6 inch notebook that has a atom x50 thousand 300. A super common chipset. But what is in common to see is wireless AC and a hundred and twenty eight gigabyte e MMC for storage. So it weighs only 930 grams super light and the front of it is only seven millimeters thick and the rear, 14 millimeters, so very thin and very portable let's have a look at it in a greater detail. So in the bottom of the we did not have any speaker, grilles adjust for rubber feet and it is made out of alloy the bottom, so the top of it has an alloy lid, pushing down quite hard there there's a bit of flex to it there. Now this is where jumper took things a little too far in copying Apple. All we have is a USB type c port. Now this is USB 3.0. It is not 3.1, so it does not to support display out. There is no micro SD card slot, no HDMI out and a full size. Usb port would have been really good to have on this. So I think you've made a very poor design choice just going with the one port here. So, on the left hand, side, we do at least have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and it does support microphone inputs it's good, to see they didn't copy Apple, one, how to percent and remove the audio jack. At least we do have that the easy book air cannot be opened with one hand, you need two hands to open it, and that is the maximum of the screen.

Will recline so let's have a quick look at the screen. Jump has selected a very nice IPS. 1080P panel, the maximum brightness isn't, the greatest it's, only around 300 lumens of brightness but indoors it's perfectly fine, now it's a glossy display so it's very susceptible to reflections and glare and doesn't. Look too good outdoors in sunlight, it's barely legible, but it has good blacks. Nice contrast, good colors and I haven't detected or seen any screen bleed at all, so a very all rounded IPS display they have selected here now. The typing experience on the keyboard is actually a lot better than I would had expected to this price range. It offers a good travel of about 1.3 millimeters. They are 15 millimeter Keys, spaced out quite nicely. One of them complained I do have as the power key doesn't have any more resistance to it than the rest of the keys on the keyboard. You'Ll also find your typical function. Keys you've got print screen on there, but what is missing is page up and down. You also have controls there to control the volume and screen brightness your typical now the touchpad on it is a reasonably good size. It has a plastic textured feel to it and it doesn't support any gestures. Apart from double tap right click, as the only one I have discovered so weighing only 930 grams. This thing is very portable, very light, it's very easy just to pick it up and place it in a backpack and off you go so here is a sample shot on the front facing camera.

Now can only record in 480p maximum, at least it does record it in 30 frames per second, but, as you can see, the quality and the resolution really isn't up to 2016 standards. Now the microphone quality, on the other hand, is surprisingly good until you start to type on the keyboard due to its location. I'Ll show you what I mean, so you can hear it so if I'm typing away and voice chat that's what the receiving end is going to hear, which is quite distracting and not good at all. Now the audio output from the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack is surprisingly clear and good there's no statical interference and is quite loud as well. So you can drive a very large headset with no problems. Let'S have a listen to these speakers. Now there are no speaker, grilles anywhere. The speakers just resonate through the housing at a hundred percent volume. There is some distortion which you'll probably hear so those actually don't sound too bad there's, even a little bit of bass in there, but it went hard to there's a slight crackle slight distortion. Those speakers just can't handle when I was in volume. But if you tweak it back to around 80, it sounds quite good for a cheap Chinese notebook, so it ships out with the Windows 10 home and we have 4 gigabytes around now. The RAM speed is running at 1600 megahertz, which is the fastest. The atom x5 is at eight thousand ships.

