com who apparently have the second batch. So often the first batches have problems, and I bought this one hoping to get at least some fixes when it came to the issues I found that were present and my first one I reviewed so here we can see. This is the internal drive which now, instead of having the be when emmc they used. This is, in fact a more non brand. This is a Toshiba. I just quickly show you the device manager so it's, now a Toshiba 0 64 GE a – and these are the speeds here from my benchmark. Now something happened to the right speeds. I did it actually originally get 41. The sequential right, but for some reason, repeated testing – has caused that to drop right down, but the 4k random read and writes. There are faster than my first model, which I have right here. So you can see the first model speeds. The reads are a little slower and definitely the 4k is the the B wind drives normally always have very bad 4k random writes, but how that's going to fit that system just means that installing programs will probably take a lot longer a little longer than this one. Here so other differences between the first model and this one well, the USB 3 port on the slide is now colored blue. So you can easily distinguish okay, that one's a USB 3 and then the black port on the left.

That is the USB 2. Now, unfortunately, just my bad luck, I do not know it will not power from any of the ports still an external hard drives. This is a Toshiba basics. 1 terabyte drive. I would like to access it. Thank You jumper and you can see. Device manner goes to almost detect it, but no it just doesn't output enough power, those ports to be able to access external hard drives. But I can report that if you use a powered hub, then you can. I made myself a little bit of a hack hack job here of a powered hub, so this is just using a microUSB to hobb that I've used an adapter on and that's been powered by five volts 2.5 amps. And when I use this like that N and then again plug in the external hard drive, now it will power it and I will be able to access it, which is good. You can see now it's flashing away and there we go it's popped up properly, but unfortunately, jumper couldn't fix that yet other noticeable changes. Well, the keyboard been bounced and flex, which was quite horrendous. On my first one here you can see there is still the bounce, but not too much balance more flex. Actually so the flex there is still isn't that great, but it's definitely a lot better than my first model that I will put here again and I'll. Just quickly show you I'll apply equal pressure.

You see that one definitely has so much more flex and bounce, and I found the typing experience on the newer batch. The second batch that I have fear is definitely beta better because it doesn't have so much of that bounce there. So other things that have improved or haven't, I should say haven't, because really nothing else has improved, because the temperatures still getting up to 85 degrees, but touching it around this area here and using my thermal probe, I found that it doesn't get to 50 degrees around Here anymore, but only to about 45, so give will take that's, Politis differences with thermal pads or or the heatsink on there, so that's just minor the other thing too, with the the track pad still doesn't want to save gestures, if you disable them. So if you want to disable the two finger scrolling or the two finger pinch zoom, if that's really annoying you and edge accidentally using the pinch zoom, you can go under the settings and disable it, but it doesn't actually work so that's. Annoying that still hasn't been fixed, so there we have it so the second batch. Unfortunately, we might have to wait for the third batch or you might get lucky, because there are some reports out there that people do have working USB 3 ports and their units. So hopefully, when you do get one that you're not going to be unlucky like me here and you have one without this problems, but it's good to see that jumper at least I think, are trying to address some other problems.

Maybe maybe not who knows, but it is definitely a bit of a Chinese lottery there when it comes to tip like this, because you don't know what components they're going to put in there. Obviously they don't always use Toshiba storage even sees you cannot either get a slower B when you're going to get to Shiva's. They could even use hynek's or Samsung's there.