This one sells for about 50 US less. It doesn't have stylus support, it has half the RAM, but it really is almost the same laptop. The 11.6 inch IPS panel it has in it is very similar. It outputs around about 220 lux, which is not the brightest I'd, like to see a little bit more than that. The key thing is here that it's not fully laminated it's, fully laminated on the tick last f5, but not here. So when you take a closer look at the screen, you can see a little bit of a gap but it's very minimal here. Thankfully, it also means that the laptop is slightly thicker, because they've gone with that non laminated display at seventeen point five millimeters the thickness. Instead of fifteen point five, you get on the tick last f5 and, of course, like the tech class f5 it flips around, and it is really quite light and when it is flipped around like this, the keyboard is disabled. Now it only weighs 1.05 kilos that's the same as the tick last f5 there again after all, this is from the same manufacturer, it's the same OD M. So in the Box you get the laptop of course, and then a power supply which is ready to twelve volts two amps we don't get any type C or micro USB adapters. Unfortunately, this laptops all about portability, it's super lightweight, it's, nice and thin 17.5 isn't, the thinnest, but take a look at just how small it is compared to my 15.

6 inch. Xiaomi me gaming, laptop the build quality overall is good. Like the tickle ass f5, the lid that's made out of an alloy, so is the bottom of it there's very little flex on this pressing down. It really is quite solid and well built. So far with my time, using the easi book x1 here, i've had no problems with the touch accuracy and response. That is good and you'll see the keyboard just like the f5. It is rather small it's all about compromises here when you are looking at an 11.6 inch laptop. So if you've got large hands, big fingers you're going to struggle with these smaller kids, this is not a full size keyboard and it has about 1.4 millimeters of key travel. There really is no major flex here, there's a tiny little bit of flex and the keyboard. If you press down really hard, there are all typing on it. It does take a while to get used to the touchpad as well it's, not too bad it's, not the most accurate, but for the most part it is a reasonably good touchpad. There we've got how wet, lift and right mouse buttons, and it does support Windows, precision drivers now because it's such a small keyboard, with compromises, there's no page home up and down in key no Print Screen button that I quite like we do have a number lock There you can see and scroll log in via the function keys and in your miracle keyboard if you use the function, key of course, to get that second option and then our webcam it's on the large bottom bezel here in an awkward location.

It does point up your nose a little bit similar to say the Dell XPS line of those laptops with the slimmer bezels it's, not 30 frames per second it's meant to be 720p 30 frames per second, but it's super chopping lag it's, like 10 frames per second Or 15, I mean look at my hand moving around here. That is not good, not a great webcam on this and the location down here is not so great means you need to look down on it, otherwise, it's kind of looking up. You know like the Dell XPS ones that have it in the lower basal there, so you can use those two on one laptop in the presentation mode, which I have it in now tent mode and then, as a 1.05 kilo Windows 10 tablet, just like the teclast F5, we have side firing speakers and these ones actually sound decent they're a lot better than my chewy lap book Izzie's speakers. I will give you a sample of them later in this review on the right side of the Jumbo easy book x1. Here you will find a USB 3.1 type C port. Now this handles data charging and display out up to 4k 30 Hertz, a micro HDMI 2 port here. So this is 4k 60 Hertz microUSB and that little dot you can see the first ones a status LED when charging and this right here that is a microphone. There are two microphones on this, so we have gel array mics and then we do have a micro SD card reader.

Sadly it's only USB to spec that this is white up C speeds will max out around 23 24 megabytes per second. The SD cards do sit and flush, as you can see, I've installed one, and then we have that other side, Frank loud speaker on the rear of the laptop. You will find four rubber feet. There are no vents or in takes here because it has no fan. This is passively cooled right there. You can see a little hatch now inside here you will find a 64 gigabyte, SATA 3 m dot, 2 22 by 42 SPECT Drive and the main storage, which is the one that's running Windows 10, that is an emmc drive that EMC is a b11 and you Can see the speeds here for an MMC, 5.1 spec type of drive? These speeds are okay, they're, decent they're, not the fastest. I have seen I've seen up to 270, sometimes but they're fine, and this does actually make things easier for those that want to upgrade. So if you do have a 256 gigabyte, for example, SATA 3 SSD m dot 2, then you can install that because there is nothing installed on that second drive, that is a 4 c1 at 64 gigabytes, as I mentioned, and you can see the speeds here, that's On the right of the screen, so we have good, read speeds, but the write speeds they are on the low side, they're like the tick last f5.

