It is the jumper easy book too so it's not actually Ultra book, why you could call it a laptop don't know whether you could really classify that as an ultra book, because I think ultra books have to have SSDs in them. Don'T know anyway. This one here has interested me because, unlike the other laptops, you see notebooks you see that from China this one has a 1080p screen and 4 gigabytes of RAM. I'Ve got this one here from, and it only took about five days or so to come out of China, which was quite quick eh. Our postage had to pay tax on it. Of course, I always do. Ok, it's nicely boxed up double boxed, so you can see they're easy book kind of just stuck the number 2 over there. I think the first easy book only has a Bay Trail, Atom CPU noise. So this one's got an atom. X5. 0. 8300. 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte e MMC micro sd card support, micro, HDMI out USB 2 port and USB 3 port, large 14.1 or 14 inch screen. I think it is so let's have a look and an alloy body, so it's, basically one of those MacBook kind of clones isn't. It really ok, I'll just put that there for a second, have a look. What is in this box? So there was our power supply. Now that is rated at 12 volts, 3 amps, so that's, given us a lot of power and there's a 10000 milliamp hour battery in this is user manual and sealing label if damaged, ok, that's, interesting all right so just before I actually open the lid on it.

Just want to weigh it and measure the thickness, so the weight is one point: four three kilos they're, not too bad and have a look at the thickness of it. So I think this is probably got the thickest point here. That is 18 millimeters. You go so a nice large keyboard on there. There is a screen protector already on the screen and it looks to be well it's. Definitely, yes, a glossy screen and there's the keyboard. So look it's got quite a bit of flicks to it see what that's like to type on it's a lot of bounce and flex price range is kind of to be expected. Nice lad trackpad. This top here is plastic, although it looks like it is made out of an alloy it isn't. The bottom also looks to be plastic, so the only Ally that's used is the lid. By the looks of that. Yes, I only just alert there. So we've got a webcam at the front. I think that is 2 megapixels and along on the right side, here is USB 2 port. This is our 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and you see on the back, let's, say jumper logo, which will light up because of the back light from the screen near the 1080p screen and on the right hand, side, micro, SD card slot, mini HDMI out. Sorry – and this should be a USB 3 port and there is the charging plug there and that little dot there would be just a status LED, so let's see if it pals up.

Hopefully there is enough charge in the battery okay. Yes, there is a couple of that'ss LEDs, jumper logo. Now the build the feel of it is a little cheap feeling differently. Very plasticky. I guess it's going to help keep the weight of it down. Let'S have a look at the screen. There doesn't actually seem too bad the 1080p panel. I can see a little bit of light leakage just coming out inside along here. Okay, so everything looks rather large on the other must have about 150 percent scaling let's go and have a look at the device manager. First, trackpad actually feels ok being nice and large. There it's not too bad, and I think we are on maximum brightness. Yes, maximum brightness there seems quite bright. I will measure that in my review, which I'll have later on up and coming so the network adapter, we have a Broadcom wireless in just drive, hopefully not a b 1. Oh, it is one. Okay. Generic end card, then only means I have a little bit slower. Writes then than the likes of the deceivers the Samsung drives. It is quickly looking see how much free space now this isn't a touchscreen at all. So I have to remember not to touch it I'm, so used to tablets. So we've got 40 2.1 gigabytes free on the drive another I'm. A quick look now to see if it will actually read a 128 gigabyte micro sd card, see my put it in face up.

I think, okay, there all matter to fat32 and it looks like it's not going to work, so it would seem no 128 gigabyte support there I'm just going to try 64 bit another Samsung card, this time and Evo one sorry, 16 gigabyte that I have lying around This should definitely work. Ok, that has been detected that one works I may have to try and reformat this one or maybe format it to in TFC to get it work. I will check that out later on in the review, to try and see if I can get it to work. Just have a closer look here at the keyboard and the trackpad here, so the accuracy of it first impressions actually seems alright could actually be usable because it's quite large there, you can see the height of that definitely quite good, giving me a lot of room there. So just actually measure that, so it is a good 65 70 millimetres hi there so pull into your room and, of course, left and right Mouse hardware buttons are built in there, so gestures, windows, gestures, action center comes up with the swipe and no doubt the minimize Hang on, yes, that works. Oh yes, windows gestures, they're working and hopefully those aren't getting too annoying like some of these smaller trackpads I've used on the tablet. Keyboards are now very annoying and just as you cannot only disable quickly, looking at the speaker says so we have two bottom firing speakers, one on the left, the other on the right there and we do have rubber feet to that.

