3 or the jumper easy book 3 Pro very similar laptops, but they've got some big differences here now I get asked this a lot, which one is the best one and which one should you go for well it's, not actually that Easy so I'm going to break it down in this video try and make it a little bit easier in your decision. Decide between these two, which I feel are the better Apolo like notebooks that I've seen so far. So you can see the key differences. We'Ve got a 3 by 2 aspect, ratio on the chewy lap book 12.3, so it's a little bit taller and more narrow. Then we have a more traditional. You could say: 16 by 9 aspect ratio here, which means the keyboard is slightly wider and the screen isn't. As high here now I'm not going to get too detailed in the benchmarks, they both have the same configuration, and that is an Intel Apollo Lake cell run in 3450, maximum turbo 2.2 gigahertz – and I both have 6 gigabytes of RAM benchmarks, are basically exactly the same. Both of these will get an end to two score of around 120000 Geekbench, full score single thread, the single core score of about 1400 and then the multi core score close to around 4000 that's on par with other apollo legs. Most of the laptops have full alloy metal builds to them, so both the lid and the rear and the sides and the palm rest everything is made out of an alloy on the underside of both of the machines.

Here. We'Ve got downward firing speakers, but you'll notice that the lab book toppling 3 has an access slot here, where you can install quite easily a 22 by 42 SSD. It has to be set a 3. On the other hand, on the jumper easy book 3 Pro. We need to remove the whole rear backing plate here to then install this same spec of SSD, but it isn't particularly hard to do have a look at my unboxing video of the easy book 3 Pro of how to install an SSD. Both laptops have the same ports, but the lab book 3 Pro has an extra USB 3, where the chili has a USB 2 port and one USB 3. Now, here, you'll notice that the ports is a bit of a difference and the USB ports on the lap book 12.3 upside down – and we do get this right here – a Kensington laptop lock. So if you needed to lock it down, then this is the one to go for, and this is the left side here, so both of them do have DC charging. We don't have time C ports on these ones, so both of them weigh 1.3 7 kilos. Now you'll notice here that the Chui lap book 12.3 is in fact a little bit thicker by 2 millimeters, so it's around 16 millimeters in thickness and then the lap book 3 pro is approximately 14 millimeters. Now, when it comes to the screens, there is a big difference in screen resolution and color reproduction.

So you can see on the left book 12.3 that has a 27 36 by 18 24 resolution screen the same as the 2017 surface pro or the surface pro. For a really good screen, I do like the colors on this and the jumper easy book. 3 pro has a 1080p screen on there, so that's more of a standard kind of screen, 16 by 9 and you'll notice that it is definitely leaning towards a very cool white. You can, of course, tweak that with software and turn it into more of a neutral white, but overall the lap book screen by far is the winner. Here, brightness up over the screens tops out around 300 Lux, which may not seem sufficient, but they do have very good anti glare coatings on them. So that's that matte coating and you don't really have any issues at all with reflections. Making these screens super practical and really good on the eyes and great to use, but for the webcams on here are 2 megapixels. They can shoot up to 720p. Video 30 frames per second, however, there's a bit of a bug with the windows camera app that they only run in 15 frames per second. However, in Skype calls you will get that a better looking quality, but these cameras they're not particularly good. I would give the choice a slight edge, their been slightly better, but I do not really like the both of them and we resort to using a 1080p Logitech webcam.

If I need to do any serious Skype calls now when comparing the keyboards the let book 12.3 is the definite winner here, I do like typing on this keyboard: better it's, the best Apollo Lake laptop keyboard that I have typed on. As of the date of this, video it's just got better feedback on those keys, better key quality and around one point, three: six millimeters of key travel versus around one point: two, eight millimeters! You get on the easy book. Three pro now the easy buck. Three pro keyboard isn't, a bad keyboard, it's, just not up to the same level as the Chuy's and then when it comes to our touch pads, I would rate the easy book three pros touchpad. As average, it does have sometimes a bit of a problem with the finer, more precise movements, whereas on the chewy lap book twelve point three. This has a bit of texture to it, much better accuracy, better sensitivity and overall, the clear winner here when it comes to the touch pads. Now, both of these do not have fast emmc v spec drives on there they're, both using MMC 4.5 spec. It looks to be and they're not particularly fast, they're quite slow drives on, and so for this reason I recommend to upgrade and put an SSD in there, because you will have more storage. You only get around 38 gigabytes free on both of these, which just is not enough. Now, in terms of battery life, they both have 37 watt hour batteries, but because the Chuy's got that higher resolution screen, I feel that's the reason why it does not get anywhere near what the easy book 3 Pro can get.

So we have around 7 hours average. For me, this is edge wireless on use on the chewy and then on the jumper you're, looking at close to 8 hours, maximum that I've been able to get it. So you get an additional approximate one hour of battery use out of the jumper easy book 3 Pro so I've mentioned in the beginning. There, the benchmarks they are basically the same and how they feel using them performance is really identical. I can't see much difference between them. You'D think that Chewie would be slower. Wouldn'T do because it's got the high resolution screen, but it really has no impact at all. So if I click on the start menu here see if it lags or loads and slower than it does perhaps a little bit slower there. You could see when that was loading in, but really they are Nick and Nick performance, wise and plus, or minus 5 percent, or something like that and II down with firing speakers we have on both of these. They don't sound, particularly great. They do lack bass. They are mostly just mid and treble and at 100 cent they do have a little bit of distortion. So they're, not wonderful speakers. The volume I feel is adequate on both of them and when it comes to the wireless strength, I'd noticed that at times, it's, not quite as strong on the easy buck 3 Pro as it is to the Chewie, you can see it's dropping down there.

1 bar of signal strength, and if I move over now to the Chewie, you see that it always seems to sit at the full bars full signal strength here, but both of these do have very good speeds: I'm, able to get almost 300 megabits per second from A fiber line via the wireless AC that they both have ok, so, as you can see, both of these machines have some rather large pros and cons and it's, not really an easy decision. My pick would be the jumper easy book 3 Pro mainly for two key reasons that first off it's about 40 to 50 US cheaper. That money saved can go towards an SSD. You can install in here and increase the storage capacity, because these only has 64 gigabyte emmc s and a Windows 10 laptop with only around 38 gigabytes. Free storage means in the future. Will you will probably and definitely run into storage issues? It'S, just not going to be enough when those Windows 10 updates that rolling out when we get created, update number 2 or whatever comes out you're, always going to have problems with that. The other thing is the battery life. I can get around an hour to an hour and a half more on the e book 3 Pro here, which is very important to me as battery life on a thin and light laptop. Like this, I went traveling with it. I want to get the most like impossible, but besides that this is still a fantastic machine than that book 12.

3 because of its surface pro screen in there is far superior to this model. It just in every single way beats it. It is a very nice screen. Nice brightness, good sharpness and overall, the color reproduction is just about 2 or 3 times better than the easy book 3 Pro set. The keyboard is also a bit better to type on. I do prefer it over the easy book 3 pros and the touchpad is definitely better on this model here. So either way you can't really go wrong. It just depends on what you want to prioritize more: a better screen, a better keyboard or cheaper and better battery life, but yeah you can't, really go wrong with these two. Thank you so much for watching this comparison, and I do hope to see you back to the channel.