And now that one is dual core turbos up to 2.4 gigahertz and the standard kind of spec that we normally see so 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte, emmc 1080p screen that's 14 inches and it is running Windows 10. So I got this one here from a give Escom and coming into New Zealand. Unlike Spain, I didn't have to pay any taxes on this, which was really good, so came tax free. They declared the value as 50 US dollars for those interested, so it's double boxed. Really good protection and it looks like someone's already opened up, so I don't know where the customs had a look at this, or that is how it shipped out of China. So first we have some accessories, which I think will be the charger which it is so 2 prong u.s. style that is rated to 12 volts and 2 amps. It will probably be an adapter in the box that I think I might have missed out on there. Nothing else so it looks like the build of. It is all plastic that doesn't feel like they have used alloy here at all, just look at the bottom. That is also plastic, so we've got to downwards firing. Speakers left and right there four other feet and what looks to be quite a few screws they're holding in 12 screws. I think just looking out there very quickly holding in the back plate, I'll – probably open that up later on to see if we will have any expandability in there with an m2 SSD slot or not like the netbook 14 has so the actually.

That actually looks quite nice, the plastic on the top there's silver small bezels, and you can see right here that there's a webcam now that webcam is only VGA according to the specs that are listed on gearbest, so notice that either greater resolution and the odds position There, which is kind of copying that position which the Dell XPS 13 has because of the smaller bezels they didn't have a room to put that on the top, where you'd normally find it. Now. I can see here that the keyboard does have some flex and the treble seems reasonable. I would say around 2 millimeters of travel there I'll get that powered on later there's a bit of flex. Here you can see with that plastic. So all plastic build sort of cover. The ports we've got a mini HDMI out of a video out, of course, USB 3.0 port. I will test that soon to see if it can power an external hard drive and then see plug in for DC charging and what's. Next, to that would be, I would say, a status LED on the right side. We have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a USB 2 port and a micro SD card reader and just like the left book, the power button location is above the backspace and the Delete key below that. Now it has the same exact resistance. This key as the rest of them, so hopefully I won't accidentally push this so just tapping it.

I can see already that is powering on so power. It up quite quickly took about 25 seconds to get into Windows, which is around normal for an emmc Drive. So have a quick look now at the free available space. We'Ve got forty three point: four gigabytes free for Windows, and I will check out later on the internals to see if it does have an m2 slot. So we can at least add an SSD and they're. Like we could with the lat book so the drive, it uses even C as a 0 64 G 93, and that will be a MMC 4.5 spec. You see down here that the wireless unfortunately it's, not wireless AC. I, like the laptop 14, only Wireless in real tech. The typical typical chipset that I always see on these Chinese devices, so processor only has 2 cores will be interesting to see how this will perform against the N 30 450, which is a quad core. So a quick look at the screen here. They claim it's an IPS panel and I do believe it is, however, notice that the vertical viewing angles aren't the greatest. We do get some color shift here, so you really have to look at it straight on. This could be due to that anti glare coating it's got on there, but the horizontal viewing angles don't seem to be too bad at all. I'Ve noticed that when you move this left and right, not bad at all, so so far, it's a good looking display very deep blacks on there, good colors, nice and bright, the whites, maybe a slightly cool display, it's.

Definitely not warm white but overall so far. I am impressed with this display is looking good, so I've used the touch pad and the keyboard for a little log here and first of all, it just comes on the touch pad that the accuracy and sensitivity that it has isn't too bad. So it has a matte texture to it and it does incorporate left and right mouse buttons. Does support gestures like you, DoubleTap right click there and it looks like it's going to support also that swipe down gesture, which I do find a little annoying, but it's actually not too bad. This touch pad now to keep it, on the other hand, I'm finding to be a little average. You can see here when you type that there is a little bit of bouncy. You see that, ideally, I would like that to be a lot more firm and Richard now the Chuy's, let doc fourteenth keyboard feels better than this it's got better key travel and it doesn't have that kind of bounce to it. A lot more rigid there. So if you were looking at both of those models there, I would definitely consider a little netbook 14. As straight away. I can see that's going to have a better keyboard on it, so it has to downwards firing. Speakers let's, listen to how they sound Applause. Music. All right, so they don't actually sound too bad for a budget notebook here bit of volume to them.

