But what sets this model, apart from all those other models like the Chuwi lapbook SE I've looked at, is that this one here has 8 gigabytes of RAM. Yes. Finally, now there are a few other models but they're a lot more expensive, even one with upgradeable RAM that I just recently looked at. But this model here from jumpa hopefully lives up to the same kind of standard that we had with the jumper easy book. 3. Pro, but this apparently has a full plastic build and might have alloy a metal used on the lid, so we have the laptop wrapped in plastic. We have a user guide that is in Chinese and English. We get a power plug adapter, that's from banggood, and then our power supply with a rather short cable on it. This one here is rated to 12 volts, 3 amps and it's exactly the same as the power supplies used in other easy book laptops. So the laptop weighs a light 1.21 kilos, and that is because it has an all plastic build which is kind of unfortunate compared to say DZ book 3 pro, which had a premium finish. So this one's definitely a lot chunkier than the other laptops. I'Ve looked at, you can see that it's 22 millimeters that's without the rubber feet included. So if I include that foot there now, that brings it up to then 25 millimeters. So that means the lead plastic as well, and there is a little bit of flex to it on the right of the easy book.

S4 we've got a USB 2 port, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and then a micro SD card reader, now that's only on USB 2 spec, 1, so reads and writes, will max out and only 23 megabytes per second and then on the Left. We have a mini HDMI out. I will check if this supports HDMI too. I believe it does, which is a positive there and then a USB 3 port DC in for charging and a status LED, so it just powered it up to confirm that. Yes, we do have an IPS screen. I was a little bit worried because a couple of times in the past they've had notebooks that they said have IPS screens and the advertising impressed material and you find out. It is a TN panel with very poor vertical viewing angles. But as you can see that those are fine that it's not shifting out definitely not a TN panel, that is an IPS panel, we have a 720p webcam right up here at the top there's some little rubber feet here and as bezel is also met as well. This is an anti glare 1080p screen, which is a different, a positive over other models like the lap bug SC, which has a glossy display, which is very susceptible to reflections. Now also notice too, that this bezel around the screen that the lid itself is a little bit thicker than normal. Now the hinge that is nice and stiff, I don't see any problems with that and then our keyboard here so silver keyboard and that's about 1.

5 1.4 millimeters of travel and I'm pressing down really hard. You can see there is some flex here. That'S been an all plastic laptop you're, going to notice this now it probably does have metal behind it to help reinforce it, but even so, there is a little bit flex with that. So if you're quite a heavy type ER – and you will notice a little bit of Bounce there – now a power key that isn't separated away from the keyboard either. So there could be accidental touches. It has the same resistance as the rest of the keys here and we do have function keys via this function in an hour if one to twelve keys they're very hard to actually see that because I've used it like a light blue color there. So we do have three status: LEDs ones for power, one and sleep. This will be flashing, then we've got a number lock and then our caps lock and then that little tawny dot next to it. That'S, a microphone so we've got jewelry mics there's one to the right of this one right here now. Normally I don't particularly like this location for microphones, because what happens when you're typing away on the keyboard, you're gon na get a lot of feedback, and even more so this having a plastic body. First, impressions of this touchpad there, okay, now the surface of it, is just a silver matte paint job it's, not a glass covered one or anything like this.

This is a budget laptop, but the good news is: it is a Windows? Precision driver controlled touchpad, so you do have your gestures and it does overall seem accurate and it seems so far to be a decent enough touchpad, which is good, so the screen so far looks okay. Did a measurement of the brightness, so that's maximum, like so it's outputting at 100, is only about a hundred and eighty lux so that's on the low side, as always mentioned his videos I'd like to see it least over 250. It is a matte screen so indoors. That'S looking perfectly fine and you will still be able to make out what's on the screen, even in really bright environments, so I don't think that's going to be too much of an issue. But if you wanted one of those really super bright screens, they're gon na be out of luck now, the keyboard. I discovered that there is no shortcut on this keyboard for the screen. Brightness you're always going to have to go through the settings menu here when you click on the battery icon. Another good positive thing about this screen, too, is when you put it on to zero percent. You can see that as super dim very dim. Now you can see this flickering happening right now. Now that is only on camera that's. Some pulse width, modulation, that's used to control the brightness on here, and you can see it 25 now and at 50 it's, almost gone 75 and then one hunter sent there.