It is powered by the intel celeron in 4100, but in this case it's paired up with only 4 gigabytes of RAM, and that is running in single channel 2000. 133 megahertz. If you want double the RAM, so you'd need 8 gigabytes at least, then of course you go for the teclast if5 model. So when I got hold of this – and I turned it on for the first time it already powered up with an account created, it looks like gearbest have done this now, if you're not happy with that, I recommend just doing a factory reset. It has a valid Windows, 10 home license on here, so you're not going to run into any problems. If you decide to also do a complete new install of Windows. 10, however, bear in mind that you're going to need a proper driver, backup and i will be supplying one of those backups I'll upload, that on my website and that will contain things like the accelerometer drivers that you need for the screen. And that is also used in conjunction with the keyboard to know when that keyboard flipped around to disable the keyboard. Now, by far the biggest issue, with this particular laptop and the tick last f5, which is really the same laptop, is this right here battery life now I've only got a 26 watt hour battery on this one on the tick last you get a twenty seven one Hour battery slightly larger now ignore the estimates here, the six hours and 26 minutes.

That is not correct. This is only gon na last for about four hours, so it has a very disappointing battery life sure it is light it's, thin, it's super portable it's, just a real shame that this battery will not go for at least 7 hours seek and get a day's work Out of it now I have run one benchmark here. This is Geekbench 4 and it gets a decent score for this particular chipset. I see around 1800. The multi core score is actually quite good going over 5000. So no issues here with the performance it is performing. As expected, and so far looking at the thermals as well I've seen it only get up to about 83 degrees. So I think it's gon na be just like the tick last f5 and this regard that it won't need a copper, heatsink mod that it's going to be perfectly fine there. So I was wondering why does it feel so quick? It actually feels, surprisingly quick for the chipset for what it is. I'Ve noticed that it's a lot smoother then say other tick. That I've got say the easy book x4, when I got that one. It didn't have this right here. So what we're looking at is the power limit and it has a power limit one according to HW info here, you can see set of 14 watts now that is what I normally use. When I do my copper heatsink mod and then I unlock the power limits.

So this in a way, is actually a really good thing. This is boosting performance, but it will maybe affect the battery life a little bit, but personally I would not touch it. You want to get all the speeds you can with these types of chipsets. We have here and as I mentioned, that the thermal seemed to actually be checking out just like the ticklers f5. So I would leave this it's great, that they have used 14 Watts here and there are giving us some a real extra power here in terms of performance, and you can actually feel it when you're using it. It does feel quite quick and snappy. So after 47 minutes of stress testing, temperatures check out max temps are 79 degrees, so very similar to the tech last f5. What you're looking at now is also a fork, a demo clip that I'm streaming through YouTube, and you see that this, of course, it's an edge so it's going to be a little bit. Smoother than chrome chrome tends to drop frames. But at the moment we have only one drop frame here. This is running really well, so there seems to be no problems with the wireless range. The performance at the moment seems good. Now I have tested out of Bluetooth. I know the Bluetooth range was quite poor. On the tech class f5, it seems to be the case here as well. I can't really get outside of what I would call the normal rooms length away and then the Bluetooth dance to fail there you get, for example, my Bluetooth headset.

