So there have been quite a few questions about the power limits that I showed in my unboxing video. The fact that you could disable them so the level 1 power and it can be disabled and what I found out is that when you run, for example, right now, I'm running HW info just to show you the power limits here, you can see our fully unlocked, But what happens when you change it in the bias it doesn't seem to actually fully unlock it. So what I had to do then was run readwrite utility now. What this does is allow us to overwrite via software it's, basically reading the RAM and we're just changing that power limit. This is the same hack we used for the Apollo Lake m30, 450sel runs and it works quite well and it's good to see that it is working also with the Gemini Lake it's working here, at least with jumper or the BIOS manufacturer. I think it's ami who do make this BIOS so at least it's gon na work with that one, because it had try it out on a Gemini Lake, many PC that I have and it didn't seem to work override the power limits. These software method here so with that command run I'll, give you a link to that actually it's down in the description of this video. So if you click that that'll take you over to where you can get that program download it and the commands, you need to set certain power limits now I'm, using unlimited here, and you can see.

This is why it's showing power unlimited time, unlimited and you're able to get maximum performance out of the CPU, but beware: it will consume much more power, it will get hot and it will burn through the battery. So once of course, that power limit was lifted. The CPU can use all the power at once and it generates a lot more heat, so you can see that it got far too hot 103 degrees maximum. That is just crazy, so I didn't run it long for that it was just finishing up the cloud gate. It was thermal throttling, but it was only literally a 2 or 3 degrees away from the t junction max. So this is not good at all. So we'll need a thermal mod. If you do plan to run unlimited or unlocked power limits – or maybe you could just sit the power limit to something like 10 or 11 watts, instead of letting it consume all that once – and you can see here – that 11 watts well 11.2 was the maximum. It could consume when it was thermal throttling. I guess, if it wasn't too much rolling that'll, probably go up to about 15 watts, and you can see here that the tick class, if saving with the Apolo likes Elrond in thirty four fifty without any power limits, because I run no power limits on this one. In the bias it's, disabled and working, it gets a score of three thousand and thirty two – and you saw my school here – that I got with the new Gemini Lake, the N 4100, without any power limits, but thermal shortening heavy thermal throttling managed to get more or Less the same exact score.

So this video is just a quick update, but I can see, as I mentioned, that I'm going to have to do a thermal, copper, heatsink mod, probably just put a thermal pad on the back of it, to transfer heat onto the rear of the case of the The new easy book x4 remember this is only if you want to run the unlimited poem and said I'm trying to do at the moment. If you keep it stock so out of the box, it runs nine watts, then it will not actually exceed about eighty five degrees. So far in my testing, but before I do that thermal mod, if I do post a video on it, of course I have to get all my results of thermals, better life and everything like that on the stock settings, so that will come first.