So I have my unboxing knife here. Let'S check this one out so it's double box. Here I can see it's a hopefully going to be well protected, got it via DHL and this one from Aliexpress. So just like their other notebooks there's little box at the top will contain our power supply, and I can see that it's a us style there. They don't have an EU one because you've given me an adapter, so this is rated to 12 volts 3 amps. Ok, so I can given me those stickers for the keyboard because I live in Spain. They probably just assume that I want the Spanish keyboard. So if you are ordering one of these – and you are from the Russia or Spain and whatever the seller, I think they can just throw this in for you, but make sure you check and ask them. So there is a quick user manual here which is in Chinese and English on the other side, so that is good, a little quality control sticker or should I say, a little card there. That means someone's expected the notebook and made sure that it has no errors. No faults, ok, so they actually feels quite premium, so the weight of it is 1.3 9 kilos so 1.4, which isn't too bad considering it's all made out of metal. So it looks really nice and slim, as you can see, just going to measure this quickly. Just a rough estimate there around 13 millimeters, so not too bad that's without the rubber feet.

If I include those rubber feet there, then it comes up to sixteen point three. So, looking at the design here, just the lid feels very solid, there's, really no flicks and that no really really solid. So, on the right hand, side here we've got a mini HDMI out full size, USB three DCM for charging and next to that, what looks to be a status LED left hand, side 3.5, millimeter, headphone jack, which should support microphones, USB 3 port and then a micro Sd card reader on the back, the only plastic you will find apart from the touchpad in the keys, is this strip along here, which I assume is for the wireless and Bluetooth antenna reception and on the rear, two downward firing. Speakers four rubber feet there and the rear housing also made out of metal. That is all screwed in place, I'll open that up soon and we'll take a look at the interior of it and where that m2 SATA 3 SSD slaughters. So I just want to see if it can be opened up. One handed: no, definitely not. There is our screen there with some rather large looking bezels. Well, they aren't too bad on the left and right and the front facing 2 megapixel webcam on the top here. You'Ll see there are little rubber feet now, that's to keep the screen away from the palm rest, and hopefully the keyboard will not come in contact with the screen leaving marks on there.

I don't think it will because there's hardly any flicks at all and the screen. Okay, so just have a quick look at the keyboard layout. You can see that we've got shortcuts for the brightness control for media controls. Print Screen button doesn't seem to be there, which is a little annoying because that's one. I often use myself personally. That keyboard feels quite firm to me, there's, hardly any flex in that which is good, because the EZBook, 2 and 3 were very poor microphone location. Sadly isn't next to the webcam, but as you can see just above the keyboard looks like two microphones there. Then we have some status LEDs to the right of that, but normally this microphone location picks up a lot of feedback from the keys when you're typing away to enjoy the easy book. 3 Pro feels really stiff and I'll see how far will actually recline that right. There is our maximum angle I have seen worse. I think that's. Ok, normally from that position that that angle, there should be just fine, so just pairing it up. Now you can see there the jumper logo. Now the screen is matte coated and it should be an IPS panel, but I'll find out in a few seconds once I get into Windows, ok, so doing the initial first setup here the languages we have is English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese all right. So now in Windows, here in first impressions of the screen, it looks very good.

This is currently on the maximum brightness and it does dull all the way right down quite dull there, so that should be good for nighttime use. So I have a couple of images here, just to have a look at what the screen looks like to me. The calibration of it is heading towards cool white, but it is a very nice screen, really good the blacks on it seemed to be quite deep. Now colors aren't shift shifting out at all. This is an IPS panel of have a look at this moving it it's, not shifting out, like a TN panel, would or the panel that I had on the easy book – 3, so not bad and as the vertical angles. As well as a horizontal, so definitely IPS panel good to see so I have a couple of things here: just wanted to quickly show you that the RAM is running at 1600 megahertz and we do have this 6 gigabytes and at the moment, 4.1 free. Now the wireless is RealTek it's, just the wireless N and the very common one. This is a real shame if this had wireless AC on there, because someone like me, I have fiber optic line here, so I've got Wireless AC. Then I can use the full potential of my connection, but with wireless n i can't do that at all of course, because i just can't get those speeds so free valuable space there on windows, we've got sixty four point: eight two gigabytes, which is more or less The norm there nothing wrong with that and, of course we can expand upon that, which i'll show you soon with a set of three m2 SSD.