Keep the laptop here nice and steady: this is all plastic and I can see already it is looks like a couple of or maybe it's just do it a couple of scratches on there. So it'd probably be very easy to scratch. The paint job on that I'm. Just going to play a quick track, I, by the way the screen goes back quite far about there and chances of tipping over well, it does raise the front of the keyboard off a little. You see there can go quite quite a bit back, so just check out a clip here now. I'M touching the screen like a tablet. Look at that it's 100 volume. Okay, speakers there there okay, I definitely heard a lot better, but I'll write them as average is a tiny, tiny hint of bass there, but not much at all. I guess they'll do the job for movies, and things like that. So I connected up my wireless connection and you can see that Windows 10 activated no problem with that which is good to see now this little funny thing here, little arrows, that's the something on the screen protector there that I haven't pulled off yet and I'll just Show you the information here on Windows 10, so you can see there that it's Windows 10 home until Adam x5z, eight thousand three hundred four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte operating system, of course, to use that full four gigabytes there and fully activated now.

Note that the bezel around here this is actually just a spray painted silver plastic around here, and there are little rubber feet here to help keep the screen away from the bottom of the keyboard from scratching. Hopefully, that won't have any contact the actual keys with the screen, which can sometimes happen when it's in a bag. Hopefully you can make this out all right that these screen actually isn't too bad. No, I mentioned. Does it look like a little bit of light leakage? Actually, there really isn't that much. There is quite a nice 1080p panel, and this says surprise me: okay, there's, a glossy one probably would be better to have one that had a matte finish on it to help cut down reflections and everything like that. But it does look quite good and a notice that it's definitely IPS it's, not a TN, a TF panel. Anything like that, because if you have a look, if you move it around, the colors don't really shift too much so the viewing angles on it seem quite good there. Now those that want to know what exact panel they're using well under the hardware ID here. I have a CM in 0, 0, 0, 1 I'll have to look that up later and the full of you and find out who actually manufactures that. But it seems like a good panel to me it's. Definitely nice and bright. I got ta say that's, probably about over 350 lumens of brightness.

I don't know that I will that out later on and the review. This is just the first hands on so I'm just going to test now and see if my one terabyte Toshiba harddrive will actually work. Okay, not a good sign already. I can hear that's clicking over and over so that doesn't have enough power. That is the USB 2 port. I think it could actually be the USB 3 port and have a look now at the other port and see if it's going to actually do the same thing, hopefully not because I really like being able to access external hard drives. Ok, this one has come up with a blue light, so that is definitely the USB 3 port. But again this same problem that I saw on the jumper easy pad: it's, not outputting, sufficient power to actually be able to power this. So I can't access that I go now through to my folders it's, just not showing up so that is really disappointing to see and a nice little touch there. They'Ve got the jumper logo now lift up. Ok, so that is the unboxing and my first impressions of this jumper easy book to hear our overall. Ok, the keyboard seems ok, there's, definitely a lot a lot of bounce and flex, and that trackpad seems quite usable quite large definitely got a good screen on it. Good viewing angles on it: the brightness definitely is more than sufficient. I think for indoor use so shame it's it's a glare panel, but that doesn't really matter.

What concerns me now is, of course, the power problem from the USB port said' unable to power. An external hard drive already gets marked down from me straight away. Hopefully there maybe there's a BIOS update. They can fix that now. It will be back with a full review of this particular laptop here, hopefully within about a week or so probably a week or two, and I will cover everything in detail – do benchmarks a bit of gaming on it test out the speed of the Eton and C Drive on that it's, a 64 gigabyte one. So if you are interested, please keep an eye on the playlist there for the jumper easy book.