So this has quite a promising looking bill to it. It'S got a 1080p IPS screen a backlit keyboard SSD. I believe it has one of those easy access hatches on the bottom of it, and it also has double data rate, three, eight gigabytes of it and a court, a three five thousand five, you yeah. I can hear some of you probably going. Oh, yes, that is a dated CPU, but will it actually turned out to be faster and then the quad core GMA Lake found and the easy book x4 that I reviewed. So I ordered this one here from gearbest comma, took about two weeks three weeks to arrive, because I use this slow method. Now the padding the box that they've gone for the protection it offers not particularly good here from jumper. You can see. It'S already got a couple of marks and things on here. So a power supply, that's gon na be right here in the top box, probably with an adapter, we get a quick start user guide here and well. At least it has a lot of padding actually around the laptop itself, as you can see, so our power supply is DC, so it's not actually using type C charging. It does have a type C put on it: it's rated to 19 volts and 2.1 amps. So the x4 pro it weighs in at 1.4, 3 kilos that's not actually too bad. The owner magic book they just looked at is one point: four: five kilos, for example, now the thickness of it it's 16 millimeters, and if you include the rubber feet on the rear of it, that brings it up into 20 millimeters.

So the little bit is made out of alloy, just like the underside and if I press down here, there's no flicks on that whatsoever. There is a jumper logo in white and you can barely make it out because of the contrast between the silver and the white. Then the underside we've God looks like intake vent at the top another intake vent here and an exit vent on the front left hand. Side is strange, so will that end up heating up the primary, so I'll have to find that out. Of course, here we have an SSD slot, so just one screw and it looks like that's going to house just the smaller 2242 sized one which you can see is not actually populated at all with anything. So if you want to upgrade from the 204 six gigabytes that we have its SSD storage, then you can add a second SSD here. Gaining access to the internals is not difficult. If you needed to clean the fan, if you wanted to change the main SSD, then simply remove all the screws on the bottom and the recover just lifts off that easy. So we have a full size. 20 to 80. Millimeter is histy in here from 4c and you can see. We'Ve got copper, heatsink that's over the chipset and also over the RAM. So non upgradable Ram non upgradable wireless as well. You can only change the two SSDs that's, it so we'll. Add an extra SSD and cleaning the fan there would not be too difficult a very odd location having that fan, of course, on the left side with the Palmer is right up front.

Okay, so now to have a look at the keyboard. So can you open it up? One handed yes, Oh only just you're gon na really need two hands for it. Oh dear those key caps are actually quite hard to see. I really don't like it when manufacturers do that so they've gone of course, it's a backlit keyboard, but the key caps are painted silver. They have a bit of a curvature to them, so the curve in was a little bit, making them a little bit more comfortable. Good key capsize and pressing down here hard, there is a tiny little bit of flex a little bit of Bounce there, so it's, not rock solid the keyboards in that regards so full size, arrow keys, that's, good to see power, button separated away from the keyboard. That is also good to see the key kept plastic themselves. Doesn'T feel super high quality. I mean it's, not bad it's. The fact that they've they've painted that the keys that I'm not really too happy about. I would have preferred this being black keys and then you, of course you can see the lid is much clearer. So just above that keyboard we have one of those horrible. Looking up your Nick webcam locations with two array, mics either side of it and you can see there's four little girls there. Those are speaker grilles, so we're gon na have either two or four tiny little tinny speakers here and a first quick look at the screen.

So it's covered with glass, ok, but it's, not fully laminated, which is disappointing there. I really wish this was a matte screen. It does give strength to the lid of it, and the hinge feels good and you can't really flicks that at all because of the glass. But of course that glass can smash too. If it was to have some pressure applied to it say in a backpack or something good news here is the bios is fully unlocked and we do have 8 gigabytes it's, just a single channel ddr3 that they are using running at 1600 megahertz. As for ports, we've got a USB 3 port, 2 micro SD card reader and 3.5 I'm gon na make a headphone jack on the right hand, side left hand, side DC and then for charging a type C, port, USB, 3.1, apparently and a full size. Usb 3 and mini HDMI out, so I have some good news with the type C port here, I've tested out my power bank and it does support power, delivery, type C charging which is really good. So the touchpad it's, a large touchpad they've gone with, and it is using Windows, precision, drivers and just a touch on the keyboard. Again, you can see the letters on each of the keys here a lot better. It really depends on the angle you're looking at it. So to talk about the panel that we have here on this laptop it's, not an IPS panel now I'm sure I saw somewhere that it said IPS, but look at this see how it shifts out that's a trade of a TN panel.

This is a TN panel. Ok, so the chip has a 15 watt power limit, so this is a lot more than the Gemini Lakes, but what it is lacking that the Jimmer likes jiminy Lake has is, of course, the native tin bit a TVC decoding by Hardware here, it's gon na have To be software, because their GP is not actually going to support that at all, because it's, the Intel, HD, graphics, 5500 and that's a little bit old here. So hopefully we can actually increase these power limits, boost them up a little bit and tweak that, because the bias is fully unlocked, we might be able to improve on the performance a little bit so that SSD that's inside is a set of three one. Of course it's not even via me and those are the speeds there, so they're fine, they're good as you'd expect. A 4c is a Chinese brand. They'Re 256 gigabytes Windows, 10 checks out it's licensed properly and no problems with that, or just take a quick peek at the free space as well. One thing that I know a lot of people were always after so you get about two hundred and 24 gigabytes free, which is not too bad, so here's our Geekbench full score. It is faster than the Sauron in 4100, even though this is a dual core. What'S. Really limiting, of course, the core i3 says the turbo, the lack of turbo. There is none it's, just 2 gigahertz that's it so you can't go any higher, and this is what's really capping our speeds here.

