So when I was down in New Zealand back in the beginning of the year on holiday, I reviewed this one: a head, bad keyboard flex and a few other minor complaints like one of them was that had a TN panel. So this version I don't, know whether they used an IPS panel. Now they still advertised it as an IPS panel. So hopefully it is and no longer TN. But now what has changed is they've moved from the Apollo lake in 3350 to the n 3450. It has six gigabytes of RAM, so the same spec as the easy book 3 pro. However, this one of course has the same, build as the first one, so all plastic body and input a 240 gigabyte SSD in there that's why I picked up from Aliexpress the official jumpers store and you just put it in a box, so double boxed, hopefully didn't Receive any damage, ok, so the same exact packaging as the easy book 3 in the top of the box. Here this will be the power supply, cable, so well, packaged it's got a plastic wrap around there. They have put, and just like last time, one of the orders I got from the Aliexpress store they put on this here, so they're, giving me French layout, Spanish and Russian for the key bed. If I didn't want the US English layout, then you can put the stickers on it use a manual which is all in Chinese by the looks of it.

Yes, I know there is some English on there, so Chinese and English there's our power supply and they've. Also, given me three adapters there, so the one for EU Australia and the UK there, so this is rated to 12 volts, two amps, the power supply and it has the standard three millimeter plug on it, so the weight of it comes in. At one point, three three kilos and thickness more or less – this is probably around the thickest part is 18 millimeters that's. Without the feet and with the rubber feet there comes to be approximately 21 millimeters. So so far as expected, it looks exactly like the easy book. Three can't be opened, one handed, and there is our screen with slim bezels. The bottom bezel is quite large and it does have the camera module, which you can just see right here, which is in an awkward location it slightly Dell XPS 13. So here we go a moment of truth: the easy book 3, when I reviewed that one that's, the first batch the keyboard had so much bounce on it and flex. This straight away, I can tell, has been improved, so they've done a slight adjustment here in this. What you could call the second batch really or the third batch? Maybe because there were a few comment in my review. People said that they had themselves the easy book 3 and they had nowhere near the kind of level of flex that I had in my review.

A little bit down here so it's not perfect, but they certainly have improved out, which is great news. So looking now at the ports on the Left we have DC and for charging full size USB 3 and then a mini HDMI out micro SD card slot. Usb 2 port and then our 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, that supports microphones it's, got three status LEDs here: power caps, lock and scroll lock around the screen. You'Ll find those little rubber pads here that's to help keep the screen away from the keyboard from getting scratched. That little tiny dot there is where the microphone is, that one there and another one just here so that's the furthest. This screen will go back, it's, not too bad, because most laptops that I've seen from China max out about there at least the ones that had the all alloy build to them and just like all the other laptops I've covered from China, the typical brands that I'm Looking at the power button, location, isn't, the greatest and the resistance is exactly the same as the rest of the keys. So you hold it down for about three to four seconds and it will then power up. You can see jumper logo there. Now they said that it was supposed to be an IPS panel, at least that's. What I remember reading I have a look and see if it's still as a TN panel, I'm kind of half expecting them to have not changed the screen hardware at all.

So it powered up and it's in Chinese, not what I wanted so I'm going to have to fix that I'm going to have to connect up to the internet, see if I can install the language pack, but I've got the suspicion that this could actually just be. The single language only version so just in Chinese now the touchpad seems to me to be exactly the same as the jumper easy book three and the screen. So the screen – I thought, was a TN panel when I reviewed it down in New Zealand, and I can see we've got a tool on here. It is LCD: okay, that's, the chicking, the colours. In fact, this is good that that's on there, because I can have a quick look at the screen for any light. Leakage bleed not a bad paneled at all, so let's have a look and see if this gray is going to shift out so vertical viewing angles. You see the mouse pointer there. That seems fine. Actually, so maybe it is this time an IPS panel, okay it's shifted out a little bit there, so it's the vertical angles that don't look so great to me. You really have to look at this straight on, so I believe that it's, probably a TN panel. However, it could be the anti glare coating that's, causing that so I'll have to check up and have a look at the hardware idea of the screen to confirm whether it is IPS or a TN panel.

