So all the revisions they've made minor little tweaks and changes this time around. We have a new touch pad it's, a precision one there's, now a little tiny hatch on the bottom to easily install and upgrade and add your own SSD. It has to be twenty two by forty to spec, so it should just be the one or two screws on there. You don't have to remove the whole rear case, like you did, with the previous models and there's also been a change in the BIOS. They have allowed us to now disable those power limits, so there's no need to do the hack. If you do have a previous model, then of course you can just do that software hack, but every time you reboot the system, you need to reapply it and what it basically allows us to do is exceed the standard TDP they have on there. The power limits so doing so increases performance. It allows the GPU to clock a little bit higher. It can hold the turbos a bit longer, so it should be the fastest and best version yet of the jumper EZBook 3 Pro, which is basically the best of the apolar Lake notebooks that I have reviewed. No one seems to be able to come close to this. One in terms of the keyboard than full metal build, and the IPS panel has in here so let's check it out and have a look at those changes. So thanks to some of the guys on my website, that pointed out that, when they ordered from gearbest that they started to ship this new revision, otherwise it wouldn't really be aware of this one.

So pick this one up here from our own personal use, I sold my version 3 1 in order to get this because I want them more improved, better model here with the better touchpad and that power limit disabled. So the box looks exactly the same as the previous versions. I can't see anything marking here. That is in fact the version four and the specs. You probably know them. So it's got six gigabytes of RAM that it's actually in dual channel to three gigabyte chips: they're samsung ones, 64 gigabyte, eat MMC. I think it's a Samsung but I'll take a look at that and, of course, it's powered by the Apollo rake in 34 50 and it has a 1080p 13.3 inch IPS screen. So no changes to the power supply here, twelve volts three amps, the cord on it is not particularly long now. You can of course, saucer replacement. All you need is a tip like this, so positive in the middle negative on the outside and it's three millimeters. So the first change with the version four: is this right here: it's a tiny, little access hatch to install an SSD? So if you want to speed things up and increase the capacity, get something like this, this is a transcend 256 gigabyte, so it's 22 millimeters by 42 millimeters in length and we need to do – is remove one screw here. Another screw inside will be in there. Of course fit that in and then in the bias you need to go and change that over the boot order.

So it actually runs off the SSD. Now, if you're a bit of a modder – and you want to actually install a full size – 20 to 60 or 20 to 80, then you need to remove all these screws around the outside break. The plastic that's around here it's got like a plastic frame around in there and you can install the larger SSDs. So jumper made some changes to the BIOS, and that is that we can now go along and disable that power limit on there. So under the CPU settings go along to CPU power management and you'll find along here that it says Parliament 1 enabled if you go along and set this now to disabled. This will in turn disable all of the power limits. The CPU will use as much power as it wants. It will shorten battery life. Now there is a good copper heatsink on this laptop, so thermals it shouldn't reach them or throttling it level, but it will get hotter than by leaving that on default. So if you're not happy with that and the stock performance is fine for you, then I recommend it's, not touching this at all and leaving it alone. Now previous models, like the version 3, you could tweak the emmc, but here you can, on this model, they've used a different grade of MMC. I think it's no longer a MMC 5 spec so before what you do is go into the chipset, the SCC setting and you change this setting to high speed 400 but I'm just gon na leave it as stock there, because when I put it on to 400, It gave me a blue screen, so at least on this one or my batch it's, not gon na work.

One minor change here as well as they do have the latest Windows 10 image on here. So we've got English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese as the initial languages. On this Windows, 10 home okay, so we through all the windows setup. Of course, I just wanted to show you a couple of things, so there is a bit of a con here that the MMC is very poor here. This is a generic in card. In my experience, that'll be either a for C or B win one. I won't know until I actually take the whole back office and physically look at it, but they don't tend to be very fast at all. So this has come at the cost of the improvements. Having that precision touchpad, which you can see here, it's, definitely a precision touchpad, you can control those gestures, I've been using it now just a little bit and it is so much better than the original one we used to have. That was just a standard one and quite a average poor touchpad on that so Windows. When you first get it installed and while setup we have forty five point: six gigabytes, free there and I'm, just benchmarking. Now the drive here to see how fast it is and it's not looking very fast at all, but so far I haven't really noticed any slowdown getting around Windows because of this Drive. So a few uses in my form have also pointed out that there is this application here.

That'S within that Windows, 10 image me ming, ming, wind clients, it doesn't, look good at all like some sort of backdoor or trojan, but virus scans sulphides come up clean. I think it's got something to do with this Chinese app on here. I don't know what it is. Anyone read Chinese well, there'll be a few of you out there. Please. Let me know what this actually says and now that emmc benchmark is just finishing up. You can see not very fast at all, it's MMC, four point, five point: one spec and I highly recommend going with one of these, an SSD that really opens and speed things up. Not only does it give you more storage, of course, just applications load up faster boot times, slightly faster as well, and overall it just feels a little bit quicker. I have also noticed that the texture of the touchpad now is a little bit rougher here. So it's got more of a matte coating to the other. One was a little bit smoother shinier that probably helps too, but overall so far using this touchpad really impressed with it it's. Definitely so much better than the original one there used and just double checking here with HW info that, yes, the power limits were disabled. You can see along here. It says power unlimited time unlimited, so it will turbo for as long as it wants and use as much power as it needs. Okay. So there we go that's the jumper, easy book 3 Pro the version number 4 or the revision number 4 that they've done on this, so that kept tweaking and improving it.

And it really is an amazing laptop for the price. Considering what you're getting at IPS panel really good battery life? You get about 8 hours out of this now. The Apollo Lake is not a powerhouse of a chipset, but with that power limit disabled, it performs a lot better than other notebooks out there. That do not. Let us tweet that seating at all the improved touchpad is a welcome change and, in fact, they're most welcome to change their on. That is the best thing they've done is get rid of that kind of crappy touchpad they had on the previous one. So a huge improvement there now other things, of course, like that easy access slot just means getting an SSD and there's a little bit easier, a little bit faster and, as I mentioned, I have done a full review of this laptop, but that was the first model That was released, so this is even better now, but make sure you check that out, if you haven't really for the 220 or so us this is selling, for you cannot get any better and trust me I've tested now, probably about six or seven of these Apollo Lake laptops and this one tops all of them and if they continue with this kind of trend, hopefully the new Gemini Lake, laptop that's, going to be coming out next year. Probably by then that's. The successor to the Apollo Lake will be something really good and hopefully also around this price range.