one it's quite firm it's got a nice typing experience to it. Now the fact that it's silver I'm, not particularly too fond of because, as I mentioned that depends on the angle, what lighting conditions you are.

Sometimes you can't see the keys there but being backlit for the 300 other price tag. That is really quite good. The other thing is the SSD slot, so they changed that now, they've enabled or support you could say for all SSD sizes, apart from maybe that 20 to 100, that we don't actually really see anything of so that is really good. That they've done that they've improved on that. Ok, it is faster, definitely the performance, the other thing we lose 2 gigabytes of RAM, but we gain the faster RAM, so I feel jumper they have on their hands a hope. Jumper that you're watching this video, possibly one of the best budget laptops all they need to do now – put an IPS panel in here and give us an 8 gigabyte RAM option and please fingers crossed keep those power limits open to the end user. Because if we want to tweak that up, let us do that. Please, because if you do that, graphics performance will increase dramatically, as I have shown with the Apollo Lakes and with this one here, I actually run no power limit on this model and it really does improve the performance. It can almost double the framerate in older games. So it does make a big big difference there, better life, more gaming tests, benchmarks – and I will use this laptop for a week or two before the full review, and I do hope to catch you back then, and see you in the channel for that.

So so far, I know a lot of people in the comments are gon na ask me: is the screen a deal breaker it isn't it isn't. If you look at it straight on and that's your intended use, then it's not. I can put up with this, and in fact this is going to be, I feel my next laptop of gon na do is I'm going to retire the Teclast Ff7. That really is, is how much the viewing angles bother me. Obviously, not that much because I'm, not using a screen at an odd angle, anything like that, but if it does bother, you then stay away from this particular model. If you don't like teen panels, that is pretty pretty obvious there.