Now that uncomfortable, I would call anything getting a little bit more uncomfortable, definitely over around 40, so there's very well, not very a bit quite hot to the touch there now I'm charging it at the same time just worst case scenario. Now the temperatures are around 80. 85 degrees still, but I definitely imagine that that probably will climb if you charge in game, maybe for now you you, I think, you're going to run into thermal throttling differently. So I could probably do with some sort of thermal mods that I have done before on tablets running the chain same chipset inside them now where it gets really quite scorching. It'S just along the back here. Just about this area here is definitely hot. So, if you're, using that on your lap, that is around actually about the same sort of temperatures but for me it felt but warmer so most of the heat probably is actually because obviously hot air rises, so it's rising to just the top there. Where the heat is probably getting trapped just around here now, not too sure whether you could do any mods to help that out. So the other question a lot of people. Well, I had three people ask me now: how was the trackpad? What does the trackpad come on? Give us more details about the trackpad, so you see here I have the settings open, and this is one of those track pads. It actually allows you to change and disable the gestures.

Now I found that using it, the gestures haven't been annoying because we do have quite a wide and high trackpad and for a cheap, 189 dollar tablet. I think it's fantastic, the trackpad that has this option in here, so you can still use all the scrolls to finger scrolling and the pinch to zoom can be annoying the pinch to zoom, especially when you're in browsers and chrome. Someone asked me about that, so you can go on and you can go and disable that which is really good, double tap and drag, and overall I've just tweaked the curse of speed. So I increased the sensitivity up to eight, and I found that eight just for me personally allows me to minimize and maximize and move around a lot easier there without having too much difficulty. All in all, I have to say this is definitely not an award winning trackpad it's, nothing, wonderful, but you know what it actually does the job so not too bad. Now, one of the other frequently asked questions was the screen. The screen looks bright, but just how bright is it ok? So I measured the brightness and it comes out at about a hundred sorry, 200, not that low 212 lumens of brightness, which isn't particularly bright, if that was a tablet, I'd be a little bit worried but because it doesn't have the glass touchscreen on there. Your aunt all those reflections – and I find that you can see here at the moment I think it's – on actually probably on the brightest sitting.

I'M. Just doing this one handed there, we go yeah there's the brighter sitting, but I find indoors perfectly fine, quite bright and now the question that I'll answer to is: how dim does it go? Well, it dims right down nicely to I need like about. I think it was 10 lumens of brightness, so they actually start a little bit brighter than that 15. I think it was, but not too bad and good for night use without burning your retinas out that isn't too bad, so there's a few things about this tablet that I'm too bad. Now the last question that has been asked as well do flash drives work in the USB 3 ports at prop 8. Usb 3 speeds. Yes, they do, and I will just show you quickly. This is the last thing so here's, the USB 3 port. I got proper USB 3 speeds there, so that is what this can do, this the 32 bit gigabyte one, and is you seen if you seen my first impressions, video that I just released a couple of days ago, then you see also that the micro SD card Slot does support 128 gigabyte cards. My samsung Hana 28 probe does work and you just be two port that is going to give us full prop a USB normal USB 2 speeds here. So, though it maxes out around 40 read and 40 right there, and one important question was that I didn't actually mention in the videos I've done so far.

Is it stable? Yes, I haven't had any crashes whatsoever. It comes in and out of a sleep, just fine, it boots up fast. It shuts down really fast, no problems there whatsoever with it, and normally you don't, I don't normally experience any crashes or blue screens or anything that with the Chinese tablets, which is surprising. I actually probably get more blue screens of death from my Microsoft Surface pro 4, which says a lot so it's, just a quick video here just to cover those frequently asked questions now I will have a full review that I'm working towards on of this model, which Will probably out I'd save, maybe within a week's time? I want to really get to not test out some games on it. Those videos will be coming out separately. The gaming side of things I'll just test out a few titles and have that, hopefully, within a few days, so you can get an idea whether this can play light games or not things like Counter Strike global Offensive and League of Legends. I will test differently test. Those two titles out, thank you for watching this video. If you want to see more on the jumper easy book to hear, then have a look at the playlist, because they do have a few other videos there, and that is where their new videos will be uploaded to, hopefully see you soon back in the channel.