The successor. We now have the Gemini Lake, which is 200 megahertz, faster 2 megabytes, more cache, HDMI 2 support, which this surprisingly has on it. I didn't expect it because it wasn't actually advertised anywhere by a jumper but well, it does have faster RAM. We'Ve only got 4 gigabytes of it, so they've made some compromises. Obviously, cost reduction of the unit itself trying to get the the production cost down to increase their margins, perhaps or just keep it under that 300 u.s. price point, and that means they went where they TN panel on this, so it's not an IPS. Now these images I'm showing you now you can see that the screen actually looks alright, the color reproduction and the colors and the blacks of the screen are very good for a TN panel and if you do look at it straight on and you're sitting down. For example, in a chair and you don't tend to move around, then this screen is usable. It is fine, but the moment you stand up or you're going to show the screen to someone else that is standing up or in another position from you. Then you obviously gon na run into problems here with these panels. This is what happens so it shifts out the TN panels. So this is not great, so we get the 4 gigabytes of RAM the TN panel and we do have now a much better performance really over the Apollo Lake.

So it is up 25 when you look at synthetic benchmarks here, so this is Geekbench for 19. More speeds on multi core score, and it is noticeable too that it does feel just a little bit snappier quicker when using the desktop we're moving around so editing things like spreadsheets, Excel spreadsheets Word documents, that's all find a very large spreadsheet or document will take a Little while to load and it's not going to be the fastest but definitely find their streaming, 4k video YouTube, not a problem. Amazon, Prime or good Wireless range is good. It does top out at 480 megabits per second into the Intel widest ac30 165 with Bluetooth, 4 and playing back a very demanding file here. So this is an ATV C codec 10, but encoded with a very high bitrate of 140 movements per second a few stutters at the start. So it has the same HEV C codec and vp9 codec hardware decoding support. Just like the Apollo Lake now onboard. We also do have a 37 watt hour battery now that's good for up to seven hours now this was a best case scenario, so I put it into the battery saver mode. I lowered down the screen brightness and I only used it for gaming for about 1 hour YouTube for about 2 hours of streaming now, for about 1 hour of youtube streaming you're going to lose approximately 12 battery, so not quite as good as the 10 battery loss.

I was getting with the apollo lake in 3450, with the jumper easy but 3 Pro, which is a very similar model, just a slightly smaller one than in this model here. So if you're gaming, then that's going to be reduced to about 4 hours battery life, so it's, not brilliant, so mixed results with the battery. I think you can expect about 6 hours 7 hours max it's, not amazing, but it's. Still, I feel, is good. Now we do have USB 3 ports either side, they will power external hard drives. They have no issues with that. I tested up to 4 terabytes and it's fine, no problems, it didn't, disconnect or anything like that, which did happen on some of the old models with the Apollo Lakes on him. Now they micro SD card readers only USB to speed. Unfortunately, so it's just wired up values to be too hard and not USB 3, which I'd like to see and as you can see the cards, they sit in nice and flush and click in place, so you shouldn't lose them now. These are book. X4 comes with 4 gigabytes of RAM double data rate 4, and it is running a dual channel 2.4 gigahertz, and you also know that Windows 10 is fully activated, no problems there with the license. It was an older build of upgraded to the latest one and charge times its take approximately three hours to fully charge it so it's, not the fastest 12 volts charging as the rate that it will charge it, and they do have this nice little label on the Top here now as an addition, so we can distinguish the difference between the 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack, with microphone support by the way and in the DCN, so that's a nice touch there, so the HDMI port wasn't advertised anywhere by jumper that it was HDMI to so. This was a pleasant surprise because I really hate running my 4k monitor at only 30 Hertz, which was the case with the Apollo Lakes, the previous generation. So the easy book 3 hour pro only 30 Hertz. The Apollo takes all 30 Hertz only at 4k, us now we've got 60 Hertz, which means everything's, nice and smooth, and that is a really good improvement there. So the keyboard backlit. Now it is really the same keyboard as the previous model, but they've just got it and silver. Now I don't really agree with the tone of silver they have used here, because at certain angles it will actually be quite difficult to see those keys, and it really forces you to turn on the backlight, which will of course eat into a little bit of your Precious battery life, you know it's a two stage: backlight, so we've got a low setting a full on brightness setting, which is the one I tend to always use. So I can see the keys better and then off typing on the keyboard very good. It is again, as mentioned it's just like the they take last if7 keyboard as well. It'S, the same exact model, the same original design manufacturer, so very good, cubed keyboard a little bit of flex there, but not enough to be an issue and the same again goes for the touchpad.