But again, this is only happening on camera that flicker, if you'd like to know more about the screen here, it is. This is the manufacturer, so it is from BOE that's the model, so Google that one so just running Windows 10 home. It is version 1803. The latest is 1809, so you will need to run a few updates on that. It was already set up, so I just went straight into the desktop, so you can prolly do a factory reset and then your key in whatever username you want, and things like that. If you're little bit worried about that now, you probably had to do a fresh, clean, install and there's no problems with the drivers. I will be creating a driver backup for this and also upload that onto my website. So for the C drive where Windows is installed, there we've only got 98 gigabytes free on that 128 gigabytes drive now I've just been benchmarking. It – and you can see here that it's not actually an SSD drive, so that person that pointed out on my forum that they got an emmc. It seems that all models or lists the first batch are using e MMC drives and not is his DS. So that's a little bit of false advertising there because I'm pretty sure on the website. It says that it's, an SSD so we'll open this up and see if we do at least have that MDOT. Is this t slot in there for upgrades of adding a set of three Drive, and here is our RAM, so it is running in dual channel.

Hw info also confirms us so we're getting a little bit of extra bandwidth versus, say the single channel laptops out there with the same sauron in 4100. The RAM speed is 2133 megahertz and then, lastly, with our devices here, we've got Intel's wireless AC, 3165. Of course we do it wouldn't be another wireless AC, chipset sole. Is it as well as AC, but this one's not the fastest out there, so it's gon na max out around about 380 megabits per second throughput. Give you a short preview now of the speakers. So they're on the bottom downwards firing and they've got really no base to them. The volume is average it's, okay, not quality speakers. They could definitely be louder but here's that sample they can look at the insights now. So we have the wireless antennas on the palm rest, so just above the palm wrist that's, not really in the optimal location. Really it should be around the lid and the lid being plastic and having that, when you're up means, you get normally a little bit better coverage there, but it doesn't seem to be too much of a problem. The fact that they have it down here we've got two separate antennas. Of course. Now the battery you can see here it is 35 watt hours, so a little bit less than other models by about two watt hours, the likes of the easy book. Sorry, the laptop is see that one has 37 watt hours, so we're missing out on about half an hour run time, so this can get around seven hours.

This laptop here, which isn't too bad. You can see the two speakers either side that's, why they don't have a lot of base. They don't sound, particularly good they're, not wonderful, they're, only small, cheap speakers and then, when you take a look at the motherboard, so right here, of course, without a very nice large, copper, heatsink and so far this does seem to do the job. In my testing, I've been running a few stress tests and a couple of games and things it doesn't tend to go over about 83 degrees, so it's holding up, which is fine that's. What you want, but we don't, have a course on the back of the lid metal as well. So you can't really put a thermal pad on here and then have that transferring the heat over to the back, because the the plastic course acts as an insulator it's. Not going to be transmitting any heat through to that so HDMI. This is the mini HDMI port right there. Yes, it is HDMI to that 60 Hertz. In fact, no, not 60 Hertz. It runs at 57 Hertz for some reason. I don't know why that is, and here is yes, our SD card slot. So this is where we'd put in a 22 by 80 there's no screw, unfortunately included so that's, where you put in your set of three SSD. So in terms of upgrades that's kind of good, if you're not happy with the speeds of 120, eight gigabyte Drive that's on there add another one, another hundred twenty eight gigabyte, SSD or add 256 gigabytes, and that because you plan your storage option, so you can see One of the microphones here – and there is the other one right on the other side over there now there is a middle backing plate.