They do lack bass, however, so here's the EC book three alongside the led book fourteen point one now both of these are very similar. Both have fourteen point. One inch screens, they could in fact have the same 1080p IPS map panel in them, but you'll notice that the easy book threes panel is actually more of a cooler, white and it's more warm on the chilly more of a neutral weight, which I personally prefer. Although the EC book three screen does look very decent to me, now, I've only been using the easi book three for a little while, but I can already straightaway say that the build quality and the keyboard and the touch pad is definitely better on the chewy and The chewy also has a quad core processor, so I think at this stage – and this point of time, if you're looking at both of these it's quite clear to me – that I think the chew is going to be the definite winner. Unless, of course, we get some sort of crazy battery rice or something coming out from the easy book. Three, and here you can see that the bezel at least the top bezel, is actually smaller than the chewy lap book fourteens bezel. The only real win for the jumper so far is the fact that it weighs about 150 grams, less it's, noticeably lighter the size of both of them is almost identical, but the jump had just been a tiny bit smaller with its dimensions.

I remove the back cover off, which simply involves removing all of those screws, and you can pry it off. It does have this aluminium heat shielding on the back here, which probably could be used to actually help cool the device down. If you place the thermal pad right here, which we transfer heat onto the back of that now, a really good job that jumper has done here. They'Ve used copper for the heatsink this time. So all this is made out of copper. It is exactly one millimeter thick that should do a really good job for calling. I haven't actually checked that out there yet so here we can see the realtek Wireless cards, we the bias right here. Two battery cells, seven point: six volts, five thousand milliamp hours, their anak right here set a three slot. Therefore, an m2 SSD they've got that set for the smaller size, which would be twenty two by forty two. But if you can somehow get rid of this, then you can put a next full size 22 by eighty, so it's good to see that jumper finally fix that problem with the USB ports on the easy book. It would not power an external hard drive here. It'S running USB three speeds powers, my one terabyte external drive from both of the USB ports, which is really good, so I've just finished running a Geekbench or here, and you can see that a single core performance that is actually very good.

This score is faster way faster than the top Adam X sevens, but the multi core score there clearly behind, because it only has two cause, unlike the other models of the Apollo Lakes, which are all quad cores, those ones get a score of about 4000, which is A lot faster there, so you have to take that into consideration. If you're going to be using applications, programs that can take advantage of quad cores, then this wouldn't really be the model to go for and if it's, only single core performance that you worried about. Then yeah it's not gon na, be too much of a problem. Okay, so that's just the unboxing there, but my first impressions of the screen are good. Nice colors to it it's a little bit more cool white than the laptop 14.1 inches screen, but it has nice viewing angles left and right and a very nice panel and the fact that it is a matte coated was well basically anti glare coating on it. It'S very practical and nice to use without having all those annoying reflections that you get from the glossy displays now the keyboard not really that happy with it there's a bit of bounce to it typing on it is okay, but it doesn't feel good again, as the Lack fourteen point: one inches keyboard now: why am i comparing both of those models while they're both Apollo Lake laptops and they're, both fourteen inches so very similar? Now the touchpad? This is probably the bit of things on it.

Touchpad is good. I find that they can move around a screen easily. There it's one of the better touch pads I have used and just as good, I would say, as the one that's in the lap book now when it comes to things like battery life and other performance and things like applications or games, that I still have to Check out that's to be seen where they're going to see much of a difference in real world use between having a dual core and a quad core. I do believe with basic tasks like Internet Explorer, Docs and everything else we're not going to notice any difference there compared to the quad core that's, the only really applications and things are going to take advantage of using the quad cores versus the dual to help accelerate Things and all that so we'll be back later on with the full review covering everything else like battery live performance and games.