Give you a close up of that panel now and just go through a couple of photos. Just have a look at it, so it does seem like a nice panel and that is a analyzing effect happening with the screen that's just on camera. You see if I get the focus out a little bit, that's, really what it looks like to me about there, but not a bad looking panel it's, not as good as the chewy lat book. Fourteen point one inch panel that they use and there's but similar screen similar kind of arrangement. Now I've got a couple of things here, open that I managed to find everything been in Chinese. Of course you can see six gigabytes of RAM and we've got. I think Windows is activated, although my Chinese isn't, that good – and I think it needs to be connected up to the Internet, and this could be Windows 10 single OS, single language version – hopefully not so under the disk drive we're going 256 gigabyte SSD. So no more emmc, so this is a good thing, because it's going to be a lot faster than any emmc five spec. The wireless, I believe, is real tick. If I can find it here, the wireless logo is what I'm going to have to look for. One is cards known as the graphics. Oh dear there we go okay, so real tick yeah. This is the very common chipset, the same exact one used in the eg book.

Three, so we've got two downwards firing speakers. You can see right here the grills a lot too fond of down with fine speakers, especially of course on a laptop here. So if you use this on your lap, you will end up blocking those speakers, but let's have a listen to how they sound, so they actually don't sound too bad, of course, there's no real bass to them, but at least they're, not distorting which happens on a Lot of the the cheaper tech that I look at they'll often start distorting and sound terrible, but that at 100 percent volume wasn't bad at all, and I was of course curious to see just how fast that 4c is. Has Diaz. So good speeds. Out of that, because it's 256 and not 128, the right speeds there are a lot better. This is, in fact faster than my transcend 256 gigabyte SSD that I normally use for my reviews and put into other devices so really good speeds out of this. Ok, so I've tried to get it all in English, the OS. So what I did is download, while I'm trying to download and select and still English but it's, not actually giving me the option to download the pack. As far as I can tell so, you download only that English language packet and you could swap over the whole OS. I think the easiest way for me would be to make a drivers backup and then go on to the Windows driver.

Sorry, the windows website official website get the windows creator, create and download a USB pendrive, and on that pendrive you have to set it to Windows, 10 home single language and then the CD key will work fine. But, of course, this is a hassle and I'm going to be losing, of course, the recovery partition, so I won't be able to do a factory reset. Maybe this is just a problem because I've got the first batch. It will have to check with a saddle that it's going to come with proper English on there and Windows 10 home, and not this Chinese. Only single language version – our BIOS here is completely unlocked to us, which is great. They haven't locked us down, like Chewie, is doing now on the lat book 12.3, for example, now just put in a pendrive here that has Linux on it and we're going to boot over into it to see if everything's going to work first to see if it Boots an N see what issues I encounter. This is looking good as it's going to boot and good use. Everything'S working, the wireless is working, the sound is working touch pad, so that looks good now. Don'T know whether it's going to be able to install this onto the hard drive if that's going to work, if you can set it up like a dual boot that ideally, would be great. Now that you can see the screen is flickering a tiny little bit.

It was flickering before and the bias this is only happening on camera, so guys that is the easy book. 3S. The revised version you could say so it's still got the same, build as the earlier model, which isn't too bad the keyboard bounce the trampolines gone, but it still has a little bit of flex there it's not as bad as it was when I reviewed this first Batch the easy book 3. That thing was quite bad. I didn't like that keyboard and here it's, okay, it's still not the best keyboard, as you saw of my video there there's a little bit of bounce going on, but I find it a lot better to type on. Touchpad seems: okay, I mean it's, not wonderful. It'S got gestures there, but you can't disable them it's, not a precision touchpad. So the overall build is plastic, of course, and then we've got the easy book 3 Pro. Now that one is all metal and a lot better, but it doesn't come with a 256 gigabyte. Ssd already in there and pre installed, so this version has that advantage that you get the 256 gigabytes of storage and, as you saw from those speeds, good speeds coming out of that 4c is d on there. Now the USB ports on there – I haven't shown it in this video, but they do power. External hard drives, no problem there and the screen. Ok, the vertical viewing angles aren't the greatest, but the horizontal seams are right.

As long as you look at the screen straight on it's, not too bad, but it is a shame that's, not an IPS, or at least I think it isn't, because who knows it could be the anti glare coating that's, causing the viewing angles to be a little Bit funny there, but at least the horizontal angles, viewing angles look good, so overall it's, looking like a decent kind of laptop for the price for what you're getting it. Certainly isn't. A perfect and mine came with Windows 10 Chinese on there, which I'm going to have to fix, which is a bit of the pain, not too much of a problem for me, because I've done it so many times now, dump the drivers already got USB pendrive, ready And then proceeded to install Windows, 10 single language version and the CD key that and the BIOS should work so shouldn't having too many problems with that.