So single core performance. This is a good about a thousand to actually under about 800 points more than the in 4100, and I did run OpenCL as well. This comes out about 2000 points higher than the Gemini Lake, so really, this is about the same kind of performance, they're, very similar chips to the core: m3 6 Y 30. So we've got 44 Adobe RGB, not good at all, but look at the srgb 59 as well. So as mentioned, this is a terrible TN panel they've gone with it's really bad and the calibration out of the box is just super bad as well. I mean I've calibrated it now to make it look a little bit better using my spider 5 Pro NTSC 42, so yeah really really terrible display. So this is the the wireless AC which is that Intel 3165. I just wanted to go over here. The speeds of it because I have another problem to report on and that is when I showed you, the internals, I didn't point out there clearly an effect don't even think I mentioned it, that the wireless antennas are located next to the speakers. So next are the magnets from the the speakers that are in there and it's, not good for the upload speeds. I'M, not getting very good speeds at all here so I'm, getting like 23 meters per second upload and then maximum I've seen is about 3540. So yeah not good, because I should be getting about 200, at least out of this chipset even more around 300 and I'm, just not getting the speeds that I should from it.

So something is clearly up with that and you can see here with steam, with my downloads as as well when I was just downloading a few things actually and it's not showing up for me. But I was getting around 18 megabytes per second downloads and I was expecting just a little bit more than the net comes through, so yeah something's definitely up not good Wireless performance, okay, multitasking performance – I can talk a little bit about that. That yeah does actually feel a little bit faster than the gym I like because of the fastest single core performance it has out of it, even though the turbo is lower it's, the 15 watt CPU – and here is just document editing as well, so you can mount Edit Docs add images and all that a little bit of multitasking here, it's not going to be too much of of an issue and Chrome as well. So I've just noticed that performance seems to be good, find in that aspect. There I don't want to go into too much detail here, because I really don't want to spend any more time with this absolute lemon Ave, our laptop, so thermals is one area that I can actually praise here. The thermals are very good, so you can see now I've been running for 24 minutes and I've been doing a few benchmarks and stress tests and things, and it really is quite good now. The maximum seen at top out is about 65 degrees.

Okay, that was when I was gaming, a gaming performance, so I will just give you a very quick demonstration of counter strike, so you can see what to expect then the speakers they are as expected for this kind of laptop. They are extremely poor. They are lacking on volume and how to proceed in volume. They do have a little bit of distortion very flat and they are completely just slaughtering this soundtrack in a bad way because they just sound so horrible, now, I'm, only really just fully charged at at the moment. But I can't give you an estimate, so it's, just the 37 watt hour battery, that this has now that's what we normally get with the Gemini Lake Chinese laptops that I review and the same capacity. That is in fact, in two E's Aero book now that's about the same kind of power that it has that particular CPU this one, because it has the higher power limits, can an even consume more, so they estimated battery life from me, which I'm sure is gon Na actually be quite accurate here, it's gon na be about four and a half to five hours, so you're not gon na get wonderful battery life and that's, probably a good estimate. It could actually be worse than that, especially if you start doing something really demanding to you've got a little tiny fan that you need to power as well, which takes away a little bit of power and the fact, of course, there's higher power limits that it does Have mean that yet it's gon na burn through it so not amazing, better life on this laptop.

So here we go counter strike 720p, the lowest possible settings, of course, for this hardware and we getting around thirty frames per second I've, seen it dip down to nineteen. At one point, so you know it's not ideal, but at least just kidding see me playable frame rate, but right now I can see it suffering with a lot going on. I mean look at that 18 frames per second now super laggy, a quick peek back after that gameplay of the thermal so 62 degrees there, and, as I mentioned before, 65 was the highest I've. Seen to get fair noise is actually quite good. I mean it's on you can hear it, but it's not very loud it's, only about 40 decibels and it doesn't really annoy that much at all, which is at least a positive we're getting out of this particular machine alright. So I do apologize in advance now for not posting a full review of it but I'm, not going any further with this laptop okay, because I've seen enough and for those people that were asking me all the time that why aren't I branching out to there there May be in been brands to the jumpers to the the onder's wonders not making that tops anymore. So you know that's why you can see now why I stick to mostly Xiaomi honor Chui tick. Last because at least you're getting now they've built themselves, a bit of a name: they've got a good build quality, because this jumper is kind of going backwards.

Jumper they have slipping in fact know they have slipped. They have fallen completely because if you have a look at the easy book three Pro at the time the year when that was released, when that came out with the Apollo day, there was actually really good, build quality, thin all metal build. It was good and I had an IPS screen on it. That was fine, and this now TMP, no, I mean come on we going backwards here. The CPU is quite a few generations old, but it does have the bout the same power as a core m36 wave. 30, but you got a little bit of fan noise here. Some heat build up with a very strange location, so the exit vent is here and the fan noise it's not too bad. Now I can give them. I can give them yet credit for not having a noisy fan typing on the keyboard, not great, so the key caps themselves. They feel a little bit cheap and, as I pointed out, they're quite hard to see because of the silver key caps touch pad seems: okay, plastic palm rest and really the speakers too bad, better life, bad lemon, yes, it's a lemon. So I posted this video. Now you know to avoid this one here and really jumper come on. You need to start to improve on your product, so I want to see the jumper that used to be with the easy book three pro days and they had some good tech coming out.

I mean why can't they do that so they're they're, losing it they're not going to make it as a company releasing products like this. Thank you so much for watching this video do catch my reviews of some better laptops like this one here, that's Chuy's Aero book and in the channel. I will have this posted very shortly. This one is the honor magic book, also known as the huawei mate book D it's, the 2019 edition, with a rise in five 3500 you and it costs about 180 euros more than this cheap rubbish there.