It supports Windows 10, also activated as soon as it was connected up to the Internet and performance overall feels about as fast as the jumper easy book to which is perhaps one of the fastest Z 8300 devices. I have tested and trust me. I have tested quite a lot of his chipset. Probably too many devices I'd say to be honest, so I'm going to run through some benchmarks. This is Cloud Gate 1.1. Now the scores are not bad for the chipset. There is a PC mark score: PC, Mac, 7, 3d mark ice storm, one point two and finally Geekbench four score. Now the range and performance seems very good from that Intel. Wireless AC, 3, 160 chipset differently faster than the Rio Tec, Wireless in devices and the internal storage. Here are the speeds. You can see that the right speeds aren't the greatest, but the read speeds are good for an e MMC, 4.5 spec and finally battery life. I found a better life to be quite good here. I did a test yesterday, so I had the brightness set to 0, which is still actually quite bright and very usable indoors, and I managed to squeeze out 8 hours and 8 minutes now. What I was doing was it just two or three four or five tabs? I had open an edge up to five tabs. I did a little bit of YouTube streaming. I was typing and notebook as well and it's a light to use get about eight hours now, if you step that up to a little bit more heavy kind of views, and then you get around the six and a half to seven hours, which is very good In terms of battery life, because it has a eight thousand milliamp hour capacity battery in there, and also to mention the free space you get on first boot and first use of this device is 105 gigabytes and what is probably one of the worst design choices.

You'Ll ever see on a notebook is using just one type c port, which means you have to use the included adaptor. Whenever you want to connect up your USB devices. Now i have tested out other hubs. You can get USB type c hubs like this one here that will allow you to use more ports, but i could not get it to actually charge the device at the same time and it does not support HDMI out either this I test it with my type C 2, HDMI and nothing. This is only a USB 3 there good thing is it will power at least external hard drives, and it is running at full. Usb 3 speeds, so atoms are not known for their gaming prowess. However, you can get away with playing just some titles on low resolution, so right now, I'm running Counter Strike global Offensive. Here the dust to map 800 x 600 resolution lowest possible settings let's have a look and see if it has playable framerates or not. So right now it's around 15 13 frames per second. This is really just to slow, as you can see very choppy gameplay and it is really struggling. League of Legends is at least playable at 720p on the lower settings frame rates staying around their higher 30s dipping down to about 31 it's still quicker to move around the map, but I have actually seen better so here's a quick look at the internals now, where The thermals are so good on this easy book.

Ear is because what they have done is a very wise choice. They'Ve used a thermal pad on the rear of the alloy housing, and that is transferring all the heat away from the chipset onto the whole. Rare of the case – and that is basically one very large heatsink and it does an excellent job of keeping those temperatures and check. So here we have the mini PCI card slot. With a wireless AC that's the Intel chipset there. We have four chips: there: hynek's brand and the Samsung II MMC, so brand components have been used in here which is good to see and the battery pack eight thousand milliamp hours – and here are the left and right speakers. So those speakers actually come up. The sound through the keyboard, which probably explains why it 100 sitting volume we get a little bit of vibration from the sound surrounding components there. So that is my review there. Just to sum things up. Okay, portability was definitely the focus from a jumpers, design team, but I think that design team should be fired for copying apples. So much and running with the ridiculous idea, just to only include the one USB type c port on there is downright stupid. If you ask me at least, they could have included a full sized USB 3 port on there, or even maybe just a micro, USB 2 port. If size constraints was the problem, if it was cost cutting or cost limitations.

Who knows but we're also missing out on a micro SD card slot micro HDMI out port could have been included on there too, which would have made a huge difference now, the bezels they are huge. They are ugly and they do take a while to get used to just like the color scheme. I wish they includes included. Other options, like silver, for example, would have been nice. Okay, it is very portable. Its ultra portable it's, very light weighing only 930 grams, is great and the thinness of it, so you can just slip it into a backpack, nice and easy. The battery life is very good running between the 7 and 8 hours and the performance of the atom. Z8 thousand 300 just feels a little bit snappier and faster than tablets that run the same. It chipset the screen, quality as well, isn't, too bad and the build quality being mostly alloy is another positive there. So can I recommend it? It all boils down to the fact that do you use USB ports if you need a USB port, a full sized one avoid this machine like the plague. If you find that you don't use USB ports and you want portability battery life and a good typing experience above everything else, then maybe this is a machine for you.