So this is behind the keyboard, so we still have a bit of flex there and that's, probably caused by the fact that it's a little bit Hollow around here. So it will still have a little bit of area. You can see there that it will flex in a little bit, so this is why this design is not as premium as their other notebooks it's, just not as firm, not as solid feeling they're, obviously, they're going for cost reduction, they're going for weight reduction, and certainly This is what you get and you get a little bit of plastic, mostly plastic around here now there is of course, metal around here the hinge itself, the hinge mechanism – you can see there that's screwed in place, and it has a bolt on that and that, of Course is metal so that Elise is going to hold up that's overall, the mean the book quality is decent it's, just not the best I've seen so. I didn't store one of my own set of three SSDs and it detected it just fine. It is working at set of three speeds, which is great just to point out and the BIOS here that everything is unlocked to us completely open. So all the settings you can imagine they are all there accessible to you and a lot of them. You can actually get yourself in a lot of trouble, but the one we want here is the CPU configuration, and this is the CPU power management, so they have set and also power limit here.

So that's going to be, I think, six watts or nine watts or whatever they're going to select for this. But you can go and manually override this, of course, to set your own power limit in there that's the maximum power it will use and that will boost in performance, but also increase the heat. So this is the reason why it is not getting too hot, because they've only set as six watt power limit that's the Otto sitting. It goes with Intel's default. So if you override that and the bias where I showed you before sits something like nine watts and you get up to about 89 degrees, there 90 it climbs up, but it will increase the performance because then it can hold 2.3 gigahertz on all four of the Cause without any problems and testing out the latest Linux Mint build here, this one's running, fine everything seems to work. I won't go as far as installing it, but the wireless is working, the touchpad is working and the audio. So that is good to see now to comment on the performance it's. As expected: it's no faster than my chewy lap book SC mean we've got double the RAM, but the RAM is running at the same speeds. It just means that we can multitask a little bit more freely, it's, not gon na, be swapping to that SSD or the emmc as much and you're really just gaining that. So the tabs won't have to reload, for example, in chrome.

If you're gon na start to really fill it up, you can multitask a little bit light use it's gon na be perfectly fine. You can watch 4k videos and it'll be natively decoding those as well with the vp9 support, HEV C files, no problems there, spreadsheets and all that is this going to be working, fine, so performance wise. I mean this is quite good for light computing I've had eight afternoon of solid typing on this keyboard and it's average it's good. I think most people gon na be happy with this keyboard, as I pointed out there, as does a little bit of flex there's. This bounce on here, but were your normal typing pressure, it's, not really that much of an issue. I think the topping and the feedback you get back from those keys is alright but it's still nothing near as good as the likes of the lap book essays. Now this keyboard is backlit, it has slightly larger keys, better spacing and overall it's, just a lot more comfortable to use. The same goes for the trackpad on this, so they're not going to beat easy book jumper the likes of this keyboard and trackpad combination, which is still the current best that I have seen on a budget laptop there. One thing the easy book is for does have that I believe, is better it's, more practical, more useful, as course, the screen having the matte coating on this one means it's just a lot easier on the eyes you don't get all the reflections like you do with The fully laminated glass on this one is maybe not as punchy at the screen because of that as a result, so it's not as bright either as the to Alette book is he's screen, but then too we have that double the RAM.

So it really, it depends on what you want here between these two laptops. If you need the eight gigabytes, then by all means that's, probably the one to go for, but if you can live with the four, then yes, as a pointed out, meaning, if you see my channel, the lab book I see is is one of the better ones And best ones out there that I've seen so far. So this is the webcam here and I thought in the beginning this was 720p, but no it's, only 480 pieces it's a very full webcam. You can see in the quality VGA resolution and the audio. Well, not the greatest, even if you type in the keyboard, you know right now, there's quite a bit of that sounds going to be transmitting through to those microphones located just above the keyboard, alright. So, overall, I think this is an average led, laptop okay. It'S got a lot of things that are good and then there's a few things in an so great like massive deal breakers. No, it doesn't have it. Okay, start out with the screen so 1080p it's matte coated, it's, anti glare and the brightness okay lacking a little. However, bright lights that I have on at the moment, you can see the screen. I think it's it currently at about 75 it's bright enough, it's gon na be fine. I don't think a lot of people gon na have problems with us. Unless you decide to use this in direct sunlight, then you probably need a bit brighter, but even then you're still going to make out what is on the screen because of their anti glare, the matte coating it has on this.