It starts to break up you get problems. The mouse as well doesn't seem to work as well, so the Bluetooth range isn't the best on this device for some reason, but it's what I would call within normal kind of range. So, if you're close enough and it's going to work okay, so what I would do is actually just exit out of this full screen mode. I know a lot of people, probably questioning what the touch is like the response. You can see that loading and it's a little bit slow there to bring that in, but of course, the video and that is actually still going there. So that is probably why that is happening to bring those comments in. But I found that the touch response – that accuracy is really quite good here and just swapping between and going through things. So this is my website here that is now scrolling quite a bit smoother, even though this does have a lot of images in it, and that is probably because I'm not running that 4k video in the same tab. That is why that is happening there now, of course, but the four gigabytes of RAM you're not going to be able to run as many tabs in each and in chrome before they have to refresh. If you want that, like I mentioned, and go for the tick last f5, I will also give you now as sample of those speakers, so they are the exact same speakers used in a tick last.

If I've, they have a little bit of bass to them. The volume could be better but overall they sound actually a lot better than, for example, the lap book SC slightly high quality speakers. You get more meds a little bit of bass, whereas those speakers on the lap okay see this super flat, but here's that sample. Oh yes, they could definitely be louder, they are definitely lacking in volume and you can use software that's out there you've got like Dex Audio Enhancer. I think it is called that you can use to boost the volume a little bit that can help out so I've. Just got into the bias here and we do have a you could say con really it's locked out to us. So this is a very basic bias. They don't give us the advanced settings like we do have on the tick last f5. So if you wanted to adjust that power limit through the BIOS, unfortunately you're out of luck, however, there, as I mentioned seated on that higher seating, so all we've got is your just your secure boot, their options before and then our boat and I'm just going to Go through to boot, override here now to boot over to a pendrive and check out how linux mint will run on this, as you can see i'm in linux now – and this is the same distro linux, mint cinnamon 19 – that i voted on the tick last f5.

I thought i would try the same one and it's the same exact problem, so the touch screen that doesn't work wireless that doesn't work either. So we need to work around with this here. But I just learned on my forum and someone commented that there's some other distros out there. I think it is in intercourse how we pronounce that and that one, I think, is actually working now with the tick last f5. So it should work here. The control of the brightness, that is at least that's working so as the audio and the touchpad, does work, but not having the touch screen and definitely the wireless is a bit of a problem there. But I think this is just a temporary issue, so this is the cheaper alternative to the tick. Last f5. You miss out on 4 gigabytes of RAM. You do not have stylus support, but what I've heard from the tick last f5 owners on my forum that the stylus accuracy is actually not really that good, so maybe we're not actually missing out on too much there. So it is essentially the same exact laptop we've got a 14 watt power limit, which is much higher than intel's recommended 6. So it performs quite good. It feels snappy i'm quite happy with the touch screen on this. The accuracy I'm gon na say, is actually better. It feels a little bit more accurate and just a little bit more responsive than mighty class f5.

Now it is a non laminated screen, so it doesn't look quite as good. However, the gap between the touch digitizer and in the IPS panel is very small it's. Only about a millimeter, perhaps even less so it almost at times, looks like this could even be a fully laminated screen now there's a lot of compromises with having such a small ultra portable, laptop, okay, it's, really portable. I love the weight of this it's just over a kilo it's thin, but the keyboard for me is a little bit of a problem. It does take some adjustment to get used to typing on such a small keyboard and then we course running through the other problems, and that is of course, the camera location. The main one is the battery life, the battery life on this thing, so you're gon na get around four to five hours, depending on your use. Now I found on the tickle us f5 that I could get around four and a half if you really turn down the battery use on it. Sorry, the if you set it to the lower power you're sitting in Windows, and then you turn down the brightness. You may be able to squeeze five hours just out of it and then, of course, the ports you've only got a micro, USB, 2 port and then type C, no full size USB ports on this, for me, is a bit of an issue, but if portability is Your thing and you must have a super portable device, you don't mind only having 4 to 5 hours of battery life, and you want touchscreen.

You want something you can convert with a 360 degree hinge into a tablet and you don't want to spend the 329 at the tech loss if five is selling, for this is a definite option. I feel it's not a bad at a laptop, and the performance has surprised me it. It is good on this one. It feels quite quick and snappy for the chipset. It is performing really well now, because it is so similar to the tick last f5. I don't think I will be releasing a full review of this one, so I won't show any gaming performance. I pretty much covered everything I feel here at the moment and if you want to see how this runs games then check out my review of the Tec. Last f5.