I have already done a full review of this one and an unboxing so check out those. But one of my cons was that it had real tick. Wireless n, so it's just a single antenna, limited range and speeds and the rest of the competition all went with the Intel wireless AC, 3, 165 chipset. So this version now has the wireless AC dual band, which is great we've, got the 5 gigahertz band on there, and it should also have the m dot 2 SATA. It is three slot in it, so this isn't going to be one of my full reviews. I'M. Just going to cover the MMC we're going to have a look at the speeds of it, Wireless speeds and any other improvements or changes on the third version of this notebook. So a lot of us were lucky enough to pick these up for a really steel price of 219. Us, unfortunately, that flash sale hasn't happened again, so we haven't seen that price again from gearbest. I hope that it will come back so it's well packaged up now. The box itself wasn't double boxed. All they did is just put a plastic to plastic bags around it. You can see we've got the user manual here now. This does had Chinese and then later, on the other side, there is English in there as well, but most people won't need that useful reminder are they're, just telling you to charge it first, okay, so I'm not going to go into the usual detail here with they're Building everything it's really quite good.

You can see all that in my full review has a full metal body, so the lid all made out of the silver alloy there's, a gold version as well and on the back of it here, also metal down with firing speakers and overall it is really quite A good notebook effect, I would say one of my favorites, if not my favorite so far, so the screen is an IPS screen, 1080p and it's anti glare matte coated and the touch pad. I wonder if they changed it as the average it's, not the greatest. The keyboard is really very decent is hardly any flex at all. Super rigid, really good, so let's get this powered up and check out the wireless AC performance. Alright, so you can probably make out from the video here that the screen still has more of a cool white tint to it and it's not neutral or warm definitely leaning towards the bluer side. But they can be corrected if you mess about with the Intel driver settings, but overall it is quite a decent screen. I find it really good it's 1080p. It looks good and direct sunlight as well, even though the brightness isn't the brightest, if you've seen my jumper eg book 3 review on there you'll see that yet I find it to be a really good screen, considering also the price now under the device manager here. Here'S the Intel Wireless dual band – 3, 165 chipset. Now this performs really well now, not in all notebooks.

Some notebooks I've noticed that the upload speeds will suffer for some reason. Now, I've done a quick test here and very good results, so over 300 megabits per second. This is the maximum. My line will get connected up to my desktop so it's doing really well now, the upload speeds – not quite perfect 300 would be perfect, but it's good, it's great, because there's a lot of other notebooks, for example the. What am I looking at at the moment? It'S the civil top ear and then the t book ear and the on oma 21. They only get 50 upload for some reason, so it's doing really well and I'm so pleased to have this, because I sold my version to the of this, which had the wireless in, because that maxed out at 50 didn't have very good range. The range on this seems good. I wouldn't call it excellent, but it's a lot better, so much better than the version 2 model. Now the SD card micro, sorry, the internal storage is listed as an end card, which is why almost a SD card. Now, whenever it's his generic end card, that, for me, has been the b1 brand and they are very slow as you'll see here. So our wireless AC has come at the cost of the Toshiba emmc that we had, which was an emmc five spec. This is emmc full put 5.1 and you can see they're sequential right rate of only ', not good to four case they're very low as well, so real crappy speeds out of it now.

That, of course, is fixable. I'Ll show you in a second how to install the micro, sorry, m2 SSD getting myself confused here, and that will completely remove that problem. There now Windows just wanted to comment that it has the latest Windows 10 image. So when I went through the setup I had to go through an all, gearbest did not go in and create an account or anything which is great so out of the box. 9. It looks to me has touched it since the factory and it's that latest build because it's got Cortana talking new to you, so you can actually just tell Cortana. Yes go with the u.s. layout keyboard. Things like that now, the touchpad has been an area of much debate, really because a lot of people have said that it is quite poor. Now I think it's an OK touchpad for most tasks so getting around and just minimizing things and doing all your stuff that you normally would. I find it's fine, because if it was a really bad touchpad for me personally, I'd be resorting to a mouse which is often the case with those smaller real crappy ones. You get on some of the Chinese products, but weirdest touchpad is below average is when it comes to the to thing to scrolling now, there's it's, not really that good. Now I think some of the problems of the two things of scrolling is coming from software. That'S called the touchpad blocker, so you see that a scroll what's happening it's, not really that responsive and good, and the bulk of that issue is coming from this program that they have pre installed, called touch pad, blocker, so uninstalling.