So the keyboard to type on I've done now a bit of typing on this, and I don't need weeks with this laptop to know that the keyboard is fine, it's good for most things, no shortcut for the brightness for some reason: the function and then the media Controls and that you get from the function keys are the color of Euston. That makes it a little bit difficult to see at times, depending on that angle of that silver key caps, not a big fan of that. I prefer to have dark ones, but at least they did use the dark lettering on top of those keys, which makes it not a problem. The likes of the backlit keyboards have that we've had before with these with jumper it's been see through and it's been really hard to see. But not here, plastic cameras, plastic, build means, it's lighter, but it's, not as strong and, of course, does not feel as premium. So the wireless range, the signal, even though the antennas, as I showed you when we looked at the internals, are here. The range is fine, the speeds 380 360 max is. Are we going to get through from this Wireless chip set for the throughput? There I mean it's, alright, it is a budget laptop after all, so the eight gigabytes of RAM doesn't make it faster than the lab book. Ac doesn't make it faster than the other Gemini late models. It actually doesn't know, I mean if you do, set the power limit to something like nine Watts, 10 watts even it's.

A little bit quicker then feels a little bit more snappy, but it feels pretty much exactly the same as my let book AC, but the more RAM on here means you can freely multitask, you can start multitasking without it swapping and you don't notice the slowdown. Then, when you start running lots of different applications, it comes on a lot later, so it's only delaying that and having that extra room it's definitely well worth that a lot of people to say no. I won't get the other models, because if I only got four gigabytes of RAM, then this is probably one you want to look at Linux support thumbs up. There took their took those boxes for Linux, it's all working wireless everything. I couldn't see any problems with that. I haven't done an install on this, yet I just don't have time, but if I do I'll, probably let you know on Twitter, I don't see there being a prominent you'll, probably install it on the emmc and then put it on to windows, maybe on the assist. If you wants, you could run a dual boot set up, I've done it before Linux Mint and it works out to be fine. So the SSD that's. What we into a problem, where is it we've got emmc spec drive, so they're, obviously banking, that a lot of people wouldn't recognize that and a lot of people, probably wouldn't. They see 128 gigabyte Drive in there from same side and think oh yeah there's.

I Drive so it's both a pro and a con that you can put a faster SSD in here, upgrade your storage without having to remove that installation of Windows is a positive but the same thing, all their press material. The websites selling this like, for example, banggood. It says it's an SSD but it's, not so that's false advertising there, so they could run into problems with that, and I know someone on my forum did comment that they got an emmc, so it seems like the first batch at least they aren't using SSD. So that's really disappointing to see there so overall, I think yeah it's a little bit more bulky. Yes, it's plastic, but it is lighter. Is it the best Gemini Lake out there? No, no one's going to take that crown off the lap book? Se, of course, which I have here, that's my favorite that's, the one I use and when you hold both for these yeah this one does, it does feel a lot heavier it's, a heavy one. This is about 1.45 kilos and this being the 1.2 kilos. A lot lighter a lot a little bit more portable, but of course it is thinner this one here so that's my pic that's pulley, the best one to go for it, but if you need the eight gigabytes of RAM, take a look at this one here. Just bear in mind with those cons that I said the speakers to very poor on this.

I think they're even worse than the choice, but that is kind of typical for these budget laptops. They never seem to have good speakers in them. Thank you.