So nothing else really here of interest. Apart from the internal emmc drive, so it's a Toshiba 0 60 4G 38 Windows. 10, home and yes activated without any problems now, for my little external hard drive test, will apparent external hard drive, looking promising it's blue, which means USB three speeds. Yes, it's reading on the Left, port and also working on the right port, so no problems there, which is great touchpad. It seems okay to me. I can easily go from one side of the screen to the other, no problems there and just to find a little movement there. It has good sensitivity, I mean it's, not the best touchpad. I have used double tap right click that is working, so it does have Windows gestures and you can see right here with the settings menu. I have that we cannot disable or tweak or control. The gestures like you can with a precision touchpad like the one on the cube thinker. I thirty five but overall seems okay. Of course, it does have incorporated left and right mouse buttons there. I think it's going to do the job. Those speakers sound, ok, there's a little bit of distortion at 100. I do, though, I'd like them a little bit louder but 81 disability guess that isn't too bad. I prefer to have at least 90 well 85. If I can now. Another thing, too, is because the speakers are facing downwards if you use this on your lap you're going to you're going to, of course cover the map aren't, you so that's one thing to bear in mind: 2 we're down with firing speakers, which I don't, particularly like Too much now, the part of the video that I like the most is to have a look at the internals of the machine.

So we've got to pull the whole back cover off. You remove all the screws on there very easy to do it. Just pops off they've got a very nice large, copper heatsink along there, so all that black part there, that is all heatsink now, if you did want to improve thermals even further. I don't know what they're like at the moment that it would be just a simple case of placing a nice large thermal pad in this area right here that would transfer heat, then onto the back of the whole metal rear of it. That would probably lower temperatures. A good 10 degrees, I would say so here's where we can put our 22 by 42 millimeter m2 set of 3 SSD, which I happen to have one here, I've got to transcend. This is the one I've been using for a while. Now it's got reasonably good speeds, it maxes out around 530 reads and writes so not bad at all, simply just place it in there now I've noticed that they've got this plastic frame around it. If you were to remove this, then you could fit in a full length, but you'd have to put some double sided tape or something and to keep it down, and I don't know what you're going to do about the problem of having that 3d well that's, where The screw goes to hold this in place, so that need to do to put your SSD in there of course, then screw that down put it all back together and you just have to go the last step into the BIOS and change the boot order to your Ssd drive from the 64 gigabyte, emmc it'll still be there.

You can format it if you want and then use that as an additional storage., The bios is ully. Unlocked we've got access to all of the advanced settings in here which also are settings. They can get. You into trouble, if you don't know what you're doing so recommend not messing about with any of those settings in there full access to everything. So I have a Linux, Manjaro pen, that's just right down here. You can hardly see it there in the bottom left hand, side and the see if it's going to boot now, hopefully it's going to fingers crossed no. So this is what I've had happening with other Apollo Lake systems, as we just get that cursor. You can see just there that's as far as we get so linux support. Doesn'T seem to be good on this system at least it's, not working at the time of this video, so powered up fine with my SSD. In there they transcend 256 gigabyte one and those are the speeds you can see on the left so performing at proper, full set of three speeds, which is good because the easy book three it was only running at about 200 megabytes per second, the fastest there. Unfortunately, it seems that the micro SD card slot has been lowered or crippled a little bit, probably because I'm running a SATA3 SSD and it does have two USB 3 ports on there. They'Ve, given all the speed to those ports and the set of slot.

But not the micro SD card readers, you see only 10 read and 10 write that should be a hell of a lot higher than that. This card, it's quite quickly, can get up to around 70 megabytes per second, so that is it for this video. The rest of it will come in my full review, of course, but so far, just looking really good for the easy book. 3, Pro there's only one major con that I've found so far and for me, it's not really major, because I've got plenty of storage on there. The micro SD card slot just seems be running really slow. Only 10 megabits per second don't know what is going on there and the other is well there's. No wireless AC, which is such a shame in this really nice, build so bill quality top notch very good, and the touch pad feels decent typing on their keyboard, as well as good USB ports. It'S slim relatively light at 1.4 kilos, that's, really good weight, so very portable. The screen seems really decent matte coated and 1080p IPS, if only was just a little brighter.