This software will improve things but it's still not a precision touchpad, so you cannot expect it to be like the surfers book or, like the surface type travels or like your Mac books. This is a 219 us laptop, but for me it is a usable touchpad and I am happy with it because often I don't do the two fingers groaning that much but yeah and install that that will solve the problem and you've got yourself a very decent notebook. Here, especially those of us that picked it up for only 219 us now the build quality and the version 3 here remains exactly the same. It is superb for the price. It is really good it's more like a premium notebook. The kind of build quality that has that I'm, not joking it's, thin, it's really well put to get it feels solid. The keyboard has virtually no flex, hardly any it's, very firm, a great keyboard to type on. I really do like it now the port spacing, as I mentioned in my full review, which I recommend you watch before committing to buy one of these. If you are thinking of them, the port spacing isn't the greatest wish. It was just spaced out a little bit more here, the 3.5 millimeter jack and a USB port. Now those USB ports are running at full, USB 3 speeds and they do power. External hard drives just tested that so no changes there, and that is the maximum that this screen will recline.

I mean it's, not the greatest, that I find that it's still ideal for lap use and using it on a table and no changes whatsoever to the RAM. So we still have the same RAM configuration, which is the 2 3 gigabytes samsung low powered double data rate 3 chips, they're running at 1600, megahertz, which is the fastest supported, Apolo like speed, and then the cpu, of course, is the intel celeron in 3450. Now this is a quad core with a maximum to a 2.2 gigahertz. Now a lot of people do ask me: what can I do with the CPU? It is really good for multitasking for Chrome edge things like that for docs videos like kind of work, light older games, that's fine web. So if you're going to be playing, for example, counter strike on lower settings or League of Legends on relatively low settings, it can play those games, but don't expect to edit 4k video and certainly don't expect to be playing Battlefield 1 at 60 frames per. Second, I mean this hardware's not designed for that. It is about efficiency. This is about battery life, so you can get around seven to eight hours of internet use on the easy book, three Pro, which is great, and one of the reasons why I tend to use the Apollo likes more now than my me. Notebook ear, whether its core m3 is because that only gets around five hours of battery life for me investigates an additional two three hours, which is great so this year I finally recommend, and that is to install an SSD, because those e MMC speeds from that bwin Drive they are far too slow, really that's going to affect the performance of Windows and hold you back a little bit so getting into where the SSD is located.

This slot is very easy. Just remove all of the screws on the bottom and you just have to pry it up. It comes off no problems now, you'll see just like the vision to model that I reviewed that we've got the large, copper heatsink it's great. The layout is good everything's screwed in an overall build quality is decent it's, good it's, great, no problems whatsoever here now, they've done something a little strange. They'Ve put this plastic surround here around where the SSD slaughter is limiting our size to only the 22 by 42. You can see that's going to fit in there, no problems, so what you can do – and some users have done this on the previous model – is, if you unscrew this screw and that one and in this one you can remove that plastic ring around the outside and Then get something like a pair of long nose, pliers or something under that screw and try to remove that the other side of it and then you can put in, for example, a 22 by 80. This is my crucial one here, which I picked up for. Quite a good price, actually, a lot faster by the way to the full size drives will go on there just put a bit of electrical tape over the top of it to hold it there in place, but once it's loaded and that's not really going to move About there now, one more step, of course, is once you've installed the SSD you're going to have to then clone windows over to your new SSD, now there's a few ways to do this.

What I normally do is just use Windows, backup images, take an image and then restore that on to the SSD you're, going to run into a problem there and it's only going to copy over the same space as the drive. So you use then another partitioning tool to increase the space of the main partition, windows and job done now with my crucial. It comes with this here, the software that I also do recommend a Cronus, true image, HD. That will then allow you to clone the drives over and find me another little tip here for those models out there that want the best possible performance, large thermal pad about one millimeter thick by about fifteen or so or 20 millimeters right here will then transfer heat Away, even from that copper heat sink onto the back plate right here, lowering temperatures and possibly increasing your clock, speeds and performance. Now with that is if they installed, you can see the kind of figures we get out now, so really good, read speeds and write speeds. They'Re from my drive and that's pretty much the fastest verse 22 by 42 millimeter card will perform. So if I was to put this, which I'm going to do later on my crucial in here, then those speeds will probably be about 550 read and around 550 right. As well and much better for K speeds, but overall it removes that bottleneck of the crappy MMC they put in there.

So the b11 isn't exactly perfect, but even so now, with the wireless AC and the previous model that I did my full review on this great keyboard, the great screen, the great build quality and the overall value for money you get. This is a phenomenal laptop.