So it's a Windows, precision driver controlled touchpad with jesters and it does work well. The mouse cursor sometimes isn't, quite as accurate as I will like it to be, but very, very minor complaint here and I really as overall a large touchpad and a good touchpad. Considering the price of this laptop, it even beats some of those gaming touch pads. You get that uneven precision, ones and quite horrible. This one is good at least now on the bottom. You will notice that the flap there for the SSD, if you want to install one what actually one pre installed 128 gigabytes, is now longer compared to the previous model and that's, because it will take up to 20 to 80 in size, which is a good move Here so that's another improvement here that jumper have come through or the new model. Now for linux support, I did test out the latest build of a Linux Mint with the 18.04 kernel, and this distro is working. Fine everything works, the wireless controlling the brightness, the display, but the mouse buttons for some strange and odd reason. Aren'T working do expect that actually to be fixed, hopefully sometime soon, and then you have fault linux, support for this model, which is really good. Now, when it comes to audio performance, the 3.5 millimeter jack is clear. I have noticed that sometimes a little bit of a pop noise will come through when the sound first turns on. That can be a little bit irritating.

There was a fix for that on the politics and even the Correa's that were doing that. So I believe that we should be able to fix that through drivers, the speaker's well they're, not brilliant. I will give you a sample of them. I wish they were just a little bit louder, but they do do the job and the speaker location, well, they're located actually just in here. We have four of them so two here and in another two right there and then the webcam so it's, a 720p webcam with dual ray microphones, either side I'll give you a sample of that in just a minute, but you will see that it is at least A 30 frames per second 720p tweet webcam and not limited to 15, like some of the older ones, so it gives to rock around a little bit because of this green wobble. It does well but a little bit when you type on it. Now, if I type you can still hear those keys in the feedback and you're also here through the mics, you hear that there's, this interference that's just there in the background, which is slightly annoying now I don't know whether that is drivers. It could be my unit it's there and it's not great to hear that now, when you take a look at the internals you'll, see there's a large copper heatsink on here, but that still did not stop me running into what I would call rather high temperatures 93 Degrees that's not too far away from running into thermal throttling, which I think will trigger at probably about 95 degrees, now checking out gaming performance, so it has the Intel UHD 600.

This is an integrated graphics card, it's not dedicated. It is not powerful, it's very weak. Just like the Apollo Lakes, it is really the same exact architecture, just a slight tweak in the frame rate and the boost from the round really is what is helping that frame rate. So it is up a little bit and games like League of Legends. You can see here we're getting a modest frame rate. 1080P. Medium settings definitely playable this one here moving over now, then to counter strike it's at 720p on the lowest settings and not playable, really it's, just a bit too choppy, and even though you might be able to get a lucky kill or headshot. You can't really gain. Well or this kind of framerate so it's not for demanding games, but even so I still decided to test out project cars here. You can see and horrendous frame rate, so 5 frames per second to about 6 or 7 complete and utter stuttery leggy mess that you cannot play so triple a titles things like that. If you want to play the latest Call of Duty game, modern warfare, whatever it's, not gon na work, clearly, this is only for older, lighter titles likely your legions and your old games like half life 2. Okay. So let me just recap here, because I know that some of you just skip right to the end to the conclusion. So we have a very decent build quality there's, only one point: three: seven kilos in weight and the team panel.

Yes, it's going to be a deal breaker for some people, so if you don't always look at your screens straight on and this kind of vertical viewing angle is an issue for you clearly do not go for this model here. The same goes for four gigabytes of RAM. If you feel that that's not going to be enough, wait for an 8 gigabyte model that, hopefully will be coming in the future, I think tech class is going to be releasing one, the USB 3 ports. It will power external hard drives. We'Ve got HDMI to support, which is really good to see. Ssd Bay now goes up to 20 to 80 in size, but you will have to remove the whole back and then adjust that little clip there. So you can fit it in, but it's very minor and really good to see again. That jumper have allowed us to use the larger SSDs in this we've cam qualities. Alright, speaker quality, not really that brilliant, very life, I would say, is good, not amazing. It really depends on what you're doing so, if you're pushing it very hard, they speak to about 5 hours if you're going very lightly on it. So just maybe edge use spreadsheets things like that, nothing really demanding. Then you can squeeze it out to about seven and a half hours, which is very decent. So overall, as a package almost forgot, thermals, ok, 93 degrees, yeah, that's, getting hot could just be my unit, and that was only when gaming when it's doing this.

So I think I might have to do a thermal model on this copper, heatsink, mod and just address those thermals, perhaps a repay switch. You should never have to do so that isn't wonderful to see that. But apart from all of that, I feel for the price. The backlit keyboard you get the touchpad, it is a decent package, but I really do want to see more from jumper. I hope they're watching this video I'd like to see them use an IPS panel. Give us an 8 gigabyte RAM option. Take a look at the thermals if it's not just my unit and then we have probably the best budget laptop you can get for the money. Thank you so much for watching this review here and do keep an eye on the channel, because I will have plenty more coming this month is going to be a little crazy lots of reviews so do subscribe to the channel and also hit that notification bell icon.